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Thursday, March 10, 2011

my 18 month old Punkin'!

I can't believe it's even time for me to type those words above.  Oh.My.Goodness.  I love, Love, LOVE this stage, but I am just sat it has flown by SO SO fast!

Just a year & a half ago, this was our first night at home with our lil munchin.  Yes, I delivered him one day & went home the next.  Best idea Jake ever had.  I was up the entire night before he was born because I was uhh...in LABOR, & then the night he was born he was in the nursery most of the night, but dumb me told me, "no paci, & no formula!"  ha...so when he cried, they just brought him to me!  :P  which equalled more NO SLEEP.  So I REALLY needed my rest the first night we were home!   

I remember we ended up calling Jake's mom in the middle of the night to come help so we could just SLEEP.  I was so thankful for that.  After that night it wasn't too bad, I was just too exhausted to do ANYTHING!  

Anyways...in 6 short months my lil man will be TWO YEARS OLD.  I'm surprised I haven't started to plan the party!  ha!  Maybe I should get on that...  :P
Yesterday we had his 18 month appointment & he did so good!  I let him walk all the way back to the room by himself (rather than carrying him) & he was mister chipper at first, until he realized where he was & kinda got skeptical about everything.  He probably remembered all the shots he's gotten back there!  ha!  But none this time!
{I love him in just a diaper!}
Everything looked great & he's reaching all of his milestones & then some...his favorite part is getting his flavored stick at the end!  :P
{just because we never have pictures of the two of us}

After that I had an appointment of my own with my PCP, which I haven't seen in FOREVER!  I was happy to see him again!  He is so sweet & caring & always makes you feel like you are the only patient he has all day.  I hate Dr.s who are so rushed, just "in & out" & don't genuinely care about you & your needs.  
Punkin' was a little wild in the waiting room, but no one else was in there so I let him.  He really was good & I'm just glad I'm not scared to death to take him to appointments with me...(this might change in a few years!  :P)

We got Mexican with KeeKee & Pops later that night...
...& this is what my wild child does at the dinner table!  Actually, he is just too busy being nosy & looking at everyone else eating in the restaurant!  We actually had a first last night...dad left before me mom & Ryder & on the way out a lady asked if MY dad was RYDER'S dad!?  We were like, "What?"  ha!  We were like...."No...that's MY dad, his GRAND-DAD!"  I guess people just think that because Ryder & dad DO look so much a like!  ha!  :P
Mary Beth finally got my muchin' to crawl through his tent today...that he got for CHRISTMAS!  Only THREE months ago!  Ha!  He was so proud of himself for doing it & did it over & over again afterwards!  I was so proud of him as well!  
{"show me your teeth"}
I can finally say that Santa did good on the $12 tent & tunnel...even if it DID take three months!  :P

18 month stats:

Weight:  25.13 lbs. (65%tile)
Height:  32.62 in. (60%tile)
Head Circumference:  18.88 in. (67%tile)

-18 month clothes are fitting great!  Along with some 24 months & 2T...really depends on the brand
-New words I can think of include:  Elmo, Bambi, cute (cuuuuuuuuuuTe), go!, trash, why?!, Ava, Ryder, happy, bubbles, doctor, puzzle, hammer, work, zebra, jacket, backpack
-Size 4 diapers
-Cries when we drive by CFA & don't stop
-Started eating whole apples today, just little bitty bites at a time!
-He LOVES grapes now, just like he LOVED blueberries.  I wonder what will be next!?
-He has started to pay more attention to the TV, but not for too long.
-He only takes one nap for me now on most days & sometimes it's long & sometimes it's not  :/
-He can sing a long to some Justin Beiber songs & will say "BEEEEEI-BEEEEEER"
-When he whines, I simply say "Do you need to go get happy?" & he says no & is fine!
-He isn't drinking juice in his water any more...just water.
-The kid loves milk, which makes me happy because I hate it.
-He will go throw things in the trash for me, get his backpack when I ask, as well as his coat when it's time to go bye bye.
-He loves to be outside!  It's occasionally warm where we can go out, but cries when we have to come in!
-He absolutely LOVES taking a bath!  A bath can fix everything!  I let him play in there until the water gets cold & then he tells the water "bye bye bye water".
-He loves all things "bessball" & thinks every sport on TV is baseball.  I try & tell him that it's basketball or soccer, etc.


-I didn't have time to put the hair dryer away the other morning so it was just laying on the floor in the bathroom.  When I went back in there later, it was put away in the bottom drawer where it goes!  :O

-I bought dishwasher detergent today at the store & I got it out of the bag & asked him to go put it where it goes & he marched right over to the sink, opened the cabinet & put it in there right next to the one that is almost empty!

-Bruno Mar's song "Grenade"...when he says "tossed it in the trash..." Ryder says "twashhh"  haha!  EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

{a year & a half ago...}
{a year ago..}
{6 months ago..}

It's crazy how fast time flies...

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