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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween @ Pop's Bank

Friday everybody at my dad's bank dressed up in movie character costumes for Halloween.  I knew we couldn't miss this!  I dressed Punkin' up in his costume to go see Pops & Ms. Brenda (dad's secretary) dressed up as Shrek & Fiona!
I wasn't sure how Ryder was going to react to seeing his Pops like this, but he knew right who it was & ran right to him!  He wasn't a fan of Pop's "ears" though!  :P
I thought they did a great job with their costumes!  The whole bank looks GREAT honestly!  Next door was Willy Wonka & one of his Oompa Loompas, Snow White & the seven dwarfs were all upstairs including Prince Charming, Mirror Mirror on the wall & the Wicked Witch!  They put alot of thought & effort into everything...it turned out GREAT!

This "deer" was part of the enchanted forrest that Snow White lived in, & Ryder LOVED it!  He wouldn't leave that thing alone!
He also loved all the ladies in the office upstairs & didn't want to leave them!  "Sneezy" kept sneezing & Ryder kept imitating her!  It was TOO funny!  He is totally into making noises that other people or things make now...so this was perfect!  He is such a hoot!

Carving Pumpkins!

I can't say I recall ever carving a pumpkin...even though my mom says we did growing up!  Ha!  Like boring Jack-O-Lanterns!  :P  HAHA!  I bought a pumpkin for me & one for Ryder to carve.  Nick tweeted that he felt childish for wanting to carve a pumpkin...so I told him to come on over, & that I had pumpkin for him & everything!!  He brought Stoby's & we had a night of adventure!  Good thing he knew what he was doing because I would have FAILED if I would have had to do it alone!
Ryder's was up for a little bit after Nick got there & wanted to compare his lil pumpkin to our big ones!  
I was so glad I had bought a carving kit set too because all those tools sure did come in handy!!  I saved them so I won't have to buy another set next year!
With my finished product....skull & cross bones!  It looked the funnest so that's what I went with (& for my friend Dell who LOVES all things skull & cross bones!)
Nicks was WAY easier than mine & took him like .2 seconds!!  HA!

We took them out on the porch & put some tea light candles in them & let them shine to all that drove by!  As soon as we were done we both wanted to go buy more pumpkins to carve!  HA!!  So much fun, thanks for joining me in carving pumpkins Nick!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ENT with Mommy...

Monday I had my appointment I've been dreading to make, much less GO!  I met with the ENT to talk about him removing my tonsils.  If you remember back here (mid way through post) I.NEED.THEM.OUT.  Luckily I'll be able to have it done during Thanksgiving break...when my brother will be enjoying himself on the largest cruise ship in the world...BUT...I'm not bitter at all.  My Dr. said I'm going to have to have one more sore throat to not ever have to have a sore throat again!  YIIPEEE!  I think I can do it!  :P
We were in there WAAAY longer than expected & Punkin was great!  I had to entertain him, but he did well, & he hadn't even had a morning nap!  And he pooped a BIG one while we were in the room waiting on the Dr.  Luckily they had a bathroom with a changing table!  I don't know what else I would have done!
He was dramatic about one thing...I had JUST filled his sippy cup up in the sink & he had it in his hand, and I had taken something away from for some reason & he got mad, THREW his sippy down on the ground SO hard that the nipple part seperated from the lid.  OMG.  Water...every.where!  There were paper towels in there so I just tried to wipe it up as best as I could.  I don't know what I'm gonna do with this temper that he has!  :P

Sunday Afternoon on the River...

Our extended family tries to get together at least once a month to celebrate that month's birthdays.  I think we have one or MORE in just about EVERY month!  It's GREAT to see everyone and just catch up on each other's lives & just enjoy being together.  Our lives are all so busy & crazy, it's great when we are all there!  This Sunday we celebrated my cousin Carson's birthday!  She's the only one in October!

Since all the kids were there for once (we're usually missing Ryder or Garrett from hunting or something) we took some pictures outside for Nana & Papaw.  
These are all of Ryder's second cousins!!  (minus me & Uncle G!)  How fun! WE NEED SOME MORE GIIIIIRLS!!
Pops took Punkin down to the River, but you had to hold on to his hand at his EVERY move.  It's scary down there because he has no idea how dangerous it is, but he was good & minded us well!
This pictures not great, but it's as good as I was gonna get!  This shows our relationship so well (even though he REALLY does love me!)  He just had bigger & better things to look at!  HA!
Aidan was putting his shoes back on & of course Ryder reached down to give him a hug!  It was too sweet!  I hope he stays sweet like this for a while!  =)

Punkin hadn't had a nap all day, and after eating TOO.MUCH cake from Naynee he slept the whole way home & so did me and Uncle G!

Saturday Night Tiger Tunes

After lounging around ALL day long Saturday with Punkin, Abbey & I loaded up around 6:30 & headed to Arkadelphia for the LAST Tiger Tunes show of 2010!  Even though I had just seen the show Thursday night, I was ready to see it all again!  =)

I am so thankful that my parent's watched Punkin for me while I got to get away & enjoy myself with some friends!
Our seats were in the balcony so it was honestly a totally different show from up there!  I LOVED it!  Sadly, the EEE's didn't win, but they still had a GREAT show that I could watch over & over again!  =) All the shows were great, and it was a GREAT Tiger Tunes overall!  
I was so glad to see my pledge sisters!  =)  It was raining when the show was over, so we were all looking nappy & especially my hair!  HA!  We went back to Allie's afterwards, hung out with some new & old friends, laughed it up FOREVER, did some damage by the river & then crashed pretty late!  I had to get up early & drive home for family birthdays, but it was all worth it!
& my lil secretary (minus her glasses!)  Friends reunited at last!  


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Show Us Your Life...Nurseries & Children's Rooms

Yesterday, Kelly @ Kelly's Korner hosted Show Us Your Life Friday!  This week she is spotlighting nurseries & children's rooms!  I put up Ryder's nursery which you can see here.  Check out her page & prepare yourself to see A LOT of cute lil kiddos rooms!  =)


Friday, October 22, 2010

Pops takes Punkin' to the Park!

When I left for Tunes I left Punkin' with Pops before KeeKee got off work.  They headed straight to the park!  Dad sent me about 15 pictures of him playing the hour they were there!  I looked like they had a lot of fun, if he could ever put down that sippy!  At least it wasn't his paci!  :P

Funny story...dad didn't tell me till today.  Dad said that every little girl that was at the park, Ryder would hug them!  He would look at them, look around, slowly make his way over to them, put one arm around them, and then the other arm to fully embrace them!  Can you believe that?!?  Dad said there were three little girls that he wouldn't leave alone!  He said the girls were young too so they didn't really know what to think, & just stood there!  OMG!  What I am going to dooooooo?  He is 13 MONTHS OLD!  :O  His dad was voted "Biggest Flirt" in HS, I guess that should have been a big warning!  

I'm sure there will be many more trips to the park for Pops & Punkin'!  This is actually the same park dad used to take me when I was little!  It's been fixed up a lot since then though!  :P

Pics from my phone..

We went to lunch with Pops on Wednesday at Ruby Tuesday's!  Ryder has gotten to be QUITE the handful at restaurants!  He didn't want to eat much, but me & Pops did!  We had a good visit as always, and it's always such fun for Ryder to see his Pops!
We ran some errands afterwards & Punkin' does so good just riding in the car.  I feel bad sometimes, I feel like that's all I ever let him do...is ride around in the car while I "run errands" dragging him in & out a million & one times!

I was messing around with a new app on my phone with this one "colorsplash".  I just got the free one & it works great...I thought it turned out cute!
This is from this summer in Branson.  It was on my dad's phone & he sent it to me.  Ryder looks like such.a.baby here, even though it was just a few short months ago!  I think he looks like his Uncle G a lil bit!   It's a great smile from the both of them!

Tiger Tunes

Something I look forward to almost more than my birthday & Christmas is Tiger Tunes.  I went last night & am going again tomorrow night!  It was a GREAT first night!  I forgot to get a picture with my wonderful "date", Josh, but I was so glad he ended up going with me, and his girlfriend let me borrow him for the night!  :P
Campus Ministries were Inmates & I met up with Ramsi before the show!  Their show was fun, I loved the handcuffs & the music!!
My lil White House Secretary!  She won those glasses for making the best faces!  :P  So proud!  Their show was a lot of fun!  "Have you cleaned up the gulf?  YES!  Have you bailed out banks?  YES!  Have you read the Healthcare bill?  NO!"  HAHA!  I'm proud of Kristen for all her hard work!
& my lil lady from "Ring by Spring"  I got to watch a run through of the EEE show before the real show & cried on the first song!  AHH...CHILLS!!!  It was that good!  They went on to win choreography & music for the night which I am SO proud of!  It was a GREAT theme that probably only people at Ouachita can get, but they took a different route with their theme & it turned out great & SOOO cute.  Again...the music was AWE.SOME...for what little I know about music!  HA!  :P
{This is from my iPhone} We crashed after tunes @ Allie's...but it's always great to catch up with her on EVERTHING in life!  
I was lucky my mom kept Ryder for me so I could get away for the night...she's at Tunes tonight, so I hope it's just a great as it was last night!  I am ready to go back!  =)

Whit's Dinner Visit

Whitney, one of my best friends from HS called the other day to see if I had plans that night...luckily we didn't!  She was in town & wanted to see us!  I told her I would cook for her if she liked chunky potato soup!  So that's what we did!  
Ryder loved her right off the bat, and was begging her by pulling on her legs & shirt to pick him up & hold him the whole time, or just whenever she would put him down!  Ha!  He LOVES girls!  Haha!  We had a great visit & the soup actually turned out great...& if Whit ate it, then it's saying something!  :P

We had a lot to catch up on & that we did!  We don't get to see each other very often so I was so glad she called even if it was short notice!  Thanks for stopping by for dinner with us Whit!