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Saturday, May 2, 2009


So...It's "Guy's Night" & I'm here @ home...& I'm COMPLETELY okay with it!  Ha!  Kinda my first chance to stop & get to blog!

I am married NOW!!!  AHHHHH!!!  It's been great, but this week has been just as BUSY & CRAZY as the 4 weeks of planning my wedding!  I thought it would slow down...but I wasn't thinking!  With new GREAT gifts coming in daily (I'M NOT COMPLAINING!) means, adding to the thank you note list, finding where I want to store that item, washing it if I need to, teaching Jake "this doesn't go in the dishwasher," or "this is just for decoration....not to wipe your hands on."  

I got alot done around the house today being able to be here ALL day, and the rain kept poor Jake in ALL day.  He is an outside man, & he was BORED inside!  

Ryder has gotten to be a BUSY, CRAZY little boy!  He kicks ALL the time now!  Mainly when it's time for me to go to bed, and right after I get to work in the mornings.  I have even SEEN him move!  Last night I woke up with him sticking SOMETHING out for a good 5 minutes...I would touch/push on it a little & he wouldn't move!  Ha!  I'm dying to know his positioning--

Jake & I went to the Dr. on Tuesday & it was short & sweet...he measured my belly & listened to Ryder's little heart & said I was good to go!

Jake noticed his wedding ring was COMPLETELY cracked through one side today.  I have been really proud of him for wearing it ALL the time!  He acted like it would bother him too much to wear it all the time...but he has had it ONE week!  I'm not blaming him for the crack, but DANG!

Bout to call him & tell him to come home to his two boos!

Hope to blog again soon!

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