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Monday, March 28, 2011

Play World!

I babysat Madalyn one day during Spring Break & we went & ate at Chick for lunch!  It was a mad house there!  I was gonna let Punkin' play in the playplace for a while, but there were so many kids, he literally just stood there when we walked in!  Ha...so I decided we'd go to Play World instead!  Dad had taken Punkin' before & he had a BLAST, but I wanted to take him myself to see how much he loved it! 
He absolutely loved it, just as much as I thought he would!  He never stopped the whole time we were there!  

Funny story:  This little girl was 16 months old, but little little compared to Ryder.  I was afraid HE was going to hug her & smother HER, but the opposite happened!  Haha!  When she grabbed him he hugged her back & neither one of them would let go from there!  We had to pull them apart!  Ha!  TOO cute!  But make me afraid of what the future might hold when it comes to girls!  :P

Look at that face!  He loved riding this as well!  Ha!
Ryder & Madalyn!  He just loves her & always cries when she has to go home! :(

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