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Thursday, January 8, 2015

#katiaday2015 week 1

Day 1:  We had a relaxing, enjoyable New Year's Day spent at home...and then got to enjoy some of KeeKee's apple crumble and ice cream while sitting by the fire!  

 Day 2:  Someone was antsy to get outside and asked, "If I put my coat on, can I go play outside?"  How can I say no to that!  It was super wet out so I made him wear his Muck boots which he LOVED.  He wasn't out there very long before I made him come in from being too wet--I knew he had to have been cold!
 Day 3:  We made a day trip to visit Aunt Dean, and I had to explain to Ryder what a "house phone" was.  I told him it was connected to the wall, and you couldn't just take it where you wanted to.  There was no text messaging on it and no apps.  He then asked me why it didn't have Instagram.
 Day 4:  Ryder loves days at Mimi's where he gets to play with his cousin Caleb!  and they love forts!
 Day 5:  I was so glad to have my little guy back from Mimi's after my first day back to school after break.  I told him I wanted to get him a treat, and he said he wanted Maggie's!  So Maggie's it was!  He gets a chocolate no-bake, and I get a gourmet chocolate chip!  and we love us some Orange Crush!  Life is worth celebrating!  
Day 6:  I've missed him during the day since we have both gone back to school.  Then, when I get him home he just about wears me out because he is so FULL of energy, and I am counting down the minutes until bed time!  But as soon as he is asleep, I "miss" him and wish he was awake!  
Day 7:  Can we talk about the fact that is was 18 degrees yesterday?  YIKES!  A blanket scarf was a must while I had car duty after school!
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