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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun filled summer day!

My cousin Karleigh came to stay with us for a few days and today was our first full day & we had lots of fun plans!  R just adores her and I am afraid he has worn her out!  They played every game in his closet and had gotten out all of his toys within the first two hours she had been here!  Ha!

I kept R home from school so we could have some FUN!  This morning we had waffles, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs (that Ryder gathered for me earlier this week at Mimi's), and yummy fruit for breakfast!  I don't know what R is doing in this pic though!  Then we all got ready and were out the door!
Ryder is apart of the the Kids Bowl Free program at our bowling alley--so why not go bowling?  I just wanted to document my first bowl (bottom K) was a STRIKE!--Thank you VERY much!  ;)  Just kidding...I'm really not that good but hey! ;)
Well...at least Karleigh looks cute!  =)  R being crazy again!
R got brave and wanted to bowl without the helper stand...he wasn't bad!  (the ball is on the other side of him, you just can't see it...)

We went to Chick for lunch of course!  Then we came home to rest for about an hour...and then it was time to hit up the pool!  Only R's favorite thing to do!
I gave him a dollar and told him they could get a snack...and this is what he came back with!  I don't know about y'all, but we don't just eat candy like that around here...so he was in HEAVEN!  I will admit those things are goood...so, we might have shared the pack!  ;)
As we were leaving the pool he went up to the snack bar to get more and the lady was getting it for him, I was like NO SIR!  Crazy kid!  :P
I've seen multiple people talk about this book in the blog world or on twitter over the passed year or so and always knew I wanted to read it, but never bought it because I have too many books at my house that I need to finish reading, or even start to read, so I never bought it...UNTIL--I found it at a flea market yesterday for $2.50.  I knew I was supposed to have it!
R & I painted pots last week and then planted some Zinnas on Monday & they are already growing!  My first thing to every plant from a seed I think!  I just hope they actually bloom!

We made it home from the pool and all showered up and rested a bit before dinner time.  R wanted cinnamon rolls--so what do you think he got!?  Ha!  He made Karleigh eat in his tent with him like this--I'm so glad she doesn't mind!  :P  She has 3 little brothers, so she's used to it thank goodness!  
We played some Candy Land...and R won of course!  Some how...he always does!  :P
Then we went out for our first snow cone of the season!  We are more ice cream people or pineapple whip...which is why we haven't been to get snow cones yet!  & I'm glad this stand upped their business since last year because they used to not have Silver Fox (to go with my Tiger's Blood...if you haven't tried it together YOU BETTER--your missing OUT!) so I never went back...but they have it now after I complained!  :P
Doesn't Karleigh have the perfect little top knot!  ;)
Watching YouTube videos--R sure does love her!  =)

I made this little gadget after seeing it on Pinterest and I love how it turned out!  I used to have three different buckets/mugs for all my pens, Sharpies, and highlighters and now I can have them all together!  I spray painted the box gold before I had all the TP rolls in there...and I wish I would have assembled it first and then spray painted it..but still works GREAT for what I need!
I happened to look back at one of my journals last night and one year ago today was when I joined the She Reads Truth community and I have been so thankful for it every day since that day!  I haven't looked back since last June and I have learned more than I ever though I could {semi} on my "own"--meaning by not going to a class, etc. and just digging into the word with these ladies!

My coffee cup from the very first picture in this post reads "He makes all things new" and since buying that mug and being involved with She Reads Truth, I have claimed that as my "life verse" and I am so thankful for God's grace and forgiveness over the years, and every day in my life!  I drink my coffee out of it every day as a reminder of where I have come from, where I am, and where I am headed...and that no situation is too complicated for our God!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Home Depot project @ school!

Yesterday, Ryder's school was lucky enough to have Home Depot come out to visit them and help them put together fun cars from the movie Despicable Me 2!  The helpers were so very sweet and were SO patient with all the kiddos!  There were close to 16 kids, and we didn't have any problems at all!
They each got a set of pieces they were to lay out on the table, along with their instructions, a hammer and their very won tool belt with their name on it!   The workshop co-captain helped told them what to do when and helped make sure everybody was getting all the steps right and doing them in order.

It looks complicated, but it wasn't AT ALL!  --& because I haven't said so yet--this was all FREE of charge!  It can't get much better than that!  Home Depot goes to schools, classrooms etc. and THEY WANT TOO!  They told us to spread the word!  They also do these workshops in house on the first Saturday of every month, with a different project each month.  You can click HERE for more info.

Then they all got to pick out a paint color and paint their cars!  This was a blast, and they had so many pretty colors to pick from!  They even left all the leftover paint, paint brushes and cars with R's school!  How awesome is that!?

All the kiddos with their cars!  SO PROUD!  
...and with the Home Depot helpers!  Thank you guys so much for coming out and making these kids' day!  =)

If you have a Home Depot near you...hollar at them, or go in for a visit and see what projects they have coming up next for your kiddos!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Neighborhood Walkin'

Before it got too hot around here, we would go on walks around the neighborhood every once and a while...we run into a lot of cool things while we're out and about!  ;)
Our neighbor has a real well in his front yard and he lets R pumpt it whenever it wants!  Really neat if you ask me...I wouldn't recommend drinking it though!  ;)
"Look how big I am mom!"
He is all boy and I LOVE it! =)

There's our friend Chloe!
Trying to get the tennis ball from her...
She loves a good belly rub!!

I taught my sweet boy how to eat honey suckle!  Every southern child should know how!  Such fun memories with honey suckle as a child...
These summer days are wearing my baby out!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Project 365...Week 20 {Round 2}

{May 12}
 Mother's Day with my sweet baby!

{May 13}
 Gettin' some sun while ready for May Intercession class...

{May 14}
 Fresh hair cut & blowin' bubbles

{May 15}
 Sleepin' in at Mimi's with Charlie Bob guarding him like a guard dog...and Charlie Bob HATES me when I pick R up!  Ha!

{May 16}
 KeeKee put up R's new swing at her house!

{May 17}
 I let R stay home with me from school, so we did a little school work!  ;)

{May 18}
Dinner on the water with my Bachey!  ;)


Friday, June 21, 2013

after sun hydration {body & hair}

I wanted to share with y'all some of my after sun skin and hair products!  After being out at the pool the other day for the first time all summer {for a couple of hours} I came home and could literally feel how dry my skin was, and let's not even talk about how nappy my hair is after a pool day!

I started using these products over the past few years, and I've grown to love them even more during the summer months!  If we're going to spend our summer days out under the sun, it's important we replenish our hair and skin after the fact!

Let's get started, shall we!?

1. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion-I've blogged about this stuff before and I've used it since high school, but I just LOVE it!  I apply this yummy goodness right when I get home from the pool.  I know it's good for my skin and for some reason I feel like the sooner I put it on the longer my tan will last!  Ha!  ;)  The lime coolada scent also keeps me coming back for more!  ;)

2. Organix Morrocan Dry Body Oil-Mom and I picked this up a while back and Ulta and I am seriously in love!  I use it in the shower and love the way it makes my skin feel {and the smell is fabulous as well}!  I love it even more after I've been out in the sun all day.  It's a dry oil so it's not all sticky and gross like baby oil etc.  I also feel like it keeps the moisture in my skin longer than the lotion does. 

3. Herbal essences Hello Hydration-I usually change up my conditioner every time I run out...but this stuff is gonna be around all summer!  I buy it in the big pump bottle because I go through it so fast.  I use 4-5 pumps per wash {and sometimes more in the summer}...  You know how you can barely run your fingers through your hair right after the pool--?  Well this stuff can change that, and that's why I seriously love it!  Conditioner makes the world of difference on my hair!

And...don't forget some chapstick on those crusty lips either! Anything is better than none!  ;)

Happy First Day of Summer!  


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Project 365...Week 19 {Round 2}

{May 5}
 Muddin' at Mimi's!

{May 6}
 We had a few lessons outside with Poppy!

{May 7}
 It was pretty out so we had dinner on the front porch!

{May 8}
This is how he snuggles his Mama!  I love it! 

{May 9}
I taught R how to take pictures on my phone....and this is what I found!  x20!  Ha!

 {May 10}
 UCA baseball game with Poppy!

{May 11}
LOVED my Mother's Day card from Bunky & LS!  Too perfect for my life right now!!