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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our week...& a video! ;)

We have had a great week!  It started off with Poppy taking R to school Monday morning after their Chick date!  I had a great Monday at Pine Forest with my students!  I honestly don't want to leave there with 12 o'clock rolls around!  I don't get to go back until NEXT Wednesday because we had meetings to go to yesterday & then Labor Day on Monday.

R has been on green all week--SO thankful!  :P

He went to Mimi & Pawpaw's on Tuesday night & had a big'ole time of course!  I was happy to see him yesterday when I went to pick him up!  We went & ate Chick with KeeKee & Poppy for dinner & then it was time for Ryder to go to AWANA for the first time!  I can't even believe he is old enough for that!   He asked me what he was going to do at AWANA & I told him he was going to learn Bible verses & then they might have game time.  He said, "They will have an iPad for meeeeee???"  I was like no baby!  Not those kinds of games!!  Then he said, "Well, then I can go fishing & roast marshmallows!?"  Where does he come up with this stuff!  :P  He loved AWANA, but was sad that they didn't learn a Bible Verse last night so I taught him one on the way home!  Funny kid!  I am just glad he wants to LEARN!  Makes a Mama proud!

Here's a video from last night!

He is currently all about me having another baby!  :O  He tells me he will share his toys with it & his blankies etc. etc.  I told him I will have another baby one day, just gotta find a daddy first!  Ha!

He is just so sweet right now & I LOVE this age!  I'm trying to do a better job about writing down the crazy things he says!

We are ready for the weekend & taking care of all the last minute things for his THREE birthday parties the next weekend!--I know I'm CRAZY right!  :P

Happy Thursday y'all!  =)


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