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Thursday, May 26, 2011

CAC...Day 2

This video is quite lengthy, but at 2:15, Casey's mom tells her the current "rumor" is that Caylee drowned in the swimming pool at their house & Casey responds with "surprise surprise."  But now...that is what the defense is saying that really happened to little Caylee.  If this was the case, & Casey knew she was innocent & wanted out of jail, she should have told the truth (I use that word lightly) when her mom brought this up.  It just doesn't all add up.

Another thing, they say her dad molested her starting at the age of 8, but when given the choice to see one of her family members, she chooses her dad.  That is a big odd to me as well...if he really was that horrible of a father, you'd think that he wouldn't be the one she wanted to see!  

Today consisted of the State bringing witnesses up on the stand.  Most of them were roommates of Casey's boyfriend at the time, Tony Lazzaro.  There were three other males (plus Tony) & Casey living in the apartment at some point in time between May & July of 2008.  A girlfriend of one of the roommates also testified.  They all talked about how "normal" Casey acted during the time that they knew her, particularly June 20th-ish (just 4 days after Caylee "drowned" in the family swimming pool according to the defendant).  Casey was out partying, partaking in "hot body" contests at a local night club, Fusion, & in charge of the "shot-girls" & making sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing.  

Don't you think if your daughter had "drowned" just four days prior, you wouldn't be out partaking in these type of activities much less, not have told anyone out her death, or that she was "missing".  At one point they say Caylee was "kidnapped" by the babysitter/nanny that Casey paid $400 a WEEK!  What the heck!...they definitely need to get their stories straight! 

Casey's attorney just seems like a sleez-ball to me!  He is tacky & definitely seems like he is in it for the money, & already knows they this is a case that he canNOT win.

It is interesting to watch Casey's facial expressions as the witnesses answer their questions.  She literally sits there..making no facial expressions, occasionally moving her eyes to a different focal spot & whispering something in her attorney's ear, but nothing more.  Odd.  Odd.  ODD.  

The neighbor that lent Casey a shovel on the day she backed her car into her parent's garage when they weren't home, also went up on the witness stand & confirmed that he indeed let her borrow the shovel.  Why else would she need a shovel??  The defense team tried to get the State to not be allowed to discuss  the "shovel" as it was not "relevant" to the case.  Ummm...okay...??  YES IT IS!!  Especially since Caylee's body was found BARRIED  in woods near their home!!

The rest of today's witnesses got boring.  More Fusion workers & what not.  I might actually have to agree the the Defendant's attorney on how all this talk about Fusion & what Casey's "job" there had to do with the killing/disappearance of Caylee Anthony.

Can't wait for tomorrow!  


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  1. Kati! What channel does the trial come on every day?? I'm obsessed too!


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