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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

...i knew the day was coming.

I knew the day was coming.  My computer's been telling me for a way, "you need to make room on your start up disk" etc. etc.  I said yeah...uh huh...whatever.  Today was the day that it said, no more.  Your computer is full.  :/  Which means...no pics of Punkin' until I get this problem fixed.  :(

I had some adorable pictures of my Punkin carrying around his lil pumpkins!  TOO funny & adorable!  I guess they'll just have to wait!  :P

Random Ramblings....

-HUGE book report that was due Thursday was moved to next Tuesday!  YIPPEE!!
-I much as I hate being cold, I think I might try to enjoy it this year!  I love lettin' my lil man run free outside & enjoy the fresh air!
-All of the Starbucks in town have Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate except for ONE.  They tried to tell me it wasn't out yet.  UH...YES.IT.IS.  Duh.
-I am upset there aren't any pictures on this post.
-I got all the ingredients tonight chocolate chip pumpkin bread (from scratch, will be my FIRST!) & tamale  pie!  YIPPEE!
-I should so totally be studying for my big test on Thursday.
-Lab was cancelled so I'm excited.
-I am so.ready.for.Tiger.Tunes.  OMG.
-I love dressin' Punkin in winter clothes now...he didn't really have any last year, so it's extra fun this year!
-I still get SO angry @ drivers that think the YIELD sign in a round-about means STOP.
-I had to honk at a man 20 (no lie) times tonight so he didn't hit me backing up in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  I just KNEW he was going to hit me....he must have been jammin' out or something.
-Still waiting on this weather to decide what it wants to do!
-I've been asked to help with a few friends parties coming up...dad just told me not to quit school!  :P
-I wish I liked to "dress up" for class.  By this I mean...something other than jeans & a t-shirt.  Lol...
-My sweet boy has been giving the SWEETEST tongue, open mouth, wet & slobbery kisses lately!
-Did I ever mention I'm going to see Wicked in November.  I want to read the book before...but doubt that will happen.
-&...Dad got me tickets to see Nicholas Sparks in March!  BE-YOND thrilled!
-Free day tomorrow with a few errands to run...& maybe we'll hit up the park...but no pictures!  :(


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