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Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

I thought about going to the PP yesterday, but really didn't want to deal with the "Saturday crowds" & Ryder wasn't going to his dad's today, because he was out of town, so we decided today was the perfect day to go!  I also wanted to pick a pumpkin off the vine to have to carve instead of just buying one at WM!  Thank goodness, Morgan & MacKenzie came with us...& I am so glad they did, so I could get pictures of me & Ryder together, as well as help me keep up with the wild child, because I couldn't have done it on my own!

He was just so excited to be there & kept yelling "PUMP-KIN PATCH!!  PUMP-KIN PATCH!!" to everyone that walked by!
 Headed out to the patch to pick or perfect pumpkin!
 Me with my lil boyfriend...I couldn't ask for a better one!  ;)  or cuter!
 My child would be the one to climb on stop of a pumpkin & stand on it...
 I don't remember the last time I "picked" a pumpkin...but we searched around for the best one & this what we came up with!  I can't wait to carve it!

 Poor MacKenzie, Morgan had her all over the place looking for the best pumpkin, & Morgan was a bit particular!  :P

 besties!--I'm ready for her to get married & have babies so we can always do fun things like this together!  :P

 MacKenzie is a GREAT helper with Ryder & he just love his "Kenzie!"
 She finally found he keeper!
Ready to go home!  It was great out there today!  Not too hot & not cold at ALL!  & hardly any crowd!  I will NEVER wait till the end of October to go again...because this is the way to go!  Next we have to find something cool to carve!

Perfect day with the most perfect little boy at the pumpkin patch!

And...just for kicks--us at the Pumpkin Patch the last two years!  My how things CHANGE!
 {Shaefer's 2010}
{Shaefer's 2010}
 {Auntie Allie came & stayed with us the weekend we took Ryder to his first Pumpkin Patch!}
{Johnson's 2009-less than 2 months old}


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  1. These are great pics! Don't you love looking back and comparing? It's crazy how fast they grow!


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