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Monday, January 19, 2015

post-christmas, christmas break stuff!

Christmas Break was such an enjoyable time I got to spend with my little guy!  I'm thankful for every crazy minute I get to spend with him!
Lovin' his new Duck Dynasty shaving kit!
He saw Uncle G wearing his towel like this...and wanted to copy!  :P
Signing thank you notes!
One has been my love for years, one is my new love.  
This boy is CRAZY about Legos!!
I'm such a mean ole mama...I make him go to the coffee shop, and drink hot chocolate and hang out with KeeKee and Poppy! 
We made a trip to Nana's to help take down her Christmas tree and R got some one-on-one time with cousin Aiden!  
The boys even helped Papaw pile up some firewood!  They loved it!  
Nana gave me these paper-mache Santas and when we got home we realized they were YOGA Santas!!  HAHA! 
Big helpers!

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