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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend's Over...

Jake worked yesterday SO I stayed around her most of the day & laid out a little bit on the back patio. I had a perfect little set up with my radio, fan, lawn chair, 64 oz. mug of water, Twilight, and a Birthing Book. I only lasted an hour or so...sadly. I do have slight tan-lines though.

Mom & I went to Target last night, I had to exchange a few things, and got a few things I needed for the house, as well as some green fitted sheets for Ryder's bed, and a BUNCH of hangers for all his clothes he already has! I also found a pretty BIG mirror for Ryder's room, that I plan on putting above his changing table for only TWENY FIVE bucks! I was so excited. I also found a sign that says "I Love You To The Moon & Back" It was kinda ugly but I just HAD to buy it!

I was ready for Jake to crawl in bed with me this morning for a few hours before we had to get up & get ready for church! Church was really nice this morning, I enjoyed it!

Since we were on THAT side of town, I talked Jake into just going to Wal-Mart to look @ their cribs, b/c the old Wal-Mart didn't have ANYTHING. I had found somethings I liked online, but of course they were currently out of stock in the color I want. We found the bed, and he said, "I'll get it for you today if you want." Well, DUH! I liked it alot more than I thought I would too...and of all places...WAL-MART! I didn't want to have to pay a FORTUNE for a crib ya know, so we were both very pleased!

We laid on the couch together this afternoon & watched a movie...well he did, I slept or blog stalked. We went to his parent's around three thirty for a surprise party for a lady that works for her. It was alot of fun, and of course YUMMY food!

Ryder continues to be such an ACTIVE baby! I told Jake he was doing gymnastics today & he said, "He is NOT doing gymnastics, he is KICKBOXING!" Ha! I thought that was pretty funny! He is just now starting to kinda get up under my ribs, which makes me like to think he is head down or @ least partially, which would be NICE!--minus the whole feet in the ribs thing!

I wasn't going to dare ask Jake to put the crib up tonight, I was just happy to have it, but he kinda said he was going to...so I didn't let him get away with not putting it together!

Someone didn't like me taking pictures, but HEY! This only happens ONCE!

Putting this finishing touches on the crib! I'm VERY happy with how it turned out!

I got this Vera diaper bag on Tuesday when I went to my Dr.'s appointment in Little Rock. I think it's cute enough for me to carry, but boy-ish enough for Ryder!

Last but not least...please ignore my hair/face...I just told Jake to take this last minute a few minutes ago before I got on here to blog. Me & lil Ryder-Man @ 27 weeks!

So long for now! Not far from bed & then work in the morning! Maybe I'll try to blog two days in a row! We'll see!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

long time no blog...

Sorry I don't blog more.  I wish I did it more for myself as well.

Jake & I are about to go out to eat with some friends of our, Dane & Dapple @ Outback.  I have gotten SO much done today @ the house!  My closet is ORGANIZED, laundry up to date,  hallway closet cleaned out...dishwasher emptied etc.  It was a good day!  I wanted to lay out on the back patio, and we went to Fred's to get a long lounge chair, but they were like fashion chairs & they were 45 BUCKS!  I'll just go to Wal-Mart to get a cheap plastic one!  

I have a lot of pictures I need to put up, and a video or our lil daughter!--RANGER!  

I am now officially Kati Renee Odom.  I took off work on Wednesday to get things like that done.  I got my new driver's license & all that too!  I still have some wedding errands to run though that I plan on getting done this week!

Monday, May 4, 2009


A little drama @ work today...but that's what keeps things exciting!  HA!

Jake & I made burgers, & they turned out really good!  While we were sitting @ the kitchen table eating...we saw these little kids playing kinda out in our yard.  We then noticed how they were looking @ one of the windows in the garage (where Ranger is).  Next thing we know...they are RUNNING to the door, and RING the doorbell!  JUST LIKE THAT!  So Jake had to go out & show them Ranger...our PET SQUIRREL!  I told him the whole neighborhood is going to be over @ our house now to see our squirrel!!  I sure hope not!

Did ya'll knows the Heinz ketchup bottle no longer has a pickle on it...?  It's a tomato!!  


Word from my mom straight from the mayor...if Kris Allen makes it through this week, then he will be performing DOWNTOWN Conway Friday night for his hometown visit!  As much as I hate crowds...that would be so much fun to experience!  Especially since I missed "MOVE THAT BUS!"  last year during Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Dancing with the Stars with my hubby!  Nothing better!

Oh!--I saw Ryder move a little bit earlier!!!  I just LOVE that!  =)  I love my sweet little boy inside of me!  

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So...It's "Guy's Night" & I'm here @ home...& I'm COMPLETELY okay with it!  Ha!  Kinda my first chance to stop & get to blog!

I am married NOW!!!  AHHHHH!!!  It's been great, but this week has been just as BUSY & CRAZY as the 4 weeks of planning my wedding!  I thought it would slow down...but I wasn't thinking!  With new GREAT gifts coming in daily (I'M NOT COMPLAINING!) means, adding to the thank you note list, finding where I want to store that item, washing it if I need to, teaching Jake "this doesn't go in the dishwasher," or "this is just for decoration....not to wipe your hands on."  

I got alot done around the house today being able to be here ALL day, and the rain kept poor Jake in ALL day.  He is an outside man, & he was BORED inside!  

Ryder has gotten to be a BUSY, CRAZY little boy!  He kicks ALL the time now!  Mainly when it's time for me to go to bed, and right after I get to work in the mornings.  I have even SEEN him move!  Last night I woke up with him sticking SOMETHING out for a good 5 minutes...I would touch/push on it a little & he wouldn't move!  Ha!  I'm dying to know his positioning--

Jake & I went to the Dr. on Tuesday & it was short & sweet...he measured my belly & listened to Ryder's little heart & said I was good to go!

Jake noticed his wedding ring was COMPLETELY cracked through one side today.  I have been really proud of him for wearing it ALL the time!  He acted like it would bother him too much to wear it all the time...but he has had it ONE week!  I'm not blaming him for the crack, but DANG!

Bout to call him & tell him to come home to his two boos!

Hope to blog again soon!