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Saturday, October 31, 2009

October's Over?

I can't believe today is the LAST day of October! Happy Halloween by the way! In 9 short days, little man will be two months old! OH MY, how time flys! Ryder man is taking his late morning nap, and I felt the ned to catch up on all our pictures! It's such a beautiful day, I hope to get him out for a stroll in a little bit! We didn't do much this week, but we made a few trips out and about last week, I really & truly want to do better about my blogging, so I don't have to catch up every weekend! AHHH! But in the long run, would rather spend my time with little man than be glued to the computer, and then when he is asleep, I have tons of other things to get done first!

Ryder and I went to visit Naynee & the kiddos last week and ended up having a great day, and will definitely not be our last day trip up there! We had burgers for lunch and just had a great time together, and of course Ryder was a doll all day!

Karleigh being a lil' momma!
The little boys with Ryder-Man!
Dad & Ryder both fast asleep one night! How SWEET!?

Last Saturday a few of my girlfriends from HS were home from Fayettville for the weekend and we all had dinner together @ McAlister's and did ALOT of catching up!
Morgan's first time to meet Ryder!
Auntie Anna with her new hair do!
And Allison's first time to meet lil man as well
Ryder's 1st camo...laying in mommy's lap looking up at her! PRECIOUS!

From how much he holds his head up, I decided to try out the Bumbo this morning, just for a little bit though so he wouldn't get to worn out. He loved it! He loved being able to sit up and look around and see what was going on! He did GREAT! He will be sitting up before too long!
A lil lop-sided but we're good! =)

Stay tune the next few days to see our Halloween's Costume!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Picture Post...

So, we decided to put little man in his first pair of footed pajamas the other night...They had always still been so big for him, but now they finally looked like they would fit!

Well...up top, they were still a lil big, but just perfect to be able to move around in in bed. But the leg part....NOT so much!
Little Man's legs are so long, his knees were all squnched up! We just laugh...poor baby though! I hope the rest of his footed pajamas don't cause us to have the same problem because he has so many different super cute pairs!

One afternoon when the weather was really nice, I took little man outside on the front porch in his bouncy, and we decorated a pumpkin that KeeKee got us! We tried out all sorts of different faces! We wore our only halloween outfit that fits as well! He was more interested in the kids playing in the street though!

"I Love My Mummy"

The pumpkin we ended up staying with!

Sweet baby in his new favorite toy....his swing! This is what pretty much took the place of tummy time! Don't let him fall asleep on your chest though, and think your gonna get away with dropping him off here! Ha!

I just LOVE this picture! He looks so much like his daddy!


Haha...we lost our paci!

Last Friday night, Auntie Allie came to stay with us, and on Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch for a little bit. We had a cute halloween outfit we were gonna put him in, but he was just too little! The pumpkin hat did fit though! =)

1st trip to the pumpkin patch!

We love our Punkin'

Ryder size pumpkin!!

More cute pajamas!!

Lil' Monkey Butt!

KeeKee went to Branson last weekend and got us this cute little outfit, that was just TOO perfect for Ryder! Haha...we all seem to call him "little man" cause he is! Ha...the wrinkles on his forehead, his big hands and feet, and he reminds us of Benjamin Button all the time! HA!

Going to eat lunch with PopPops!

His first grin caught on camera!!

We are blessed with such a HAPPY little man!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ryder Slept Through the Night!

Picture post tomorrow if little man lets me, and if I'm not busy doing other things around the house!

But can you believe my 6 week old slept from 10pm to 7am! OHH MY! I was up every few hours making sure he was still breathing! It was a blessing though. Kinda figure it was just a one time thing for a while...but I'll take it here & there!

He has started to HATE tummy time as well, which used to be our FAV! Ohh no..!! NOT any more! He likes to be up and able to look around and be nosy like his mama!

He can pretty much hold his head up all the time now too....which is kinda way tummy time has gotten less fun, and harder for me, ause he switches from side to side and looses his paci in the middle! Haha!

We went to Searcy today to spent time with all the cousins! It was so much fun, I wish we could do it every week!

We are so behind picture wise though...Footed Pajamas, I Love My Mummy, Visit from Auntie Allie, I look like my Daddy, Monkey butt pajamas, & "Little Man" outfit!! PHHHEWW!

Monday, October 12, 2009

1 Month Old!

Our lil man was one month old on Friday! I cannot believe it! WOW-how times flies when your having fun with your sweet lil boy! Here are a few pictures of him in his lil Hero outfit!

What you were up to this month...
-You love Tummy Time, and don't tell your Dr. but you do most of your sleeping on your stomach
-You have started to get spoiled to being held, but I guess that's okay! It won't be long before you can't be held any more. TEAR.
-You can pretty much hold your head up whenever you want. You look like a little turtle when we burp you.
-You have rolled over twice...both times from your stomach to back.
-You used to love your carseat, but not so much any more.
-You will get RIGHT up next to me in the bed in the mornings after your morning feed. I will sneak out of the bed, and go to the other side so I don't smash you, and before I know it...you have scooted all the way across the bed to be right up next to me again! HOW SWEET!?
-I put you in your crib the other day while I folded clothes in your room. I set you in the horizontally, and you rooted around to make yourself vertical!
-Noise does not seem to bother you AT ALL, which is such a blessing!
-You didn't like bath time at first, but now you do! Mommy hasn't tackled it by herself yet though!
-You love your Daddy time at night, and I love seeing you & Daddy hang out!
-You have slept any where from 6-9 hours at night during this last month.
-You like to sleep in late like your Momma! =)
-You have started to snort when you drop your paci, and it is SO funny!
-You want to talk so bad! It warms my heart to just listen to all you have to say!
-You are still in all your newborn clothes. I have tried to put you in some 0-3 months, but they SWALLOW you! Hopefully before too long, we'll have a whole new wardrobe!
-You sleep naked (with diaper of course) most of the time, because your lil body just seems to get so hot!
-Keeping covers on you is completely impossible! You kick them off within seconds of me putting them on you!
-For the most part, you only cry when your hungry!
-You flick your feet when you are READY to eat, and it is SO funny!
-You get so excited when you see me getting ready to feed you, it's like I can't get ready fast enough!

We love you, and couldn't be any more in love with you!

My all time favorite picture!
With Auntie Allie @ Tiger Tunes! Can you believe I let her hold you looking like THAT? lol...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Post through Pictures...

SOO....believe it or not, my 3 week old ROLLED OVER! You can see where he WAS on the blanket where the paci was, and got up on his side and then plopped over on his back! I just happened to be watching him when he did it! I screamed and then he cried...obviously!
Mommy was SO proud of her little boy! He has done it one more time since then!
Sweet baby in his swing!
"Little Ladies Man"
Having tummy time with mommy out on a quilt in the back yard one afternoon!
Mommy LOVES her lil punkin'!
Holding the mirror for mommy while she put her make up on-(don't tell daddy!)
Saturday morning Luke, Tonya, Aunt Kathy & Uncle Sam came to see lil man and he was so good, considering we hadn't had much sleep the night before!
Chillin' with cousin Tonya!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!
Saturday afternoon we went to a BBQ @ Braxton's house! This is what they did the whole time!
The blanket WAS straightened out and flat when I laid him down for Tummy Time-he wants to crawl SO bad!
Mommy LOVES her lil boy SO much!