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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review...

-We had our first snow day of the year!
-Nothing too big & crazy happened, but my child did show us that he had some mad dancing skills when I met some OBU friends at CBC to watch my first wrestling match!
-I wrote one of my deepest {probably my deepest} posts on "the a word" & am so glad I did.

-I took a trip to the 'Delph for Bid Day 2011 & to see all my lovely EEE sisters!  =)
-It snowed AGAIN...the most snow I ever remember there being in AR!

-My sweet lil Punkin' turned A YEAR & A HALF old!
-I had the opportunity to meet my favorite author, Nicholas Sparks & I was lucky enough to get a few @ replies from a few celebs on Twitter!  ;)
-Jake & I took Ryder to Build-a-Bear to make his first bear...or monkey!  :)
-Ryder had his first t-ball lesson from his Mama & turned 19 months old!

-I signed up & started selling Scentsy!
-Celebrated Easter with family on Freckle Face Farm!
-Watched Uncle G play in his last game at The Field as a Wampus Cat.

-We all celebrated the capture & death of Osama Bin Laden.
-Celebrated Nana & Papaw's 50th Wedding Anniversary!
-We also celebrated my second Mother's Day!
-My LITTLE brother graduated from High School!
-My brother won the 7A State Baseball Championship!!!

-One year had passed since the passing of Papa John.
-One year also passed since the official end of my marriage.

-My favorite Roomie & bestie from OBU got that BLING BLING!
-We got to go to the lake for the day to visit Pooh, Pretty Ricky, Aunt Syd & Lou Lou
-Ryder got to experience his first trip to the beach with the family!
-& I turned 22!!

-Ryder finished up with his summer class of 'nastics!
-Celebrated living in my new house for one whole year!  What a blessing!

-I was asked to be my cousin Tonya's MOH in her upcoming wedding in May!  I couldn't have been happier!
-Ryder started MDO two days a week, 2 days before his 2nd birthday!
-We were sad to lose my mom's dog Trixi, the day before Ryder's 2nd birthday to kidney failure.
-Ryder turned 2 & we celebrated with a big baseball themed party outside at his dad's house with lots of friends & family!
-My parents got a new dog, a golden-doodle & named him Brett!
-I was asked by my college roomie, Allie to be her MOH in her wedding in August!
-My brother got drawn for a gator tag, & killed his first gator!

-I hosted a fun chili & pumpkin carving party with lots of friends!
-Ryder was Peter Pan for halloween & we had a blast driving all over town to trick or treat at all of our friend's houses!

-We had our first professional family pictures made & they turned out GREAT!
-Ryder got his first ear infection, & had to have his first EVER round of antibiotics, the day after I had my wisdom teeth out & the weekend before Thanksgiving!  SO thankful!

-We had a fun night out with friends going to eat at Chick & to see baby Jesus at Bethlehem.
-We went to the Shug to visit Pooh & her family!  =)
-Celebrated Christmas Eve at Nana & Papaw's!
-I officially announced my lil man was potty trained & I couldn't be more proud of him!

We have had such a wonderful year!  Lots of wonderful things happened during 2011!  I can't express how blessed I feel & how lucky I am to have such a sweet, loving, caring & healthy little boy!  He is my heart & soul & I only pray 2012 doesn't go by as fast as 2011, so I can soak him up at this age just a little bit more before he turns into a little boy, & no longer a toddler!  :(

I am looking forward to what God has in store for me & Ryder during 2012 & can't wait to find out!

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