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Sunday, March 20, 2011

All a/b Celebs! :P

Last week I was lucky enough to get to go & hear Nicholas Sparks speak!  He is my ALL TIME favorite author, & whenever a book comes out, I HAVE to have it.  Like RIGHT then.  Even if I don't have time to read it right then!  I usually get the newest one from Santa every Christmas...

He has an amazing story & believe it or not, most of his books are based on & about his own family members!  He has not lived an easy live by any means, but has seem to over come so many obstacles through out his life.  He went to Notre Dame to run track & still holds a record there to this day!  He runs three miles as day, as well as lifting weight.

His first book, The Notebook, was written when he was 28 years old.  The story is about his mother's grandparents.  They were very close to her & almost like another set of parents.  The day before him & his wife's wedding, the grandparents told them they weren't going to be able to make it to the wedding (which was only 20 minutes away) because they were too "ill".  The next day Nicholas & his new wife went to their house to watch the tape of their wedding from the day before.  They even put on their tux & wedding dress, as well as bringing the leftover flowers for the grandparents from the day before.  Such a sweet story...not long after the grandma died of Alzheimer's & the grandpa died shortly there after.    I may not have gotten the story exactly right...but that is how The Notebook came about!

I was so happy that Allie got to come down for the night & hear him speak with me!  We got in line to meet him/get our books signed at NINE o'clock & didn't get out of there until ELEVEN!  The line just kept going on & on & on!!  It was worth it though!  He is a very inspiring man & I have yet to read all his books (a little think called school & Ryder kinda get in the way!  :P)...but I will one day!  The Lucky One finished filming last year & should be out hopefully some time this year, or early next!  Safe Haven will begin production later this year, & he is still working on Best of Me that will hopefully be out by the end of the year as well!

Some people might think this is dumb, but I'm rather happy about it!  :P  A few months ago, Trista Sutter (1st Bachelorette) tweeted me back about something I had said to her!  I thought that was so neat & thoughtful!...she's a CELEBRITY!  :P   Just a few weeks ago, Jason Mesnick responded to something I said during the South Africa trip on the Bachelor

...& then during ATFR ceremony Chris Harrison answered my question about what the green bracelet was that Ashley Spivey was wearing that night, & had actually been shown wearing it in every shot on the show all season!

AND THEN....Ashley Spivey tweeted me herself a week or two later!  I would love to be a nanny for kids in NYC!  I can't even imagine!  How fun!

Again...this may seem dumb to some, but this is why I LOVE twitter!  No, I don't spend all day tweeting celebs!  Lol...funny how all of my celebs responses are from Bachelor/ette people!  ha!

Well..that's enough about celebs from me for a while!

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