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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween @ Pop Pop's Bank

Everybody always dresses up at the bank for Halloween & they always do such a good job!  This year the theme was the circus & Pop Pop's was a magician & Ms. Brenda was a bunny coming out of a top hat!  She completely mad her costume!  Isn't it GREAT?!
I dressed Punkin' up & took him up there to see everybody!

He wasn't too sure of Pop Pop's with all his face stuff on...

Ms. Karen was a carny--SO creative!  Everyone seriously looked great, I wish I had taken more pics!

Kisses for his Pop Pop's!
Then my lil booger (with chocolately fingers & all) decided to go behind the glass in Pop's office & make a few chocolately smear marks!  Ha! It is seriously never boring with us!  ;)


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