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Monday, September 29, 2014

"navigate" by scott attebery

I recently had the opportunity to read the book Navigate by Scott Attebery.  Scott is the Executive Director of DiscipleGuide Church Resources.  He has served as campus minster on a college campus, as well as pastored his own church.    His book goes into great detail of how we are supposed to go about understanding and pursing God's will in our lives.  

When I saw what his book was about, I'll be honest and admit I was a bit scared tpo read it...because talking about God's will for your life is a BIG deal and at times can seem a bit overwhelming (at least for me!).  I am so guilty to just run from things when I "don't like them" or are "scared of" or "don't want to talk or think about".  But there are times we just have to tighten our boot straps and jump on in, and that's exactly what I did--and I am so glad that I did!

"What is God's will for my life?"  "How am I supposed to know what God's will for me is?"  These are questions I would assume most Christian's have asked themselves at one time or another.  This book provided me with a great outlook on how we are supposed to answer, and conquer these questions!  

I am a regular reader of Scott's blog which you can find HERE.  He has a way with words that allow him to teach and share the Word in such a unique way.  The way he shares stories and experiences and how they relate to scripture are so touching, and real to me.  When he asked to share a copy of his book with me, I knew this piece would be no different, and I was exactly right.  
As I read through the book there were SO many different things that I underlined and highlighted, but I wanted to share just a few of them with you in hopes that it will give you the desire to order a copy for yourself!  
I won't say it was quick read because it can be deep and I wanted to let it all sink in...and not read through it too fast, causing me to miss the message.  But, once you get going...it's easy to just want to keep flipping the pages to learn more and more about His will and how we are supposed to find that will of God for our own lives!  

God doesn't allow us to see or know everything...but we are told to obey His word.  "As long as we obey His written Word (our manual), we can trust Him to work all things for the good of those who love him."

I am super guilty of worrying about things in life, when I know in my heart that He is taking care of it all.  It may not be in my time or my way...but He is taking care of it, and I have absolutely no reason to be worrying about it!  

What God has done is "instructed us to obey His manual, the Bible.  That's our assignment in pursuing His will."  Ouch.  Such a valuable resource that we have been blessed with, but are we using it?   
"Knowing the will of God is rooted in obeying His written Word"  There we go again.  Why are we looking else where?  He has provided us with such a great tool.  We are supposed to be smart and use it as He intended!

Is there going to be an exact answer to every situation and problem we face today found in His Word?  No.  "But there are always principals in Scripture that apply to our every situation, and we must seek in wisdom to identify these."  

In Sunday School a few weeks ago, we talked about how His word is timeless.  It was affective to people then, and it is affective to us now.  Is our life today the same as it was for people living back then?  Absolutely not.  But can we get the same lessons out of His Word that they did?  Yes we can!  His Word is a timeless treasure.    

After finishing Navigate, I was reading Lysa Terkeurst's The Best Yes, and ran across a statement and immediately thought back to Scott's book!  It goes exactly along with everything he said in his book, and I just had to share it with you in this post.  "When we slip at living out the Word of God, we slip at living in the will of God."

So where can we find His will for our lives?  In His Word.    

I'll have to stop there, and you'll have to get yourself a copy to get more in-depth!  But, I'll leave you with one last quote, and it's a good one! 

You can purchase Navigate HERE and it can also be bought electronically for your Kindle, through iTunes as well as for your Nook.  

Be sure to follow Scott's blog to hear more from him on a regular basis!    

Book provided by Scott Attebery, but all opinions are my own.  
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

mid week randoms! [fall!]

Well...happy Fall y'all!  Yesterday it finally felt like "fall" around here!  I had to find Ryder a pair of jeans to wear to school instead of shorts.  Poor kid has worn Chacos all summer and his tennis shoes from last winter don't fit any more...so today he wore Chacos with black socks! Luckily...he got rid of the socks before I picked him up!  [We went and bought new tennis shoes tonight! ;) ]

I just love all of Katie is a Daisy stuff!  She is truly talented!  I've been meaning to order some prints of hers but just haven't gotten around to it!  You may have seen her work on canvases and journals at Target and Anthro.
The Best of Me movie comes out in theaters October 17th and I HIGHLY recommend you reading it before you go see it!!  I am currently trying to reread it before it comes out...but I don't know if I'm gonna make it in time!
I love method all-purpose cleaner and couldn't resist this "Limited Edition" Honeycrisp Apple scent!  I know they just do that to get people like me to buy it...but hey, props to them--IT WORKS and smells divine!!
As I looked at the piles of books I have laying around...I thought it very much tells about the different parts/roles of ME!  [bottom to top] I'm always looking at the next lesson I'm going to teach and studying common core math standards and techniques.  Trying to make it through one "look through" of Against All Grain to improve my gut and health all around.  Keeping up with Beth Moore and her intense teaching skills in Children of the Day.  My Bible to go with.  And like I stated above...I'm trying to re-read The Best of Me.  But it has really taken the back burner as I've started reading The Best Yes.  I should throw a parenting book in there and that would about sum me up! ;) 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

5th birthday @ snuggle bug!

Ryder finally got his Octonaut birthday party he has been wanting for what seems like FOREVER! :P
We had his party at school the day after his real birthday...and it was perfect!  All of his friends were so sweet and wonderful and so happy for Ryder to be celebrating his birthday!

KeeKee made his wonderful cake!  Just like she made all of me and Uncle G's cakes when we were little! =)

He LOVES the birthday bear the Birthday Kid gets to hold on their birthday!

 Sweet Morgan made him this picture!

This is Ms. Cassy--she has been at Snuggle Bug since Ryder started over two years ago...and she recently got married to man that lives out in Utah...so she moved out there a few weeks ago!  We are so happy for yet, yet sad we lost her at the same time!  She sent this to Ryder's teacher on Ryder's birthday!  How sweet huh!?

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

the best yes [free online study]

Popping in to let you know about an opportunity I ran across earlier this week.  I've heard wonderful things about Lysa Terkeurst's The Best Yes and when I saw she was offering a FREE online bible study to go along with it...I knew I couldn't pass it up.

I quickly thought, "I already have enough on my plate, I don't need to add one more thing to my to-do list" but that's exactly what this book is about!  Saying YES to things we are called to do, and NO to the things we aren't.  So, I knew I ran across this info for a reason and a purpose!  

I want to invite you to sign up for this six week long study as well!  It's all online and it's FREE!!  All you have to do is purchase the book or e-book to follow along!  I got mine at Hasting's last week.  I haven't wanted to put it down since I opened it for the first time...it's nothing short of amazing and definitely a message my soul needs to hear.

Visit proverbs31.org and sign up for the OBS (Online Bible Study) to start receiving the e-mails for the study in the morning!
Don't forget to check out my review of Victoria Secret's new workout line complimentary of Influenster below! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Victoria Secret Workout Clothes

This is a sponsored post.  I received these products complimentary of Influenster for testing purposes and review as part of a contest.  If you are interesting in joining this wonderful "Word Of Mouth" marketing company please leave a comment below with your e-mail attached and I will be happy to invite you!

Victoria Secret just recently came out with a new workout line titled VSX.  I was so excited when I found out I had been chosen to recieve the #VSVoxBox, which included a sports bra ($52 value) and a pair of bottoms ($62 value) for testing purposes.

I knew VS had high quality products and this line is no different.  The quality of the fabrics that were chosen to makes these products are top of the line!  I couldn't get the pants on fast enough to try them out--even though I did trade my grey pants in for solid black!  I was very thankful the in-store exchange was quick and simple, even without a receipt! 
I wasn't sure about the padding being this hardcore in a sports bra...but I was willing to try it out!

Today I wore both the "Incredible" sports bra and "Knockout" capris to yoga...outside and let's just say that was interesting in itself!  Considering it was 80 degrees out there in the middle of September!

The Body-Wick feature is probably my favorite feature out the sports bra.  It definitely soaked in my perspiration, which is exactly what I want my sports bra to do while I'm being active!  I stayed cool and dry the entire time!

I also noticed there were some areas that were mesh, which allowed an enjoyable breeze to move through at times, which was especially nice being out in the hot sun.

Overall I like the bra...even though the padding and cushioned wiring in the middle are a bit much for me and what I need/desire during a workout.  But I know most people probably wouldn't be bothered by this!

The "Knockout" capris are super comfortable and easy to move around in.  I feel comfortable in wearing them to workout as well as wearing them around town to run errands.  I will note that the seam is not on the SIDE of the leg.  It is more towards the back of the leg which I didn't like at first.  BUT the seam is very soft and smooth and didn't bother me at all today during my yoga practice.

Both of these items come in multiple prints and color to choose from--which makes things so fun!!  There are also different sports bra styles to chose from depending on your need for body type and your choice of activity. I am anxious to try a few different styles without so much padding!

Ending Sunday, September 22 you can recieve 25% off ONE VSX item using the discount code "4018".  

I also saw they are offering Free Shipping with a sports bra purchase using code SHOPBRAS as well as a free panty using code FREEPANTY.

I am unaware of whether all three codes will work together or not.

So...you better get to shopping! :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

5 year old birthday celebration

I guess I say it every year...but time sure does fly!  How can I possibly have a FIVE year old??  That doesn't seem okay!  This is his last year where he won't be in grade school.  I just THINK life is busy right now, but I know that it hasn't even started!

He had been wanting a new Paw Patrol set that he saw at Target.  But I told him after the one time he told me he wanted it, that he didn't need to talk about it any more.  I luckily got him the last one our Target had...and a few other things for his birthday.  He woke up in bed and I went and got him the new laundry basket I had gotten him for his new room.  I gave it to him and you could tell he was a bit disappointed, but thankful at the same time.  It was quit funny now looking back.  He looked at it...and then crawled right back in bed to watch TV.
I called him into the kitchen and he didn't want to come because it was "too cold" but I finally convinced him to come and he got his real present!  His reaction was so cute and I'm so glad I captured it on camera!

He even said, "You tricked me mom...that was funny!!"  I guess I should have gotten up earlier or stayed up late to put that thing together...I felt bad that he didn't get to play with it that morning before school!!
After I picked him up from school we met his dad, cousins Hannah and Caleb, Uncle Josh and Aunt Amanda, Mimi and Pawpaw, KeeKee and Poppy and Uncle G to do some bowling!  R wanted to go bowling all summer and we just never made it out there.  This ended up being perfect and he loved having us all there together.

As a split family we want Ryder to know he is what ties us all together and we all love HIM and I'm so thankful that we can still all do things like this together in celebration of Ryder.

Every single time any body did anything good (knocked down any pins) Ryder was the first one out there to hug them and tell them "GOOD JOB!"  It was the sweetest thing!
After bowling we went to Colton's for dinner!  Or as Ryder calls it, "the peanut place"!  We haven't been there since last year on his birthday and ever since he's been asking to go!  So here we were!!  Mimi got him a school sticker to wear!

We didn't tell the restaurant to do anything crazy for his birthday...but they did anyways!  Ryder was scared at first, but then he loved it!!  It was really sweet!  

By the time we got home he was one tired little boy...but a BLESSED little boy!  I hope he knows how much he is truly LOVED!
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

dove hunting

Ryder has gotten to go to The Farm with Poppy many times...but he finally got to go for his first actual HUNTING TRIP!!  This time it was dove hunting and he had a blast!  I can already see many future weekends of being Ryder-less because he's off at The Farm with Poppy and Uncle G doing what they love!  

Ryder trying on his new vest before they left!
I got to go out on Friday night with a teacher from UCA--DeNardo!  Love her!

Saturday morning hunt!  He loved every minute of it!  There were 10 adults, and 12 kids under 10 there all weekend...so needless to say R had a blast!  I am also happy to report that Poppy said he was on her best behavior and had great manners!  Makes this Mama proud!
Sunday morning was a little slower than the day before but they still had a blast!

Thankful that R has a place to grow up loving the outdoors just like my brother got to do!  It's a special tradition the boys in my family have and I can't believe I have one old enough to be able to tag along with the big guys! =)
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Friday, September 12, 2014


 I started "Children of the Day" last night by Beth Moore.  I wasn't even sure what to expect out of the study, but I had heard it was in the same format as her James study and so I knew it was going to be good!  But...Beth Moore bringing The Word--how could even of it not be good?!

She opened us up with the backstory of how Paul, Silvanus and Timothy came about being braided together as one.  The three of them came from all different directions and walks of life and by many different choices and decisions, they eventually wound up together...which is exactly where God wanted them.  Those specific choices and decisions from each one of them, eventually lead them to each other.  Very similar to relationships and things that come and go in our lives today.  

Believe it or not, a lot of change has taken place in my life in the last 6 days.  I'm currently not able to talk about it...but let's just say sometimes life is about taking risks in order to get you where you eventually want to be--and that's where I'm currently at!  

During my childhood and teenage years, I was so against change.  I had my friends, in my town...and we had our routine and we were completely happy.  Why would we need to try and make more  or new friends or why would we want to start doing new things when we were perfectly happy doing exactly what we were doing and living life the way we were?---So I lived in fear of change...thinking of it as alway as a bad thing!   

College came around and I finally had the opportunity to see that change doesn't always have to be such a bad thing!  I love routine and am usually pretty dead set in my ways, but over time I have gotten so much better at accepting change and going with the flow of this thing we call Life!

I've also learned that fighting change just makes things even harder and definitely not the way you want to live your life.  

Over the years I've lost friendships...some of them were my choice, and some of them were not.  Once again...the subject of change.  Losing people is hard, and it's even harder when it's people who had been by your side for so many ups and downs in your life.  People who you thought were going to be a phone call away for all the years to come, and then all of a sudden they're not.  Change.

Beth pointed out that these are "remixes" in our lives and they have to take place!  As hard as it is to accept at the time of all the change going on in our lives...it's comforting to know the truth and that His plan is Greater!  So many of our lives are the same'ole 1st edition of a song that we listen to on repeat over and over again--and we never allow ourselves to listen to the remix...not even one time, because we're afraid and are too "scared of change".  I've totally been there and am SO guilty of clinging to that 1st edition of a song!  

But God hasn't placed us here to keep listening to that 1st edition of the song...and if we stay there too long, things are going to get boring and eventually stale and cause us to lose interest all together.

We have to listen to His remix.

I've learned not to be mad or sad about certain "losses"--when we dwell on the being sad or mad about a certain situation, we aren't open enough to see and meet the new and exciting things that He's placed right in front of us! [once again...TOTALLY guilty]  If our eyes are too busy being closed because we are mad or sad, how are we going to notice the new and exciting things, opportunities, and people around us??

"The next person we meet could become one of the dearest people in our lives"--When that moment happens, we don't know at the time they are going to change us forever, but if we are open at the time we met them, we are giving them a chance to change us and maybe vice-versa as well.  But, that chance and that change has to take place.  Once again...I am totally that person who is standoffish, simply because I'm afraid of change!!

Sometimes going on an adventure and accepting that change will break our heart in the process of saying good bye--but we are to let Him remix!!!

I am so thankful for this message!  I will say, I have gotten a million times better at excepting change in my life now that I used to!  It's taken a few life lessons to learn that change isn't always a bad thing, and it will be what you make it out to be! 

I'm not completely sure of what the future holds...but I've done what I can and know it's all in His hands.  Did I take a chance to see change (and hopefully even bigger change), YES!  Is it a bad change?  No.  But it's change--and any type of change is hard (which is probably why I feel a fever blister gearing up!!) but...we are here and I couldn't be happier for all the change that has taken place in my life recently, as well as over the last few years, because all that change had led me to exactly where God wanted and needed me to!  I am SO THANKFUL!   
A journey gone awry could lead to the exact frame of mind God is looking to use.  -This is exactly what happened to Paul, Silvanus and Timothy to draw each of them together.  I can't wait to dig into more of their journey and story together! 

Thanks for reading, and HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS! 

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