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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Uncle G's Graduation!

Yesterday, was my little brother's High School graduation.  Luckily I got someone to watch Ryder because I knew he wouldn't be able to sit still long enough for that, poor baby!  

I was so happy to see my lil brother walking in his gap & gown!  He looked so official & so grown up!  
 {the guy in the middle left with a a yellow tie on}
 {going to his seat...}

 {finally a full house!}
 I am such a bad sister...I didn't get an actual picture of him walking across the stage!  This is him waiting in line to walk across stage!
 I was so happy to get to sing the Alma Mater again & know all the words!  ;)  It reminded me of the closeness my class had, even though not all of us even knew each other...that one day we were one & I could see that closeness in this class as well on this special day.  Some of them had gone to school together since they were in Kindergarden!  So special!

 {proud parents as they should be!}
 After we got home, I went & got Ryder & then we all met at Ruby Tuesday's (Garrett's choice) & had a good time eating dinner together & celebrating Garrett's graduation.
Ryder LOVES for people to swing him!  I thought this was sweet!  ;)


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