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Thursday, March 31, 2011

All about me...from A to Z!

I copied this idea from Katie at Cleared For Takeoff as well as Mama Laughlin at The Laughlins, two of my very favorite blogs who are in the same stage in life as me!

A little bit about me for a change! Feel free to steal & post on your blog...but leave me a comment so I can come read yours!

A. Age: 21

B. Bed: Happy to have a King, & I will probably never downsize again!

C. Chore you dislike: I don't really mind them. I always feel good about doing them afterwards because of the results. I empty/load the dishwasher all day every day & that keeps it not from being SUCH a bad chore all at once! Laundry is never ending as well...I try to vacuum & mop at least once a week, & dust & clean the bathrooms once every two weeks. It's what works for us!

D. Dogs: My favorite dog was a golden retriever my parents had before I was born named Rami. She died when I was 14 or so. My parents now have two more goldens, Baylor & Charli & a pembroke welsh corgi named Trixi!

E. Essential start to each day: Snuggles & kisses with my sweet boy & catching up on Twitter!

F. Favorite color: right now I'm loving me some purple! But I like turquoise! =)

G. Gold or silver: I wear both! I'm not against gold like some people are, you just have to know when to wear it & when to not! I see silver as more blingy & gold as more FLASHY!

H. Height: 5'7"? idk.

I. Instrument you play(ed): nothing. sadly. ever. never took one lesson for an instrument. ha!

J. Job title: Mommy, student, house keeper, chef, chauffeur, etc. etc.

K. Kids: Ryder, 19 months on the 9th

L. Live for ______: Right now, Ryder.

M. Most embarrassing moment: There are probably a lot because I have a lot of "blonde" moments, but the first one that comes to mind is when I feel down ALL the steps of the school bus while getting off the shuttle bus from West campus, while EVERY.SINGLE.FOOTBALL.PLAYER was lined up outside waiting to get on the bus. Yeah...good thing I could laugh at myself.

Or...how about today, while at Wal-Mart, Ryder said "baby?!" while we were right in front of an older lady who was NOT pregnant but one might think she could have been (if you know what I'm saying) over & OVER & OVER again. "Baby! Baby! Baby!" I don't know where he learned this, because I haven't taught him that "babies are in bellies", but I just smiled & said, "There aren't any babies on this aisle Punkin'!"

N. Nickname: Katy Did, KT, Kati B., Diddlet

O. Overnight hospital stays: Only one night when I had Ryder

P. Pet Peeves: When people don't get in the turning lane when their turning, OR use their blinker! AKA stupid drivers! When people smack their food when eating...uhh close your mouth!!

Q. Quote from a movie: Anything from Italian Job or The Notebook!

S. Siblings: 1 brother, Garrett, almost 18

T. Time you wake up: 7 when I have to go to class, & other days, whenever Ryder gets up...between 8 & 9

U. University attended: OBU & now UCA!

V. Vegetables: I LOVE GREEN BEANS!! I could seriously eat them straight out of the can! But of course their better with some butter & brown sugar!

W. What makes you run late: Don't mean to brag....but I rarely, RARELY run late. I get that from my dad. Coach Mac used to always say, "Early is on time, on time is late & late is unacceptable." so...honesly I'm usually early if not on time. You'll only find me being late if my alarm DIDN'T go off, or I was in a car wreck etc.

X. X-rays you've had: Once in kindergarden when I hurt my wrist.

Y. Yummy food you make: I'm most proud of my enchilada lasagna! But, I'd like to think I don't make anything that's NOT yummy! :P

Z. Zoo animal favorites: I have always loved platypus (plural?) Giraffes are fun too!



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