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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Crafts!

With 4 rubbermaid tubs FULL of Christmas stuff outside & a small house that only 2 people live in, I told myself I wouldn't be buying ANY new Christmas decorations this year!--It's actually allowing me to have more money to spend on others, which is something I really enjoy!  It hasn't been easy, but I've stuck to it...so far!  I just know that I don't need anything else, because I don't even have room for all the things that I already have!--So, no point in buying even MORE!

But that doesn't mean I can't make a few new decorations!  Here a few things I've seen around town, or on Pinterest that I thought I might could whip up if I have any extra time between now & Christmas!  =)
I thought I might be able to make this with my Silhouette using vinyl on a painted canvas.

Oh how I love wreaths, especially making them!--I have a HUGE swag on my front door, but I'd love to make something like this just to hang inside.

Simple painted canvas...but how cute?!

I had heard about the "101 days of Christmas" a while back but never gave it much thought.  But once I started thinking about ALL the things that has to be done in preparation for Christmas & all the traditions that I want to start & continue for my little Ryder man, I knew this would help me stay organized!  I may be like 76 days late...or MORE, but oh well!  =)  I ran across it on Pinterest & wanted to share it with my lovely readers!  You can download the printables you want individually for free, or for 4 easy dollars (that's 3 trips to Sonic for me...) you can download ALL of the printables in ONE click!--the ease was worth 4 bucks to me!  ;)

I'm hoping to make a binder out of my printables & start a new section each year.  That way, excluding Christmas Card Addresses etc., I can look back on how we did things, what worked, what didn't & how I might want to do things different, or what things I might want to add, or even years down the road to see when we started certain traditions!  :)  

Just a thought...maybe this could help make your Holidays less stressful, more organized & all in one place!

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