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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our week...& a video! ;)

We have had a great week!  It started off with Poppy taking R to school Monday morning after their Chick date!  I had a great Monday at Pine Forest with my students!  I honestly don't want to leave there with 12 o'clock rolls around!  I don't get to go back until NEXT Wednesday because we had meetings to go to yesterday & then Labor Day on Monday.

R has been on green all week--SO thankful!  :P

He went to Mimi & Pawpaw's on Tuesday night & had a big'ole time of course!  I was happy to see him yesterday when I went to pick him up!  We went & ate Chick with KeeKee & Poppy for dinner & then it was time for Ryder to go to AWANA for the first time!  I can't even believe he is old enough for that!   He asked me what he was going to do at AWANA & I told him he was going to learn Bible verses & then they might have game time.  He said, "They will have an iPad for meeeeee???"  I was like no baby!  Not those kinds of games!!  Then he said, "Well, then I can go fishing & roast marshmallows!?"  Where does he come up with this stuff!  :P  He loved AWANA, but was sad that they didn't learn a Bible Verse last night so I taught him one on the way home!  Funny kid!  I am just glad he wants to LEARN!  Makes a Mama proud!

Here's a video from last night!

He is currently all about me having another baby!  :O  He tells me he will share his toys with it & his blankies etc. etc.  I told him I will have another baby one day, just gotta find a daddy first!  Ha!

He is just so sweet right now & I LOVE this age!  I'm trying to do a better job about writing down the crazy things he says!

We are ready for the weekend & taking care of all the last minute things for his THREE birthday parties the next weekend!--I know I'm CRAZY right!  :P

Happy Thursday y'all!  =)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project 365...Week 34

{August 19}
Punkin' getting a good nights rest for his first day of school at Snuggle Bug!

{August 20}
First day of school pic!

{August 21}
 I tried a new recipe of chicken enchilada zucchini boats...good, but not my fav!  They sure did look good though!

{August 22}
Sweet boy at Mimi's headed to school!  Look at that smirk!  Ha!

{August 23}
 He loves his bath time each night!

{August 24}
 Climbing KeeKee's trees outside!  Love this pic of him!

{August 25}
Just because we live in the city, doesn't mean he can't go outside!  ;)


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Few Ryder Stories

R started waking up last week telling me to get up because it was time to go to Snuggle Bug!  It made me so happy!  I took him to school on Thursday & knew my mom would be picking him up because I had class till later than they are opened, but luckily my teacher said we would always get out early, so that made me happy!

We had a parent meeting Thursday night & Ms. Carol told everybody a story about what Ryder had said that day.  He had told her he needed to go to the bathroom & she said, "Do you want to stand up or sit down?" Ryder replied with, "Sit down...standing up don't work when you have to go poo-p**!"  Haha!  Smart lil kid I tell ya!  :P

He got to go to gymnastics on Friday, like they will every Friday.  This is so nice to me because instead of it taking up a night during the week, he gets to go during the day with all his friends!

I was sad to see that when I got to school on Friday his caterpillar was on red.  :(  I asked what happened, and apparently he had pushed a kid during gymnastics & was taking toys from kids & running away instead of using his words.  It didn't seem to bother him too much, but I want it to get to the point where it does.  I'm not sure how to handle this at home, because sometimes the things he did were hourrrrrrs before & I don't know if he'll understand why I'm discipling him.  Hummm...

He stayed the night at his Dad's on Friday night & they had a big'ole time.  THey went swimming at a friends & R got to ride his motorized four wheeler with Ainsley & her motorized truck!  I bet that was a sight to see!  Saturday they go up & went & had breakfast at the Wagon Wheel & then went to an auction...man stuff!  I was glad to get my lil man back though!  =)

On our way to church this morning, Ryder said, "Mom...I have hair on my legs."  He said it as though he was SOO surprised!  I was like yes baby you do...It was just funny because I think he honestly JUST noticed!  He told me he was going to tell his friends at church that he has hair on his legs.  TOO funny!  Love him!


Project 365...Week 33

{August 12}
Getting a lil bike riding in at Mimi's!

{August 13}
We went over to Mama D's to celebrate Morgan's birthday & the cake from Cross Creek was beYOOOND delicious!  R was getting him some...digging right in with his fingers! 

{August 14}
I am so thankful for such wonderful friends who volunteer to take care of R for me during the day while I went to teacher meetings!  He had a good ole time!  They went to the car dealership, chick & even swimming!  Thank you Amy!!!

{August 15}
We spent some time up at KeeKee's new classroom helping her hang some stuff up & what now.  R learned how to use a pencil sharpener!  

{August 16}
Me & R's days at home together were drawing to an end, so we did a bunch of fun things & got fun treats like Maggie's during the week!  ;)

{August 17}
& of course a lil lunch date at chick!  ;)

{August 18}
  Sweet baby feel asleep with his "quiet time" book....this might be one of my all time favorite pics!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So...just a few memories I want to document of R's first week at school!

Day 2 I got to take him & he just walked right in & started playing with his friends!  I had to go find him to even get a kiss & hug good bye.  I had a productive day at home getting things in order & ready for the "real" school year to start...& not stop!  I start back to class tomorrow & it'll be crazy from now until Christmas break I'm sure!  But it's gonna be a great semester...I can already tell!  =)

I went to get him yesterday & Mimi followed out there so that I could show her around & she would know where to drop him off this morning.  He was happy to see both of us, & luckily his caterpillar was on green so he got to get another sticker & a treat from the candy jar.  We were told that he has pushed two kids that morning & had gotten pushed down to yellow, but apparently redeemed himself & got bumped back up to green!  :P  He went home with Mimi last night & spent the night with them.  I am so thankful for Mimi taking him to school for me on Wednesdays because I'm unable to with my schedule.  

Drop off went great this am with Mimi & I'm so thankful for this!  I was antsy to go get him all day & finally went & got him around 3:30.  He was outside playing with a group of kids, & on our way in he named off everyone we passed.  This made me happy & impressed that he was already learning all the other kids' names!  I can tell he is getting used to the routine & thriving really well from it and the environment as a whole.

One thing I'm not the biggest fan of....Ryder says his "R"s correctly & I guess some kids there don't (which is fiiiine...), but NOW...Ryder is saying things wrong because he has heard them wrong all day!  Like sticke-eul, instead of stick-ER!  Ahhh...& poor thing they all call him "Wy-dul" Oh my word!  So, we are working on this!  It is kinda funny, but not really!  :P

He has been taking great naps at school (from 1-3) which makes me proud.

Nothing too special tonight...just a few things I want to remember!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Our First Day of School!

Today R & I both started new schools!  I started my Internship I & he started at Snuggle Bug!  I couldn't be happier with either one of our situations!  On days I have my Internship, my alarm goes off at 5:00 am & I have to wake R up at 6:15 to get him up & ready & to my parent's so that my dad can take him to school so that I can be on the road by 7!  Yes...it's tiring, but we are working on it!

Sweet boy was in a GREAT mood for 6:30 in the morning!  The day we have been talking about for MONTHS now was FINALLY here!  He was so excited, & I honestly didn't worry an ounce about him & his first day!
I told him to "freeze" & this is what he did!  Ha!

First day of school!!
Poppy & R have a Monday morning Chick-Fil-A date & I am kinda jealous!  Dad said they were the only ones in there this am!
So proud of this sweet boy!!

Just a little fun comparison from last year!  It all goes by SO fast!  I can't even believe!  

I had a GREAT day at Pine Forest.  I love the school, my mentor, & my students!  It made me even more excited and READY to have my own classroom in a few short years!  I am looking forward to this semester so much!

R had a great day at Snuggle Bug as well!  When I got there to pick him up he was in the backyard playing on the jungle gym, rolling a ball down the slide.  He saw me & came running to the gate saying my name!  I went in & met him...his caterpillar was on green all day long so he got to put a sticker on his chart, & get a treat out of the treat jar!  We got his shoes & things rounded up & headed home!  I am seriously SO thankful for such a wonderful place & it's only day one!  As we were leaving, he said, "When can I come back again mom?"

He also told me tonight that Mr. Jerry told them all to sit on a letter & sit like this...{& he tried to sit Indian style}...I had to help him a little bit ;) but I know he'll get it soon!  I can't wait for all the things he is going to learn this year!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Project 365...Week 32

{August 5}
All the kids ended up wrestling with Uncle G on the floor while we were at Nana & Papaw's celebrating July & August birthdays. 

{August 6}
Ryder loves Poppy's head lamps that he uses to hunt.  R has actually adopted his "own" that is just for him to use!  He was playing with it underneath the coffee table one night.  Silly boy!

{August 7}

 I have recently started to let R play on the computer a bit...he seems to do really well for the most part.

{August 8} 

We were doing some last minute shopping at Target to get things for Allie & Josh's wedding!  R found this & tried them on himself!  Ha!

{August 9}
He loves his KeeKee Mama!  ;)

{August 10}

On the road again!  Luckily he slept most of the way to Fay, but I had to get the gummies & DC to help us make it the rest of the way in one piece!  Traveling alone with a toddler is sometimes no bueno! ;)  :P 

{August 11}

What a special special day!  The weather couldn't have been any more perfect & everything was beautiful & perfect!  So happy to share the day with Allie & my little man!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Children's Museum

Last week, we took the day & headed to LR to have some fun with the cousins, or as R calls them, Naynee's "friends"!  Haha!  He doesn't realize they are her KIDS, he just thinks they are her "friends" that are always with her!  Haha!

We went to the Museum of Discovery...it was R's first time & my first in a long, LONG time!  It had a lot of neat stuff, but it still might be a few years before R can really REALLY enjoy it...but he had a blast on the things he could enjoy!  ;)  We're so thankful Naynee had passes for us to use!  ;)

 {On a bed of nails!  So fun!}
 {He was actually really good at this!  It was fun to move the objects around & create your own maze}

 {I didn't love all the reptile-y things but R sure did!}

{R got on top of the cow & started singing "Ole McDonald" to everybody...TOO funny!

Afterwards we grabbed some lunch down at the River Market, hit up the mall for a few things & then came home!  R was out like a light before we even got to the interstate!  Thanks again Naynee & friends for letting us go with y'all!  =)


Trip to the Farm!

A couple of weeks ago, we headed out to Freckle Face Farm to stay with the kiddos (some of them...) while Naynee was out of town.  It was killer hott out, but we still had a good time inside!  We had minimal fights & arguments between children, ate a yummy dinner together & then had fun wondering the farm as the sun was going down!

As you can see, the day wore somebody out!  We had a great time & were happy to "help" Naynee out while she was gone!  Thank for days out on the farm away from this crazy "city-life!" ;)