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Sunday, October 10, 2010

13 months old!

What's my lil man been up to?

-He can now blow kisses when someone is going "bye-bye".
-He still waves & says "bye bye"  He has even started to say it before it's "time" to go...like, "Come on mom, I wanna leave!"
-He has been giving the SWEETEST kisses lately!  Open-mouth, wet, slobbery kisses!  But I'll take what I can get!
-He has just now started to cry for just a few minutes when I leave for school.  He quickly gets over it though!
-He LOVES to vacuum...or act like he's vacuuming!  I think that's why he loves his corn popper so much!
-He is an EATIN machine!  He LOVES fruit, & always eats all of it off his plate first before moving on to something else!
-Some of his favorite fruits are grapes & peaches, I can't keep fresh ones in the house he eats them so fast!
-I let him have cinnamon rolls for the first time earlier this week & he LOVED um!
-This month, he went to his first football game, first over night road trip with mommy & first time to the elephant farm!
-He LOVES books!  He'll sit down with a pile of them & flip through every page & just talk & talk!
-You can ask him how a lamb goes & he says, "BAAAH"
-Just the last few days, when you take something away from him, he will throw himself on the ground face first, scrunch up his legs & rolls around kicking his feet.  I have started to take him to his room & tell him to stay in there until he can get happy!  It has seemed to work so far!
-He can turn the water on in the shower by himself...
-He LOVES being outside & always cries when it's time to come in.
-He's still sleeping through the night & might wake up around 7:30, but will go back to sleep with me in bed.
-He's going to sleep anywhere between 7 & 8, it just depends if he got his afternoon nap or not!
-He still isn't into much TV, I guess thats a good thing...
-He LOVES Ms. Amy & spends most of his time hanging out with her in her room when she's home.
-When he's fussing in the car, I can just ask him, "Where's KeeKee & Pops?" & he gets happy & starts looking around for them!  :P
-He cries when he has to leave their house...but then acts like he doesn't like my mom, even though he does!  I think he just tries to aggravate her!  :P
-He still seems to be doing great in the nursery at church & should move up to a bigger room soon so he doesn't mow over the little kids!
-He is in size 4 diapers
-He's wearing mostly 12 month clothes, but some 18 months fit too

I can't believe that one year ago we were celebrating him being one month old!  He was so itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny then!  He changes so much every month & it just gets to be so much fun!  We've come along way, & made so many memories & I love being able to look back & see how much he truly.has.changed!

Punkin, Mommy loves you SO much!  I never knew I could love such a lil guy SO much!  You are JOY to my everyday & I wouldn't be half the person I am without you!  =)  

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