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Monday, January 26, 2015

hammocking, as a verb

Last weekend was beautifully amazing...especially for January!  I finally got to put one of my Christmas presents to use!  A hammock wasn't really something I "wanted" until I got in one for the first time at my aunt's house...and I was like "I WANT ONE!!"--so Nana and Papaw got me one for Christmas!  Perfect. 

Everyone I know has Enos, but of course I want to be different...and went with Grant Trunk.  They're the EXACT same thing, but cheaper and they have cuter designs and colors! ;)

I let R test it out first...it was a little too low, so we had to raise it up a bit!  
I let him hammock with me for a bit...but that wasn't quite as relaxing as I was hoping it would be!  I had to tell him to QUIT MOVING!!!  I should have gotten him his iPad and things might have gone a little bit better than they did!  =)  But we had fun, none the less!
He even went inside without me asking and got me a pillow and a blanket, when I complained about my neck hurting!  SO sweet and thoughtful!
It was beautiful on Sunday as well...so while R was at his dad's a did some alone hammocking which included some peace and quiet while I tried to finish a book I've been reading since September.  WOMP WOMP.  
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