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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pics from my phone..

My lil genius baby!  :P  He LOVES books so much!
Pulling in Sonic the other day, I had to stop the car & capture this...three trees of the same kind in a row in three different colors!  (ignore the crack in my windshield  :P)
Playing outside in the backyard one day with my Punkin!
I did a lil Photoshop edited on my phone on this one...
Mommy getting ready for schoo...my front camera is always fussy.  :/
Earth Science field trip on the Arkansas River @ Toad Suck Park.
My crazy boy at the Pumpkin Patch
He loves Ms. Amy SOOOOO much!
I love this picture of us, even though he's not looking!  It describes US!  :P
Look how big my "lil" boy is...  :(  I had to wake him up to take him to KeeKee & Pop's so I could go to class...
Sweet boy feel asleep in MB's arms this morning...
...biting his sock off.  I said I'd never be "that mom"
...& then he was OUT!  :P

Hope you enjoy!  I think this might become a weekly thing!  =)

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