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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Erin Condren Deal!

Remember my post about my new favorite Life Planner??  Well, Doodle Deals is having a deal, $25 for a $50 voucher to Erin Condren's website!  You don't have to buy the Life Planner either....you can buy some address labels, or fun gift tags just in time for Christmas!

If you are a first time customer, you will get $5 off...so you can get the deal for $20--seriously can't beat that! CLICK HERE to snag this deal today!  =)  You don't want to miss out!  They will only be availible for I think 4 more days, or until they run out (which happens fast!)


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my life planner...

SO...the Erin Condren Life Planners were ALL.THE.RAGE a while back & I didn't quite get it--until I got my own!  They are a bit pricey for a planner, & I didn't get one until I could snag a half off deal, & I got my Mama one too!  ;)  Or...it might be the other way around, but at least I helped her out on the cost!  We got both of ours for the price of one! 

I seriously LOVE it!  It's the perfect size, & it sits out & open all day on my desk, where I can see what's going on, & freely jot down things that I need to get done for that day, or even days & weeks down the road.  If I'm not home, it's either in my purse or in my backpack when I go to school.   

I love the tabs, & am able to flip exactly to where I need to be.  I taped clear packaging tape over them to hold them up a little bit better, since I do travel with my planner so much.
Here's what average week at our house looks like...I like that every day has a "morning" "day" & "night" category.  That way I know EXACTLY what's going on, & when I'm actually FREE!-->NEVER!
If you can't tell, I'm a super color coordinated person & that also helps me keep track of things without having to read everything...
On the side each week, there are also lists of "goals" & "to do:" things for that week which is kinda nice.
Each month starts off with a full page monthly calendar & a few blank lined pages for notes, which I am certainly enjoying!

In the back is about 25 pages of plan blank pages for whatever you need!--Can always come in handy!
It also comes with tons of cute stickers, & even some blank ones for you to fill in yourself!
Each planner also comes with a clear zipper pouch for coupons, stamps etc. etc. that way things aren't falling out all the time when you're on the go!

& at the very back, 2 full years worth of calendars for all that planning ahead!  Hey--at least I can SEE the month of my GRADUATION!  =)  =)

So...yes, the Erin Condren Life Planner lives up to all the hype that it has caused!  =)  I would highly recommend getting one for yourself & all the organized people in your life to start the new year out with a BANG!  They also send you super cute label stickers with your name on them to tease you & try to get you to order some more--but FREE is always good right?!

There are so many different cute choices, you can even get a picture put on the front for no extra cost!

Now...go getcha one!  =)


Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Crafts!

With 4 rubbermaid tubs FULL of Christmas stuff outside & a small house that only 2 people live in, I told myself I wouldn't be buying ANY new Christmas decorations this year!--It's actually allowing me to have more money to spend on others, which is something I really enjoy!  It hasn't been easy, but I've stuck to it...so far!  I just know that I don't need anything else, because I don't even have room for all the things that I already have!--So, no point in buying even MORE!

But that doesn't mean I can't make a few new decorations!  Here a few things I've seen around town, or on Pinterest that I thought I might could whip up if I have any extra time between now & Christmas!  =)
I thought I might be able to make this with my Silhouette using vinyl on a painted canvas.

Oh how I love wreaths, especially making them!--I have a HUGE swag on my front door, but I'd love to make something like this just to hang inside.

Simple painted canvas...but how cute?!

I had heard about the "101 days of Christmas" a while back but never gave it much thought.  But once I started thinking about ALL the things that has to be done in preparation for Christmas & all the traditions that I want to start & continue for my little Ryder man, I knew this would help me stay organized!  I may be like 76 days late...or MORE, but oh well!  =)  I ran across it on Pinterest & wanted to share it with my lovely readers!  You can download the printables you want individually for free, or for 4 easy dollars (that's 3 trips to Sonic for me...) you can download ALL of the printables in ONE click!--the ease was worth 4 bucks to me!  ;)

I'm hoping to make a binder out of my printables & start a new section each year.  That way, excluding Christmas Card Addresses etc., I can look back on how we did things, what worked, what didn't & how I might want to do things different, or what things I might want to add, or even years down the road to see when we started certain traditions!  :)  

Just a thought...maybe this could help make your Holidays less stressful, more organized & all in one place!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today isn't just about eating as much food as possible & visiting with family we don't see very often, but it's about giving thanks to all we have been given.  We should take time every day to say a simple "Thank you" but that's not always the case...

I know I can't list everything I'm thankful for..but I want to remember the things on my heart that I'm thankful for this year, as well as a flash back or two of my sweet lil boy!
 {Thanksgiving 2009, 2 & a half months old}

That I get to go to school, I don't have to.

For my wonderful parents, always being supportive even during the most difficult of times.

For my parent's jobs & all they do for me & Ryder.

For Ryder's wonderful grandparents, Mimi & PawPaw--they are beyond good to both of us!
 For wonderful friends, old & new!

For a wonderful roommate that loves my little boy!

For me & my families health, & the access we have to medicine & doctors.
 {Thanksgiving 2010, 13 & a half months old}

My church family & being able to live in the best country in the world, allowing us to freely worship whenever we want.

Of course my little boy & all the joy that he brings to my life every single day, as well as his sweet & perfect personality & health.  I never knew I could love someone the way that I love him & I can't ever say thank you enough for God trusting me to raise this little boy & be his mom.

My town...I seriously do LOVE where I live!  =)
For blogging & the outlet it has allowed me to have, as well as meeting new friends!

I'm also thankful for Apple products!--Maybe cheesy, but it's true!  They have made so many of our lives easier & I'll always be a Mac girl! =)

I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a Independent Scentsy Consultant!  I love my job & the people I have met through it!  

I know I haven't covered everything...that's just a glimpse of my thankfulness!

I hope you enjoy time with your families today & remember what this "day full of food" is really about!  & don't just be thankful today, but everyday!  

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

James 1:17


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wintery day in the backyard!

Just some pics of my lil man outside before church a week or so ago! 

{I told him to throw the football @ my camera...& he did, & I caught it!  :P}

{He loves his Dah Dah!}
{& his Mama LOVES him!}


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thank you for...

Just a few things Ryder is thankful for this week & every week...& in the own words of my lil man-
"Dear Jesus, Thank you for school...
...thank you for Chick-E-Tah cows, big cows & little cows....
...thank you for MiMi & PawPaw, & Hannah Grace... 
...KeeKee & Pops, Dah Dah,
 & Uncle G.
Thank you for Mama & thank you for gummies.  In Jesus name, Ryder, amen."


Our day...

What a day!

It's been a while since me & Punkin' got out of the house since I'm still on my pain meds, so today mom took us on an exciting trip to Target!--but no, really!?  Who doesn't LOVE a trip to Target?  Even my little man knows he's supposed to get excited!

Before making it to Target, we stopped by Wilkinson's (a biggo shoe store that carries anything & everything you need in the foot dept. & MORE!) to get Uncle G a shirt & lil man some boots for Christmas!
I'm pretty sure these are the ones we got for him...oh my word!  I DIE just looking at them!  He is going to be so excited!  Every lil boy needs a good ole pair of cowboy boots right!?

Then of course we stopped at Chick to have lunch with Pop Pops!  & then it was time to hit up Target!  

I have to brag on lil man again...he was in big boy underwear this WHOLE time & told me when he needed to go & never had an accident!  We went once at Wilkinson's & about 3 times at Target, but I'm seriously NOT complaining!  Him not wearing diapers seriously might be the best thing ever!  It almost feels like I got a raise not having to buy diapers!  :P  I bought wipes yesterday out of habit & then I was like, "What was I thinking?"  ha!  

Little man got an ICEE at Target for doing so good all day & he even ate a WHOLE lemon loaf from Starbucks!  & then as we were leaving he said "I'm hungry!"  No your not crazy child!  :P

My house is a disaster, just from not being able to do things 100% still, so I'm ready to get it whipped into shape before Thanksgiving gets here & then I'm sure it will get destroyed again!

It hasn't stopped raining since LAST NIGHT!  I don't know where all this rain came from & I seriously don't ever remember it raining like this before!  That means we are cooped up inside for a few more days & I'm gonna have to pull out some new toys & crafts to keep things interesting for little man!  =)

We had a fun day out on the town with KeeKee & got a lot of Christmas shopping done & that always feels GOOD!  I've had a few cups of coffee tonight, painted my nails, done some laundry, watched Christmas Vacation & now it's time to head to bed to the sound of RAIN!  =)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Battle of the Ravine

Last weekend I got to take Punkin' to his first OBU football game to watch Casey play!  It worked out where Pooh came & stayed with us Friday night, I got up early & went to take my Praxis in LR Saturday morning, Pooh watched R & then they meet me in LR & we headed to the game!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends that help me out when I need it!  Here are a few pics from our day with friends!

We had a great time & the weather was GREAT!  Sadly, we lost to the whole Reddies, but it was still a wonderful day with friends!