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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Dr.'s Appt.

I worked today till about 12:45 & then went to meet my mom here in town so we could drive to Little Rock together for my appointment @ 2.

Last night wasn't a good night health wise, which is why I didn't update. Jake came over & we watched the Mentalist, which his mom had been telling us was SO good, and that we needed to watch it. I have to say it was very good. It's like a CSI, but with a guy who can read minds, kinda freaky I know...but that helps them solve their crimes. After Jake left I laid down on the couchfor two reasons, one I was waiting on G to get out of the shower...and let the warm water fill back up, & two...cause I was not feeling exactly normal, or good. Well, I feel asleep, & I don't really know for how long. I finally woke up, feeling super exhausted...and finally took a shower, quickly dried my hair & went to bed.

This morning getting ready was fine, while going through the faxes at work I began to feel very hot, with that cold sweat feeling & kinda queazy all of a sudden. I quit in the middle of doing that so I could go sit down & work on some computer stuff. After a while I had to go to the bathroom to take my long sleeve under shirt off cause I was getting so hot. I started to fill better, but not COMPLETELY better. All of a sudden...WAHHM!! I knew I had to throw up, I went straight to the bathroom, pulled back my hair, and just got ready. Usually when I have thrown up, it's because I haven't had enough in my stomach when I take my prenatal vitamins, but I hadn't even taken them this morning! Well...that whole dad gum good, sweet, juicy apple I ate, trying to be healthy....saw it all again. After that...I felt FINE! Washed my hands, and just got back to work!

We had our first "meeting" at work today, since I have been there. That was interesting. We just went over some house keeping things that needed to be taken care of.

Mom got me the book "What to Expect when your Expecting" tonight. I probably try and read a little bit of that every night. But I have to admit, working all day is NOT the same thing as going to school all day. I guess I have always thought I put just as much into my busy day as my parents did, but working ALL day is NOT an easy thing, and I don't know how some woman get EVERYTHING done, for themselves, their kids, and their husbands.

Dad talked to me a little bit tonight about how we are going to get through all this, but we can't do it alone, even as much as we might want to. We can only do it with the Lord's help, and we have to call out to and ask for his help, and his guidance in all the decision making that is going to take place. Just like my dad's cancer, God got us through it, and we couldn't have done that without Him. We can only grow to love him more through experience, and my dad's goal for us as a family through all this is not to grow as better people, but as better CHRISTIANS.

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