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Thursday, March 31, 2011

All about me...from A to Z!

I copied this idea from Katie at Cleared For Takeoff as well as Mama Laughlin at The Laughlins, two of my very favorite blogs who are in the same stage in life as me!

A little bit about me for a change! Feel free to steal & post on your blog...but leave me a comment so I can come read yours!

A. Age: 21

B. Bed: Happy to have a King, & I will probably never downsize again!

C. Chore you dislike: I don't really mind them. I always feel good about doing them afterwards because of the results. I empty/load the dishwasher all day every day & that keeps it not from being SUCH a bad chore all at once! Laundry is never ending as well...I try to vacuum & mop at least once a week, & dust & clean the bathrooms once every two weeks. It's what works for us!

D. Dogs: My favorite dog was a golden retriever my parents had before I was born named Rami. She died when I was 14 or so. My parents now have two more goldens, Baylor & Charli & a pembroke welsh corgi named Trixi!

E. Essential start to each day: Snuggles & kisses with my sweet boy & catching up on Twitter!

F. Favorite color: right now I'm loving me some purple! But I like turquoise! =)

G. Gold or silver: I wear both! I'm not against gold like some people are, you just have to know when to wear it & when to not! I see silver as more blingy & gold as more FLASHY!

H. Height: 5'7"? idk.

I. Instrument you play(ed): nothing. sadly. ever. never took one lesson for an instrument. ha!

J. Job title: Mommy, student, house keeper, chef, chauffeur, etc. etc.

K. Kids: Ryder, 19 months on the 9th

L. Live for ______: Right now, Ryder.

M. Most embarrassing moment: There are probably a lot because I have a lot of "blonde" moments, but the first one that comes to mind is when I feel down ALL the steps of the school bus while getting off the shuttle bus from West campus, while EVERY.SINGLE.FOOTBALL.PLAYER was lined up outside waiting to get on the bus. Yeah...good thing I could laugh at myself.

Or...how about today, while at Wal-Mart, Ryder said "baby?!" while we were right in front of an older lady who was NOT pregnant but one might think she could have been (if you know what I'm saying) over & OVER & OVER again. "Baby! Baby! Baby!" I don't know where he learned this, because I haven't taught him that "babies are in bellies", but I just smiled & said, "There aren't any babies on this aisle Punkin'!"

N. Nickname: Katy Did, KT, Kati B., Diddlet

O. Overnight hospital stays: Only one night when I had Ryder

P. Pet Peeves: When people don't get in the turning lane when their turning, OR use their blinker! AKA stupid drivers! When people smack their food when eating...uhh close your mouth!!

Q. Quote from a movie: Anything from Italian Job or The Notebook!

S. Siblings: 1 brother, Garrett, almost 18

T. Time you wake up: 7 when I have to go to class, & other days, whenever Ryder gets up...between 8 & 9

U. University attended: OBU & now UCA!

V. Vegetables: I LOVE GREEN BEANS!! I could seriously eat them straight out of the can! But of course their better with some butter & brown sugar!

W. What makes you run late: Don't mean to brag....but I rarely, RARELY run late. I get that from my dad. Coach Mac used to always say, "Early is on time, on time is late & late is unacceptable." so...honesly I'm usually early if not on time. You'll only find me being late if my alarm DIDN'T go off, or I was in a car wreck etc.

X. X-rays you've had: Once in kindergarden when I hurt my wrist.

Y. Yummy food you make: I'm most proud of my enchilada lasagna! But, I'd like to think I don't make anything that's NOT yummy! :P

Z. Zoo animal favorites: I have always loved platypus (plural?) Giraffes are fun too!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Many Faces of my Lil' Man!

Last night I threw him up in his "get happy" chair after we got in from dinner with KeeKee & Pop's for a lil photo shoot!  He was such a lil happy booger, I just kept clicking!  :P  I love him so much, & especially that sweet smile!

 {going in for a kiss to Mama!}

{I love this.  He is at such a sweet stage right now!  Always giving me kisses, even without asking!  Not just on my lips but anywhere he can kiss me!  =)}


Monday, March 28, 2011


Mama got to get out last week...WAHOO!  After a day of painting my kitchen it was MUCH needed!
{only pic from the night!}


Build-A-Bear {or monkey!}

When I graduated from HS, my group of girlfriends {the SATBs} went to Build A Bear to all make different animals & record sayings to eat other to put in our animals arms.  I got a monkey, named Tang, & it is one of things that I own that I loved most & that means so much to me.  I have slept with him every night since, & you can tell by looking at him & smelling him (I can't wash him b/c of the recorder inside). This was something special to all of us because we were splitting up & going to different Universities.

Ever since Ryder was old enough to hold Tang & love on Tang, he thinks he is HIS & he's NOT!  I have of course given it to my child, even thought I want Tang for myself!  So, I knew it was time to take Ryder to Build A Bear to build him his own Tang!
& that is just what Jake & I did on Sunday!  But not before stopping at Auntie Anne's pretzel shop first! Punkin' had his first taste of heaven...a cinnamon & sugar pretzel!  He ate the whole thing & was begging for more!
We had picked out some other animals, but just to make sure they were what Ryder wanted I gave him a monkey & a bear, & he grabbed the monkey & wouldn't let us take it away after!  So we had our answer...clear as day!  He wanted a "Tang" just like Mama!
He even got mad when the lady took "Tang" away to stuff him, so we had to go get him another to distract him!  As you'll see, these are the only pictures I got, because Punkin' was tired & cranky & just.wanted.his.Tang! & I was doing all I could to type up the birth certificate, pay & get outta there! 

We named him Tang II, he looks a little different than mine, & definitely newer!  Ryder loves him & I hope he soon wants "his" Tang rather than mine!  :P

Play World!

I babysat Madalyn one day during Spring Break & we went & ate at Chick for lunch!  It was a mad house there!  I was gonna let Punkin' play in the playplace for a while, but there were so many kids, he literally just stood there when we walked in!  Ha...so I decided we'd go to Play World instead!  Dad had taken Punkin' before & he had a BLAST, but I wanted to take him myself to see how much he loved it! 
He absolutely loved it, just as much as I thought he would!  He never stopped the whole time we were there!  

Funny story:  This little girl was 16 months old, but little little compared to Ryder.  I was afraid HE was going to hug her & smother HER, but the opposite happened!  Haha!  When she grabbed him he hugged her back & neither one of them would let go from there!  We had to pull them apart!  Ha!  TOO cute!  But make me afraid of what the future might hold when it comes to girls!  :P

Look at that face!  He loved riding this as well!  Ha!
Ryder & Madalyn!  He just loves her & always cries when she has to go home! :(

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

our days..

We haven't done much over Spring Break, & don't really plan on it either.  We spend most of our days playing outside!  I let Punkin' run around without a shirt on the other night...he loved it!  Such a little boy!   

He taught this too himself, I was pretty impressed though!
We did venture out to Lowe's with KeeKee to get some paint to paint the kitchen, den & hallway.  He was a sweet boy the whole time & we even let him down outside while we were looking at plants.

Punkin' laid down for a nap real late yesterday, & so he wouldn't stay up till midnight I had to wake him up.  He never STAYS awake when I walk in his door to get him up, but he did yesterday!  He was so sweet all curled up with his pooh like this!  I snapped a few pictures real fast...

...& then he woke up & caught me!  :P

Here's a few from today.  Nana & Papaw were over at KeeKee's & we went to see them for a little bit.  We had some left over hamburgers & guacamole that we made last night for lunch.  Morgan & MacKenzie came over & spent some time with us.  We played outside & even made a trip to Sonic of course!

He's such a happy & sweet boy...especially when we're outside!  We're enjoying our days together of doing completely NOTHING!

Some HS friends are coming over tonight after Punkin' goes to bed, & I can't wait to catch up with everybody!  We always have such a good time reliving all the crazy things we did in HS!  We often say, "What were we THINKING?" "We were SO dumb, why did we do that?!" "We were so young, we thought we knew everything, but we really didn't!"  Good times!  =)

Hope y'all are all enjoying your Spring Break! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

...few things from our weekend!

We had a pretty low key weekend.  KeeKee & Pops were out of town, so we just played outside SO MUCH & got worked down inside when we could!  Punkin' has been been a little on the sick side.  Just a nasty cough that intensifies when he's laying down trying to sleep, & a runny nose.  I would give him benadryl, but it actually has reserve affects on him than most kids!  He gets super-duper hyper & will stay up WAY later than he needs to!  But we're just letting it run its course...
This is what a single-mama's freezer looks like!  I have learned that this is the simplest & easiest thing for me at this time in my life.  I love to cook, but I was just cooking for me all the time & wasting a lot of food, & ended up having to eat those leftovers for like a week!  So...this is my solution!  There really are so many yummy choices out there...& they aren't too high in calories either!  &...EASY!  
I tried a new color underneath my black shatter nail polish.  This time I went with gold & I think I like it!  I wish they would come out with some different colored shatter polish, rather than black! I heard a silver is out, or coming out soon though... My dad HATES my nails black...ha!  I guess he thinks I'm goth or something!  :P

While Punkin' played in the backyard, I propped my feet up at the table & caught up on some Hollywood gossip.  This really was a good article about Emily & Brad.  I think they will make it because Brad's not going to let her go, but it's definitely not going to be easy & they have a long road ahead of them!

Of course sweet little Punkin' gets his SUPER CLEAN/NEW shoes muddy outside!  I am just going to have to get used to this, having a little boy & all!  I need to learn to put him in clothes & shoes I don't care about getting muddy when he goes out back to play!  Ahh...but it's hard!

I love this haircut!  I am thinking getting mine cut like this...but I have never had bangs!  AHH!  I want to grow my hair out, but the style/cut I have right now is NOT working for the length it is at right now! What do ya'll think!?

& here's my Bieber collection!  #love!

All a/b Celebs! :P

Last week I was lucky enough to get to go & hear Nicholas Sparks speak!  He is my ALL TIME favorite author, & whenever a book comes out, I HAVE to have it.  Like RIGHT then.  Even if I don't have time to read it right then!  I usually get the newest one from Santa every Christmas...

He has an amazing story & believe it or not, most of his books are based on & about his own family members!  He has not lived an easy live by any means, but has seem to over come so many obstacles through out his life.  He went to Notre Dame to run track & still holds a record there to this day!  He runs three miles as day, as well as lifting weight.

His first book, The Notebook, was written when he was 28 years old.  The story is about his mother's grandparents.  They were very close to her & almost like another set of parents.  The day before him & his wife's wedding, the grandparents told them they weren't going to be able to make it to the wedding (which was only 20 minutes away) because they were too "ill".  The next day Nicholas & his new wife went to their house to watch the tape of their wedding from the day before.  They even put on their tux & wedding dress, as well as bringing the leftover flowers for the grandparents from the day before.  Such a sweet story...not long after the grandma died of Alzheimer's & the grandpa died shortly there after.    I may not have gotten the story exactly right...but that is how The Notebook came about!

I was so happy that Allie got to come down for the night & hear him speak with me!  We got in line to meet him/get our books signed at NINE o'clock & didn't get out of there until ELEVEN!  The line just kept going on & on & on!!  It was worth it though!  He is a very inspiring man & I have yet to read all his books (a little think called school & Ryder kinda get in the way!  :P)...but I will one day!  The Lucky One finished filming last year & should be out hopefully some time this year, or early next!  Safe Haven will begin production later this year, & he is still working on Best of Me that will hopefully be out by the end of the year as well!

Some people might think this is dumb, but I'm rather happy about it!  :P  A few months ago, Trista Sutter (1st Bachelorette) tweeted me back about something I had said to her!  I thought that was so neat & thoughtful!...she's a CELEBRITY!  :P   Just a few weeks ago, Jason Mesnick responded to something I said during the South Africa trip on the Bachelor

...& then during ATFR ceremony Chris Harrison answered my question about what the green bracelet was that Ashley Spivey was wearing that night, & had actually been shown wearing it in every shot on the show all season!

AND THEN....Ashley Spivey tweeted me herself a week or two later!  I would love to be a nanny for kids in NYC!  I can't even imagine!  How fun!

Again...this may seem dumb to some, but this is why I LOVE twitter!  No, I don't spend all day tweeting celebs!  Lol...funny how all of my celebs responses are from Bachelor/ette people!  ha!

Well..that's enough about celebs from me for a while!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Side Table Re-do

I have had this little table for a while, just waiting for a makeover!  It was Papa John's & I had snagged it out of storage a few trips back!  My room is rather large & I have wanted an armless chair in there & thought this would make a great side table!
Once again, on my purple kick ( & since that's what I'm doing my bedroom in) I had to go with purple!  This wasn't a HUGE piece of furniture, so it wouldn't be TOO dramatic in there, but it would be just enough fun!  &...if I didn't like it, I can always paint it again!

As I started to spray paint, I freaked out a little bit.  It SURE was PURPLE!  But I kept going & I am so glad I did!

Here she is all finished! 
Again, it's a simple little table, but with such color & pop I think she will look great in the corner of my room with a little chair & my grey walls behind her!  YAY!
I have been known to be afraid of color (especially furniture) but DON'T BE!  Sometimes it's just what your room needs!  I'm so glad I went with the color I did & can't wait to work on more projects for my room!