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Friday, February 27, 2009


Of course I forgot a few things...
Baby O is a/b the size of a lemon (or your clinched fist) & is finger sucking, toe wiggling, and growing some hair for warmth! It is also producing urine & breathing in amniotic fluid.

I also forgot to mention...WHO HAS TONSALITIS FOR THE THIRD TIME IN SIX MONTHS? Yes, that would be me! I went to the Dr on Thursday & he has gotten me some good pills that have helped alot!

That's all for now...hope I didn't forget anything else!

I apologize..

Every week I have great intentions of my blog for that week...but as you can tell, it hardly ever gets done. I am so sorry....not only to ya'll but myself.

This week was BUSY BUSY!


MONDAY-G has his first baseball game & varsity played first so we got out there bout 430 and if you don't remember it was FREEEEEEZING! Well...G's game started a/r....uhh let's see--830. YEAH!! I only stayed to watch him bat once, b/c I was WAY past freezing. He ended up hitting a double, and scoring the game-winning point!!

TUESDAY-I was supposed to go to bible study with my mom...but my throat was KILLING me, so I slept through it.

WEDNESDAY-Jake & I had dinner at probably my FAVORITE place...Los Amigos!! Then we went to New Life for some couple/pre-martial counseling. It went SO SO SO well...Jake & I both wanted to go back the NEXT day!!! He knew so much about us & our relationship already it was kinda scary...but I guess that's just how every couple it. He made me want to go buy the 5 love languages...and I got it tonight at CBO!!! Like I need ONE more book to read right now!

THURSDAY-Went to talk with a pregnancy counselor lady in Little Rock which also went VERY VERY well. It's someone who doesn't know my past, or anything really going on, that ISN'T emotionally involved. I'm not exactly how she is going to help me, but we'll see how the future meetings go! When I got home, I got some chick, and went & ate it at the firehouse with Jake, and watched KRIS ALLEN MAKE IT TO THE TOP TWELVE ON AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!! I had never ever watched the show until last night, so that was exciting! It's cool to see signs around town, and cars all chalked up rootin for him! I wanted to take some pictures, but my camera wasn't in the car.

FRIDAY-VERY VERY slow day at work, but I guess I got alot done. My parents left for Branson this afternoon. Jake & I did a lil shopping, Old Navy, CBO, Staples, & Target. Come to find out I had a Target card with over 50 dollars on it I found in my car today, that I ALMOST threw away!!! So everything I got at Target I guess you could say I pretty much got for free! Ha! We grabbed some Quizno's on our way home...watched a few SuperNanny episodes, and we were both pretty much asleep before we realized it! Jake headed home, and I hit the shower so I could get in bed at a decent hour!

TOMORROW-ARKADELPHIA bound!!! For the Miss OBU pageant! I'm so ready to see everybody!!!! Details & pictures later of course!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Weekend!!

Friday morning (mom's birthday) we found out she had the flu. Luckily I had gotten my flu shot, but dad & g hadn't, so we had to get them some prevention medicine. Tonya, Uncle Sam & Aunt Kathy were coming in to stay with us, and they still made it, but didn't stay with us to stay away from the virus! We still had "birthday dinner" without the birthday girl at Mike's. I swear I ate probably 5 rolls at the table, they are just SO good! & I took home a whole box full and ate them this weekend!

Saturday Morgan and I got our hair cut & had lunch together! I was glad she was in town for the weekend!! I took a nap, and then got ready for Jake's birthday celebration! Us, and about 14 other people went to Razorback Pizza in Maumelle & then Millinium Bowl, and just had SO SO much fun! I have been trying to do good by drinking water, but sometimes it just gets old, and I want to spice it up a lil. Tonya taught me on Friday night the whole lemon & sweet'n low thing! OH-- & NOW I'M OBSESSED!! My boyfriend thinks it's just something new to be high maintenance about...but oh well!

Jake & I @ Razorback Pizza! YUMMMMMMY!!!

Jennifer & I @ the bowling ally! My hair doesn't look so good in this pic, but she's the one that cuts it for me! LOVE her!

Jake & I bowling...I beat all the girls & he beat all the guys!

Jake & I went to church this morning, then I went & kept the nursery. I had lunch at Mama D's with Morgan & Josh before they left to go back to Fay. We had super good chicken-cordon bleu. Then I came home, finished watching Private Practice from this week, and took a nap till dinner. Family birthday for Jake & his dad & Michaelanglo's & six. We had alot of fun, and & I have had a BUSY BUSY weekend!!

Jake & I at the family birthday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

13 weeks!

This WAS me @ week 12. I felt ever so big that day, and I look at week 13, and think, "Oh, maybe I wasn't as big as I thought, or FELT!"
Today marks week 13. The last week in the First Trimester, which means morning sickness should pretty much be DUN-ZO after this!!

When I found out something as big as a PEACH was growing inside of me, it kinda made me step back & think WOW! Something really is GROWING in there...and it REALLY is getting bigger & bigger! I'm excited, but to think something really is GROWING 24 hours a day inside there!!!
Well, I only feel & look big on certain days of the week, so that is when I take my picture to get the most out of it.

Work went well today. Mom brought me lunch since she was off for President's Day. By the time I ate & she left...it was almost four!!

Oh the BACHELOR tonight!!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!! Me & mom SCREAMED when he let Jillian go! I could not believe it. I already had in my mind that she was going to be the one, and Melissa was going to be the runner up & be the next Bachelorette!!! And now that it's Melissa, and Molly...he BETTER pick Melissa, or I'm boycotting the show..FOREVER!

Well...I didn't plan on staying up this late, but new friends w/ new pictures on facebook will do that to you!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

One Week...I KNOW!

I never actually thought I would go almost a WHOLE week without blogging!!  I tried to do better on my Quiet Time this week, and when I did that...by the time I got a/r to blogging, I was just TOO tired!!  I guess you can't complain a/b that though huh?

This week was a good one thought.  Tuesday night I went to Jake's parents house for Granny Jones' birthday.  It was so great to see everybody & of course sweet little Hannah Grace.  We both had a really good time!

Wednesday night I made dinner for the family.  I browned some hamburger meat, chopped up some onions, tomatoes, and broke up some lettuce, and we had taco salad.  I chose to have little soft tacos though.  We had JUST enough left over for me to take to work for lunch on Thursday.

Since Jake had to work tonight, we celebrated Valentine's Day last night.  We went out to eat with his parents at Doe's Eat Place here in town.  It was my second time to go, and this experience was a whole lot better than the first! 

Oh yeah!  A little drama I forgot a/b!  So yesterday when I got off work, I called Jake like normal...and he just wasn't talking very much, being real boring.  Then he said..."Did you get anything @ work today?"  & I said, "Oh yeah!  My paycheck?!?"  He responded with, "No...you didn't get anything else at work today?"  And then it finally hit me where he was getting.  Sweet baby Jake had ordered me an Edible Arrangement on MONDAY to be delivered to the office on Friday.  Come to find out...the guy told Jake, "They were just so swamped that day...and they just never got a/r to it."  Well, I don't think I have to say, but Jake was NOT a happy camper, and STILL isn't!  Ha...he is going to talk to the guy (who is the OWNER!) Monday morning!  That was just so sweet of Jake to do that for me, and so thoughtful, and he did it on MONDAY, that makes it even SWEETER!!  He didn't even wait till the last minute!  So...I guess I'll have a pretty Editable Arrangement sometime next week!  HA!  

After dinner last night, Jake & I were going to make chocolate covered strawberries, (since I didn't get any!) but Kroger was COMPLETELY out of strawberries, and almond bark.  We opted for bananas instead, but that just turned out to be a disaster!  We watched Fireproof, and it was SO SO good!  And I'm glad we got to watch it TOGETHER!

Today I got up & made some vanilla funfetti Valentine cupcakes for Jake.  His favorite is strawberry, and that is what I thought I had bought, but oh well...it's the thought that counts!  I took two plates to the firehouse for him and the other guys.

Aunt Kathy & I went out to dinner tonight @ Brick Oven.  We had a good talk!  She got me some chocolate covered strawberries today too!  We came home and ate a few of those, and now we're watching CSI!  


Monday, February 9, 2009

12 weeks (3 months) TODAY!

Sweet lil baby inside me is now weighing about 1/2 an ounce, and 2 1/2 inches long, a/b the size of a fresh plum! It's digestive system is starting to work on its own so that it will be able to eat, and it's bone marrow is producing white blood cells so it will be able to fight away BAD GERMS!!

Here's a lil comparison for ya! Too bad I don't have any pics of my belly, but today...seriously, at work & dinner, I felt the POOCH. I wish it would hurry up & look like the PREGNANT pooch & not just a lil EXTRA BELLY!!!

Tonight was a girl's night for Naynee, Karleigh, my mom & I. Naynee had to do some shoppping @ Belk & mom & I joined her after we got off work. I bought one just plan red tee (but cute) that I did go ahead & buy in Large, cause I wanted to be able & wear it most of the summer. I think I'm gonna go back & try & get a few more colors, they were just too cheap, and too perfect just for me to have to wear this summer! & they were OH SO SOFT!! We had dinner @ Ruby Tuesday's. I just got the Garden Bar, and I learned things you remember being SOOO great, aren't always as good as you remember the second time around! It was alright though, I LOVE the marinated cold green beans!

Mom & I watched the Bachelor when we got home! AHHHH!! I am getting so nervous for the girls, and for Jason! If I could pick for Jason, I would pick......MELISSA!

The fact that he didn't get to meet her parents tonight kinda worries me. Yes, she is VERY young, but she has the SWEETEST heart, and deserves a good man like Jason! It's time for her to get it right when the man in her life!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Weekend...

After work on Friday, Jake & I went & saw a movie (Ryder/Addison/Blakleigh's first!!).  I happened to fall asleep in the middle of it, which is no surprise.  I tried to clean my room the rest of the night, and made a LITTLE bit of progress, but not much.

Saturday was a lazy day.  Kelly, Abbey & I had Fuji for dinner, and it was SO crowded, and we saw SO many people we knew!  We had a great time though!  Can't go wrong w/ Fuji!  I actually ate my leftovers for dinner tonight!  After Fuji went went & played a lil Catch Phrase with Casey, Clay & Mr. Jamie.  Umm...and the girls-->DOMINATED!  It was fun though, my blonde roots come out in that game!

I worked in the nursery this morning, had a few more kids than I did last week, but it went fine.  Some of those poor kids I can't understand a WORD they are saying!   They all have their own lil language!  But it's fun!

Jake said my car needed to be washed/waxed...so I went & dropped it off @ the firehouse, and got his for the afternoon.  The fam tried the new mexican restaurant across from the High School today for lunch.  It wasn't my favorite, but mom and G like it cause they have shrimp nachos and seafood nachos.  Nothing can compare to Los Amigos for me though!  

After a nice long afternoon nap, I took Jake back his truck, and some Taco Bell!  Dad & I have been watched the Grammy's every since I got home!  The performances weren't any where near GREAT, like I thought they would be.  Oh well...& FYI--Katy Perry CANNOT dance, seriously.  It was BAD BAD!  She would kinda try, and that was worse than not dancing @ all!  She should leave it to her back up girls!  Ha!

Second full week of work tomorrow!  YIPPEE!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

GOOD day!

Today @ work...Clay & I both got our own DESKS & COMPUTERS!!!  Not to mention e mail accounts!  =)  How EXCITING!!  For those of you who don't know...Clay lives with the Coopers across the street & works for Mr. Jamie when he's not in class.  We actually sit RIGHT next to each other!  Now I can finally sit @ my OWN desk, and not have to steal Ms. Teri's computer, while keeping her away from the work she needs to be doing!  It might be a LITTLE too soon to take in a few picture frames etc. but maybe I can do that after this weekend!  ;)

Casey & Clay came over for dinner tonight.  It was a "Thank You" dinner for helping us move Papa John out of his nursing home/apartment since he is in rehab now, and won't be going back to that place.  They had to help us, cause Dad is still unable to lift heavy things.  We had DELICIOUS chicken shish kebabs, green beans, garlic bread, baked potatoes & brownies & ice cream for dessert!  

After dinner I headed over to the Cooper's w/ Casey & Clay to play a few games of Wii.  Let's just say, you can tell I don't play every night like those boys do!  I told them I would play Wii, only if they would play a few games of Catch Phrase with me.  They agreed.  Hannah was there, so we were on a team, and the boys were on a team.  It took them a while to get the hang of things, but then it turned out to be ALOT of fun!  We played best out of three, and I had to say it, but the boys beat us in the last few minutes.

I kinda got to start thinking today that I need to quit telling myself that I can eat whatever I want b/c I'm pregnant.  That should NOT be the case!  Ha...even when I kinda suck in now...I still have a lil BULDGE there.  HA!  Oh lil Ryder...or Addison, or Blakleigh is my new favorite for a sweet lil girl.  

I never thought I would be having emergency bathroom trips THIS early.  But I am!  Even if it's just a lil drizzle...it feels like I have been holding it for an hour, just ALL of a sudden!  & then...it's gone!  Good thing we have two bathrooms @ the office!  

I am so ready for warmer weather.  Everyone knows I hate the cold weather.  But I am kinda worried a/b my skin color.  Now is the time when you are white, and hit the tanning bed, JUST a lil bit to jump start your summer tan.  Yeah...not me.  Too bad.  & how am I going to get some good sun time in working nine to four?  WHO KNOWS?  I will resort to spray tan if I have to.  That leaves me with Saturdays & Sunday to HIT THE POOL!!

Terrible me...I have not watched Private Practice from last week, OR tonights.  Haven't watched Lost from last week, or THIS week.  And America's Best Dance Crew also came on tonight that I need to watch.  & it's THURSDAY and I still haven't watched The Bachelor from MOnDAY!!  I guess this is what happens when you work all day, and just want to come home & CRASH!  I must....must MUST catch up on my shows this weekend before next week!

It's late, and the eyelids are starting to hurt.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What was I thinking...I wasn't!

I keep changing from pink to blue b/c we don't know if it's a boy of girl yet!

But I just got out of the shower, and while I was in there, I was like..."Oh my gosh, I just updated my blog, and didn't even put ANY information a/b my Dr.'s visit!" Wasn't that like kinda the whole point? HA!

...& on that note...WARNING!! I don't plan on holding ANYTHING back on here. I'm gonna tell it like it is..so I guess, be prepared!

After being called back by the nurse, I had to pee in a cup, but there were strict instructions...it was called "mid-stream" for a reason. After "cleaning" myself with three lil toweletts they provided for me, I had to start by peeing in the toilet, catching some of it in the cup, and then finishing in the toilet. Kinda weird, I know.

After that, I was taken to a lil nurses station/nook as I like to call it. She asked me a few more questions, and was so so sweet. She took my weight and height, & from my weight over the last few years, I still haven't really gained anything. Even though last night for the first time, I actually felt like I had a little something to grab on my stomach area, not much...but somethings there alright. She said I was 11 weeks and 1 day, and from the looks of things now, my due date is Aug. 30th. She took me back into the exam room & showed me how to put the gown on & put the lil paper/towel thing over the bottom of me. She said, "everything off," so I took EVERYTHING off! HA!

Dr. Singleton came in there very quickly, and I started to like him from the beginning! He just asked me a few questions and we went over a few things. I'll be going in every 4 weeks till thirty weeks, and then I'll go in every 2 weeks until 36 weeks I do believe, and then I'll be going in every week! He slapped some gel on the lil ultrasound stick (not w/ a monitor, just a lil speaker) & rolled it a/r on my lower belly...and on the far/middle left I got to hear the HEARTBEAT! He just smiled @ me, and of course I smiled back! He said, "Yup...there's definitely something in there!" Ha! Then he rolled a/r some more to check and make sure there weren't two in there. I didn't know what I was going to do if I heard another heartbeat in a different spot! AHHHHHHH!!!!! After that the fun began. His nurse came in, and I got the whole yearly-exam thing. Breast and all. He said everything looked good and he was impressed. He then checked the size of my uterus to see if I could deliver 10 lb. babies, and he said it was a good size as well.

After that I went to the Lab to have to blood work done, and I told them I needed to lay down for that, cause I get a lil queazy, and I'm sure it will be even worse now! The lady was so sweet, and just loved my veins...they both looked good to her, she couldn't decide which one was better! I won't have to have any more blood taken till a/b 24 weeks I think, to check for gestational-diabetes.

I guess that wraps everything up! I'm am scheduled for my next appt. on Tuesday March 3rd! So...we'll see how big I get before then!

I'm really sorry I don't have any cool pics. I honestly don't think about it until I get on here to update.

First Dr.'s Appt.

I worked today till about 12:45 & then went to meet my mom here in town so we could drive to Little Rock together for my appointment @ 2.

Last night wasn't a good night health wise, which is why I didn't update. Jake came over & we watched the Mentalist, which his mom had been telling us was SO good, and that we needed to watch it. I have to say it was very good. It's like a CSI, but with a guy who can read minds, kinda freaky I know...but that helps them solve their crimes. After Jake left I laid down on the couchfor two reasons, one I was waiting on G to get out of the shower...and let the warm water fill back up, & two...cause I was not feeling exactly normal, or good. Well, I feel asleep, & I don't really know for how long. I finally woke up, feeling super exhausted...and finally took a shower, quickly dried my hair & went to bed.

This morning getting ready was fine, while going through the faxes at work I began to feel very hot, with that cold sweat feeling & kinda queazy all of a sudden. I quit in the middle of doing that so I could go sit down & work on some computer stuff. After a while I had to go to the bathroom to take my long sleeve under shirt off cause I was getting so hot. I started to fill better, but not COMPLETELY better. All of a sudden...WAHHM!! I knew I had to throw up, I went straight to the bathroom, pulled back my hair, and just got ready. Usually when I have thrown up, it's because I haven't had enough in my stomach when I take my prenatal vitamins, but I hadn't even taken them this morning! Well...that whole dad gum good, sweet, juicy apple I ate, trying to be healthy....saw it all again. After that...I felt FINE! Washed my hands, and just got back to work!

We had our first "meeting" at work today, since I have been there. That was interesting. We just went over some house keeping things that needed to be taken care of.

Mom got me the book "What to Expect when your Expecting" tonight. I probably try and read a little bit of that every night. But I have to admit, working all day is NOT the same thing as going to school all day. I guess I have always thought I put just as much into my busy day as my parents did, but working ALL day is NOT an easy thing, and I don't know how some woman get EVERYTHING done, for themselves, their kids, and their husbands.

Dad talked to me a little bit tonight about how we are going to get through all this, but we can't do it alone, even as much as we might want to. We can only do it with the Lord's help, and we have to call out to and ask for his help, and his guidance in all the decision making that is going to take place. Just like my dad's cancer, God got us through it, and we couldn't have done that without Him. We can only grow to love him more through experience, and my dad's goal for us as a family through all this is not to grow as better people, but as better CHRISTIANS.

Monday, February 2, 2009

First Full Day on the JOB!

I spend WAY too much time creeping on other people's blogs, other than updating mine.  Oh well...I want to make mine cool like so many I've seen, I just haven't had the time to sit down and figure it all out, and just DO it!  

Got up this morning, did my Quiet Time, ate a bowl of cereal, and got ready for WORK!!  I got there a little early, advice from not only my dad, but Jake as well!  "Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable."  Good ole quote from Coach Mac!

The day FLEW by!  I learned how to do the fax machine once all the things come in in the morning, which is probably going to be the MOST confusing!  After doing a little work in the file room, I pretty much sat at the computer ALL day, entering in new patients, & that was PERFECTLY fine w/ me.  I feel like in front of the computer is kinda my comfort zone.  Soon I should have my own desk & computer...well I already have a desk, it's just missing a computer w/ all our programs on it.  So, I'm excited!  I won't have to steal Ms. Teri's from her all day any more!  

I learned that there probably ISN'T enough time to drive home, make a sandwich, eat it, and drive back to work in Conway/UCA traffic in 30 minutes.  So since I hadn't brought my lunch with me, I just ran to Arby's real fast.  I have always LOVED their chicken tenders, and they have waffle fries now!  Who knew?  I told the lady I needed ALOT of ketchup & she said, "How much,"  & I said, "bout a hand full and a half," thinking that would be enough for my tenders and fries.  Is 5 ketchup packages a hand full and a half?  I DON'T THINK SO!  So I ran out of ketchup a/b halfway through & just had to deal w/ it.

The second half of the day just flew by as well.  Before I knew it, it was 4, and time to go home!  But I was a tired lil puppy, but I think the more I do it the less tiring it will be...except for this whole baby inside me thing!

I did get a little sick this morning, while standing up learning how to do a few things on the computer.  I just got real hot all of a sudden, and needed some water, and to sit down.  But other than that, today was a good day!  I just HATE the feeling of being sick, and not knowing what's going to happen, or what to do.

I wore my first maternity shirt today!  Even though I don't need to.  (No one would know it's maternity) it's just a real cute long sleeve top Dell & Whit got this weekend!  I'm so thankful for friends like them!

I plan to do my Quiet Time in the morning, eat some breakfast, & pack my lunch...along with getting ready all before work!  Hope all goes as planned!

I want to try & do better with having pictures & everything on here.  I will work on that...

Terrible blogger...

I guess I'm just a terrible blogger...so far, @ least that's what I hope!

Since last time, I have gotten a job here in town @ LifeCare Medical doing some office work.  I will be able to give you more details tomorrow after my first FULL day!  =)  I'm excited!  I went in on Friday just for a lil look around and ended up working half a day & really enjoyed it!

Anna & Whitney made the drive home after sticking it out in the ice in NWA all week.  Dell, Whit & Abbz (SATBs minus Kelly) all had a fun lunch together @ Stoby's on Friday.  It was nice to all be together again just to talk & catch up on things!

I went to Malvern last night w/ Ms Donna, Bon, and Morgan Cummins to watch Kristen compete in Miss Diamond Lakes.  It was a great trip, and I was more than thrilled to see everyone!  =)

I took my prenatal vitamins after getting home last night cause I had forgotten to take them the last few days, and for the second time this week, I "thought" I had food in my stomach, and I didn't...so just a few minutes after taking them, I quickly threw them back up, along w/ the Chick-Fil-A nuggets I had for dinner.  Maybe TMI...oh well!  :P

Jake & I went to New Life this morning together, which to be honest, I was sick the whole service so I couldn't tell you what it was about.  After that, I went to Antioch to work in the 2 year old nursery class for the first time, which is what I'm going to be doing for a while during 2nd service over there.  I had 6 sweet lil 2 year olds, 5 girls & only 1 lil boy!  No big crying "I miss mommy" fits or anything, I was pretty happy with how everything turned out!

I went & had lunch w/ Jake & his parents @ Market Place.  I got my usual chicken breast with mashed potatoes & green beans!  YUMMM!  I was surprised to have actually eaten pretty much most of it, maybe a lil slower than usual but it was good!

Abbey came over tonight during the Super Bowl and we made Puppy Chow & chocolate dipped strawberries!  We had a really good time, and I hope to see more of her around if she doesn't stay too busy with pledging stuff!!

I went & saw Ms Doreen tonight.  We had a really good/long talk.  That place is so comforting to me, and I feel like it's a home away from home for me when I just need to get away for a little bit.  I'm so thankful for her and Coach Mac and the wonderful friendship, closeness and bond I have created with them over the years.  I am truly BLESSED.

Well, I am up way to late, especially for tomorrow being my FIRST FULL DAY @ WORK!!!   AHHH!! I hope & PLAN to update tomorrow!