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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You know I've been busy when...

I haven't blogged in like forEVE.
I haven't watch Kim Kardashian's Fairy Tale Wedding Special that came on over a week ago.
I have two weeks of Grey's & Private Practice on the DVR I haven't even thought about sitting down to watch.
I can't remember the last time I took a picture of my sweet Punkin' with a camera other than my phone.
My bathroom looks like a male lives here--& none do, besides Ryder!  :P
One of my besties lives like two streets over & we hardly ever get to see each other. :(
People tell me I look like I've lost weight (which I haven't, but I'll take it!)
I'm actually having to step it up & stay up passed midnight & actually try in school.
I have a list of "things" I would like to blog about.
My planner is COMPLETELY full of words & different colors indicating different things.
It's Oct. 18th & I don't have my Fall decor out yet.  Much less out of storage.  :/
I hardly have time to make Dr.'s appointments.
All I eat are Lean Cuisine's.
I don't have anything for my child to eat besides breakfast bars.
I have to MAKE time for friends, & schedule weeks out. :/
I have a list of "crafts" that I want to do off of Pinterest.
I haven't read for pleasure since July.
I haven't been shopping for anything but groceries in the passed two weeks

I seriously don't know how people have more than one child!  Yes, I'm a single mom...but man!  I just get so tired & feel like I can never get it ALL done!  I always tell myself, "Oh, I'll get that done this weekend".  Well...here comes Sunday night...is it done yet?--NOPE!

I have two classes tomorrow & then I will be on Fall Break & will have 4 whole days off from school!  & then I'll have only 4 more weeks until Thanksgiving Break!

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