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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Picture Post...

So, we decided to put little man in his first pair of footed pajamas the other night...They had always still been so big for him, but now they finally looked like they would fit!

Well...up top, they were still a lil big, but just perfect to be able to move around in in bed. But the leg part....NOT so much!
Little Man's legs are so long, his knees were all squnched up! We just laugh...poor baby though! I hope the rest of his footed pajamas don't cause us to have the same problem because he has so many different super cute pairs!

One afternoon when the weather was really nice, I took little man outside on the front porch in his bouncy, and we decorated a pumpkin that KeeKee got us! We tried out all sorts of different faces! We wore our only halloween outfit that fits as well! He was more interested in the kids playing in the street though!

"I Love My Mummy"

The pumpkin we ended up staying with!

Sweet baby in his new favorite toy....his swing! This is what pretty much took the place of tummy time! Don't let him fall asleep on your chest though, and think your gonna get away with dropping him off here! Ha!

I just LOVE this picture! He looks so much like his daddy!


Haha...we lost our paci!

Last Friday night, Auntie Allie came to stay with us, and on Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch for a little bit. We had a cute halloween outfit we were gonna put him in, but he was just too little! The pumpkin hat did fit though! =)

1st trip to the pumpkin patch!

We love our Punkin'

Ryder size pumpkin!!

More cute pajamas!!

Lil' Monkey Butt!

KeeKee went to Branson last weekend and got us this cute little outfit, that was just TOO perfect for Ryder! Haha...we all seem to call him "little man" cause he is! Ha...the wrinkles on his forehead, his big hands and feet, and he reminds us of Benjamin Button all the time! HA!

Going to eat lunch with PopPops!

His first grin caught on camera!!

We are blessed with such a HAPPY little man!


  1. Kati, he's gorgeous! And he does look just like your hubs! Congrats on such a fun, exciting time of life! I can't wait til we have our little Princess here to play with too!


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