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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My accent VLOG!

I am linking up with Jenna over at Jenna's Journey where she is doing "accent vlogs!"  I think this is so fun!  I swear I don't have an accent, but people often tell me I do!  I guess that's okay!  =)  I would much rather have a southern accent then a northern one!

The instructions are to say these words: 

Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught 

And answer these questions: 

  • What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

  • What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?

  • What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?

  • What do you call gym shoes?

  • What do you say to address a group of people?

  • What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?

  • What do you call your grandparents?

  • What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?

  • What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?

  • What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

  • How fun right?!  I think this is my first vlog...& I couldn't say no to this one!  So maybe there will be more in the future!  Let me know if you decide to do one &/or link up with Jenna!


    I'm not one to write about prayer requests on my blog, but I do believe prayer is a powerful thing...so it's never too late for a first.

    I have been heart broken over this situation the last few days & there aren't very many minutes in a day that go by that I don't think about this sweet sweet family!

    Jordan, a girl I think I've known my entire life (as long as I can remember!), from church had her sweet baby girl last Thursday.  Her arrival has been anticipated by many for months & months.  This little girl was loved so much before she even got here! Jordan works with our youth at church & does such a great job--she truly has a gift & loves what she does!  Jordan & her husband Marty have been married just a little over a year (they got married on my birthday to be exact!).  I don't know Marty all that well, & just met him about a year ago, but all I have heard about him are amazing things & he always takes such great care of me & all my printing needs!  =)

    ...after Morgan's birth there were/are many unexpected complications  & not many answers thus far.  I would encourage you in joining me in prayer for Morgan & her parent's during this time.  I know some of you have been there & know what it's like to sit in the NICU at ACH, & some of us do not.  I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through right now.  Right now, they aren't even able to hold her.  There are lots of questions that still need to be answered, but they are just having to take it one day at a time, & we are already seeing God's hand at work!

    I still can't get over this sweet girl's beauty!  She has already touched so many people's lives & isn't even a week old!

    -I pray specifically for Jordan to have a quick & easy recovery from her c/s.
    -I pray for Marty's strength in being there for Jordan & Morgan.
    -I pray for Jordan & Marty's decision making.
    -I pray for the Dr.'s treating baby Morgan.

    You can keep up with them & find out what to specially pray for on a FB page set up for them HERE.

    You can also follow their blog HERE.

    I'm not doing this for attention, or for people to think I know everything & am just "gossiping" because that's the LAST thing I want you to think.  If this blog posts generates just ONE more prayer up to our Heavenly Father for baby Morgan, then my work here is done.  Even if some of you are already aware of this situation, I hope you take the time now to stop what you doing & pray for them.  


    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    school & our weekend...

    I am finally back to life with the WWW!  My 4 year old computer charger completely stopped charging my computer.  I went to get a new one here at our Best Buy & they didn't even have any!  I waited till the Apple store opened on Saturday & went & got one there!  Let me just say that place is AH.MAY.ZING.  I didn't have time to look around because I was just in & out, but wowzers!  I'll be going back!

    So mommy started back to school on Thursday & it wasn't too bad--just yet!  I do not LOVE school like a lot of people do, & I have trouble "learning"...espeically stuff I don't care about (aka GEN EDS).  I seem to always "memorize" stuff for the time being (test) & then forget it afterwards....I try but it's just not always easy for me.

    I am taking "Chemistry in Society" & I think I'm really going to like the class!  We are taking the "forensics" route & learning about how birth control works in the body, how legal & illegal drugs become addicts to people & why it happens in the body, all the details of breast feeding.  These are all things that are very interesting to me & we should all actually be knowledgeable about!  So maybe I can teach y'all a few things!  =)

    The other class I had on Thursday was American Nations & I have it with two of my brother's friends...one being one of his roommates!  Ha!  So...this should definitely be an interesting semester!  I might cook them dinner & have them over to study!

    I had a CRAZY busy Saturday yesterday!  Mary Beth moved in as our new roommate which is exciting!  Ryder & I got up early & went & ran errands.  We had to return some books to the school bookstore, drop some stuff off at Goodwill & return some stuff to Hobby Lobby as well.

    I went shopping at the Rhea Lana Pre Sale after that & got a few goodies, not as many as last time, but better than nothing!  & THEN I had a Scentsy party out of town!  It was such a fun party & I just love what I do!  I was glad to get home to my Punkin' last night though & snuggle with him!

    This will be my first full week of class.  I am very much looking forward to a routine & Ryder starts KDO next week!

    Hope you all had a great weekend, sorry I am slacking on the pics lately, I guess I have gotten too lazy on wanting to upload them etc.  The weekends sure do seem to go by awfully fast!  =(


    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Looking Forward to Fall!

    I'm not one to wish things away, especially summer...but after thinking about having to walk across campus in this hott-muggy mess tomorrow...I just might be wishing summer away!  :P  I obviously love summer because I get a break from school & we can go to the pool whenever we want, & I'm always tan, but I guess I love the fall too!  I am NOT a fan of winter weather because I get so cold & am just a grouch when I'm cold!  So...just a few things I am looking forward to over the next few months & hope it gets your excited as well!  

    The beautiful leaves changing colors!  Our downtown area is so beautiful to drive thru in the coming months every year & words can't even begin to describe the magnificent colors!  It's like a sign that winter is getting even closer!  I'm hoping to get some pictures made of me & Ryder around the time the leaves are changing colors & falling!

      I'm obsessed with open draped cardigans.  They are just too perfect & too easy to throw together an outfit.  I wish I had one in every color & am currently working on that! :P  ha!  Some of my favorite come from Target & TJ Maxx.  You can simply throw on a tank underneath or something a little bit more, so you can take the cardi off once you get where you're going.  
    YESS MA'AM!  These are sooo good & you've never had one--oh my gee, get one when they come out (lord willing Starbucks brings them back again this year!)  A guy my dad works with introduced it to him & dad made me try it & I fell in love.  I've never really been a "hot chocolate" girl...because I like coffee, but this is no ordinary hot chocolate!  It's special, & different!  I look forward to getting one every Sunday morning on our way to church.  It's like my "reward" for getting out of the house on time (early if I have time to stop)!!  Ha!  
    I'm also looking forward to warming all the new Fall Scentsy Scents!  There are too many good ones, & this is just one I am looking forward to!--(We won't even get into the yummy Christmas scents yet!)--Sentimental Cider -"Rich, musky apply cider infused with heady allspice & star anise."  Yummy yum yum!!

    What are something that signify "Fall" to you...& what are you looking forward to enjoying with the upcoming season?!

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    a year ago this week...

    A year ago this week, I was moving into my house, going on lunch & dinner dates with new & old friends, & my baby wasn't even ONE.  & he was such a little chunk!  See how much things change in a year HERE!


    Monday, August 22, 2011

    Free Stuff!

    Nina over at According to Nina told us about a special that Minted is running where you can get 25 FREE "Mommy call cards"!  All you have to do it pay shipping!  & this is a THIRTY dollar value that you can get for around 8!  There were so many fun choices, but I had to find one that allowed me to use my phone number, e-mail address & blog address.  This is what I went with & am very happy with what I chose!  I also liked how I could have my first & last name first & then Ryder's full name underneath since we don't have the same last name, some people might get confused as to who he belongs to!  So...just click the link above & you are one step closer to some free call cards!

    I would never spend REAL money on this, but this was a deal I couldn't pass up & I wanted to share with my readers!  Since Ryder is starting MDO in just a few weeks, I thought this would be a good "exchange" card with other moms instead of having to jot my info down on a post it note for them if they asked!

    We had a great weekend, that I'm still recovering from!  We went to Stuttgart on Friday afternoon to stay with Pooh & her parents!  Ryder loved it there!--I'll try & post more on that later!  Pooh's sister had a Scentsy party on Saturday & we had a great turn out & it was so much fun!

    Sunday, we went to church & then lunch & then his daddy came & got him.  I met up with my long lost friend Anna & we exchanged birthday presents & caught up on life!  It was so good seeing her & has been WAY too long!

    Today we were up & at um, & of course I had a list of "errands" to run.  I feel like my errands are NEVER over with!  That included Hobby Lobby for paper, Best Buy for a new computer charger (which they did not have) & our copy place to proof his final printing of invites (praise be!!) & then we met Pop's at Panera for lunch!  We finally made it home & being out in this heat & having to deal with this almost 2 year old, I was a tired Mama!

    We are jammed packed with appointments again this week, & then I start school on Thursday!  I can't believe it's already time!  Hope y'all had a happy Monday!  I have a tired lil booger who doesn't like to take naps, but falls asleep EVERY night at the dinner table.  Oh GEEZ!


    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Our week summed up...

    • It's been a busy week for us!  & my last full week of FREEDOM & no school!  & I can't believe that it's already Thursday!
    • Monday I had to get two fillings at the dentist (I feel like it NEVER ends!)   Thankfully Morgan watched Ryder for me, & I think they had a good time!
    • Monday I got Fall/Winter Scentsy catalogs & new scent testers in & was SOOO EXCITED!  I stayed up late Monday night putting catalogs in envelopes & addressing them to mail out to my customers!  Everything in the new catalog is FAB-U-LOUS, but isn't available until September 1st!
    • Monday night I went to my first ever Scentsy meeting in LR & had a great time, & will definitely be going back!  Ryder stayed with MiMi & PawPaw that night!  He loves it up there so much & I don't ever worry about him while he's gone!
    • I had my yearly with one of my favorite Dr.'s on Tuesday.  He makes it SOO worth the drive to LR!
    • I went & got my new driver's license when I got home...(finally) & I already pretty much told myself my picture was going to be bad, but there's nothing I could do about it & was already over it before it even happened!  Ha!  But it actually turned out to be the best picture I've ever taken!  I was so happy!
    • I finally got my Punkin' back & he was excited to see me!
    • We went & got sno cones with some of Ryder's favorite people...Kelly, Grant & Dustin & the kid eats out of everybody's cup & just goes around saying "bite bite bite bite!"  He is a hoot!
    • Yesterday we left the house early & hit up the post office, Old Navy (b/c Ryder's jeans were on sale for $10 when they are usually $16.50--WAHOO!) & Wilkinson's to try some shoes on Ryder for his birthday!  I feel like all we ever do is drive around in the car & "run errands".  It is seriously never ever ending!
    • We got a sweet tea at Sonic & some cookies from Maggie's & my boy was a happy camper!
    • I had to go pick up Kiley bug from dance in LR last night, so Ryder stayed with KeeKee & Pop's while I did that...& he didn't miss me a bit!  Ha!  
    • I think I have realized that it is time for me to go to school & Ryder to go to his school & for us to have some time apart!  I love every minute I get to spend with him, but I think we just both need a little bit of a break from each other!  We haven't had that the last TWO months & it's gotten crazy!
    • I am trying to make us stay home today & not leave the house, just so I will get stuff done here!  But we will see how that goes!
    • I'm making my enchilada lasagna & am excited & already ready to eat it!
    • & more fillings tomorrow...blah.


    Phone Pics!

    I'm a little behind on phone pics...but I love them!  So here we go from the past few weeks!

    Now, I don't even remember how he did this.  Yes I do.  He tripped over my food in the laundry room & hit the framing around the door.  He even has paint on his head.  This was less than 5 minutes after it happened.

    We went & made dinner at Mama D's & Morgan's & Punkin' had a bad diaper rash...so I let him run around outside in the sprinkler naked!  Ha!  He got soaking wet & LOVED IT!  I know Coach Mac is proud!  =)

    Me & my sweet good snugglin' in bed one morning!

    Poor baby...since he doesn't take naps any more, he usually falls asleep at the dinner table!  ha!

    As well as watching TV...I know he is so tired by the time bed time rolls around!

    Allison got me this fabulous bowl for my birthday!  It couldn't scream KAAATTI any more than it does!  & it matches my kitchen to a T!  Thank you Allison!  =)

    He is always so tired after I pick him up from his dad's...this was before we even got out of the driveway!

    Last week we had a lot of random rain & we had a beautiful rainbow a couple of times!  (I stole this from Mary Beth on twitter!  ;) )

    A beautiful picture that almost looks fake to me of the state capitol when the storms were rolling in early morning.

    Once again...asleep at the dinner table!

    Rhea Lana's starts next week, & I've spent many days getting things organized & in order, & stayed up late a couple of night getting it all entered into the computer!

    My big boy swinging in a big boy swing for the first time!  I was so proud of him!  =)

    One night last week, the storms were pretty bad...right around bed time.  The thunder & lightening was insane...& all I could think of to do was just crawl in bed with my sweet Punkin' & that's what we did!  Poor baby would just hide under the covers when it thundered!

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    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    Our weekend. With no pics.

    -Friday night we met up with Miss Allison & hit up Chick & TJ Maxx.  Just a few of me & Ryder's Friday night favs!  It's usually just me & lil man, but it was nice to have Allison with us!  It's nice to have help every once & a while we're out!  I got some black & white plate for my "plate wall" I'm planning in my kitchen, some cute "K" notecards & a big gawdy black picture frame for my room!  Nothing I "needed" but I'm always looking for a bargain, & I believe that your house can't become a home overnight & that it takes time to gather the perfect things to create the perfect space!

    -We also stopped & got sno cones afterwards!  We usually go & get sno cones with Kelly, Grant & Dustin & when we got there Ryder said "Grannnt?  Granntt?"  So we will definitely have to be going back with Grant very soon!  We also drove by our hair salon & Ryder said, "Jenn-i-fer...cut?  Big boy chair!?"  Sure enough, all those are things we say when we go & get his hair cut!  Which I need to call & make an appointment to get his hair cut THIS WEEK!!

    -Saturday we got up & had breakfast & I got in some snuggles & then Ryder's dad came & got him for the day.  I called Morgan & asked her to join me for lunch at one of my favorite "lunch" places...Cross Creek downtown!  We ate a yummy lunch & then hit up all the little boutiques down town to look around.   We met up with Dana & Morgan (Morgan's b/f's mom & sister) & they got Morgan a super cute red leather-y jacket for her birthday for a BAR-GAIN & I'm seriously thinking about going to get one in black!  =)  I came home, cleaned up a bit & organized my life a little bit more!

    -I went & got my Punkin' & then we met KeeKee for dinner & headed home for the night!  He got a much needed BATH, we watched some Barney, snuggled & went to bed!

    -Today was a busy day!  We had family birthdays for me, Dawson & Stuart out of town.  We had a lot of fun & it was so good to see everybody because it has been too TOO long!  Sadly, Ryder threw up on the way up there, because he was carsick.  ALL over Pop's iPad as well.  Poor baby...we had to strip him when we got to Nana's & had to wash his clothes.  But luckily it was just carsick-ness.

    -We rushed home & headed straight to Morgan's for her birthday--which is TODAY!  Mama D cooked some yummy pulled turkey sandwiches!  We got to see a lot of people we don't always get to see & had a nice visit...even though my child completely missed behaved.  :/

    -We are now home, all bathed & in bed...well he is!  I'm not!

    Another good, family & friend filled, semi-relaxing weekend is in the books!  =)


    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    Pickin' Cantaloupe & the Park!

    Last night one of my dad's customers invited him & Ryder to come out & pick some cantaloupe & watermelon at his place.  It worked out great, because mom & I had asked dad to watch Ryder while we went & saw The Help! {which btw was so so SO good & everyone must go see!}

     Ryder had a good time & I'm glad he got to see that you can actually "pick" fruit & not just buy it at the grocery store.  Maybe one day I'll have the energy & time to have a garden!

     They went & played at the park afterwards which is one or Ryder's favorite things to do!  I'm ready for it to cool off a bit more so I can take him more often!  I love the relationship that Ryder & Pops have & can't wait to watch Ryder grow up with Pops by his side as best buddies!


    Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    {23 months}

    So, I can't even believe I'm typing this.  & I got emotionally earlier just thinking about writing it.  It's official.  One month from today my baby will be two.  How is that even freakin' possible?  {insert tears now}  He is so grown up & big!  We literally have conversations now.  Like last night.  He walked in the room with some trains & I said, "You can go play trains in your room if you want, that's fine."  "Okay.  Bye Bye.  See ya."  Umm...how old is he?  He sounds like a 25 year old leaving the house after bumming some dinner off of me!  Ha!  

    We had a nice day at home, & it was good to get things done.  We did have to go meet KeeKee & Pops for somethings later this afternoon & that's when I snapped these pics!  It was a little cooler outside today from all the rain last night so it wasn't too bad sitting out there playing before our appointment!
     Whenever I have my camera out he just says "Cheeeeese!!"  I wish he would just smile!  Ha!  I "found" these shoes in his closet today that Pooh got him last year for his birthday!  WOOPS!  Glad I found them when I did...because they FIT!  He doesn't need new ones, but we're wearing um!  =)
     Also, his birthday party is one month from today.  I have seriously been slacking in that department.  I think I have honestly been in denial that it was coming up, so I just ignored it & did absolutely nothing to start "planning" for it...which is SO totally not me!  But, I have realized the last week I need to get my butt in gear, but it's coming up whether I like it or not & I can't do anything about it!  This time last year I think I was about done with his party!  Ha!
     We have been using the big boy potty some.  Sometimes he wants to & other time he just really doesn't care.  He is not to the point of being able to tell me when he needs to go, but when I take him every 10 minutes, he goes.  So...I guess we'll keep doing that!  But the whole pooping thing...ahh!  He tells me RIIIIGHT after & I'm like RYYYYYDER!!!
     Today he started saying "Wy-der do it" Oh geeeez.  I knew this day was coming.  Mister Independent is here.  He is already as slow as Christmas at things like getting out the door, or  picking up his toys etc. etc. so no telling where this is going to lead!  But...I love him anyways & he can take as long as he likes to grow his independence!

    The kid talks NON STOP!  Oh my word!  He teaches me words every day that I don't even know he knows, that he learns from somebody else!  One day on the radio the announcer said, "And now, Lady Gaga with..."  & he repeated "LAY-DEE GAH GAH" over & over & over again that day!  It was too funny!  Then later that night, the same song came on TV without having her name said before hand & he said, "LAY-DEE GAH GAH?"--See what I mean?  He doesn't forget a THING!
    Tonight he was playing with my arm & I just let it be loose & he was flopping it around & what not & said "buzz-light year!?"  I about DIEEEED!  This kid remembers EVERYTHING!!  He watches Toy Story on Pop's iPad & I assume he was talking about the part where Woody is waving Buzz's arm around when it isn't attached to Buzz anymore looking out the window to all the friends.  {I couldn't find a clip, but maybe one of you know what I'm talking about!}
     I love this little boy so much, & I thank God every night that he has trusted me to raise him!  I wouldn't want it any other way!  Sometimes I just stare at him at night while he's asleep still in awe of his perfect-ness & that he is mine!  Yes, he is ALL boy and a handful, but I wouldn't know what to do without him in my life honestly!  I love the love that he has for his Mama & the sweetness he shows me every day.  He will lean in for a kiss & we'll kiss & he'll say "Thank you baby."  Because that's what I've always done to him.  He will kiss me on my shoulders, because I kiss him there a lot when he doesn't have a shirt on.  He pats on my back when we hug, and a lot of times he asks for the hug by saying "Hug?"   That will melt your heart.  As much boy as he is, I never knew I could have a son that was also so sweet, loving & caring.  He has a big heart & that's for sure.  You can already see it!
    I haven't decided if I'm going to do monthly posts after his birthday or not.  I kinda feel like I should just to make myself talk about him & only him often about his milestones & what not.  Who knows...we'll see!

    Friday, August 5, 2011


    This summer Ryder has been taking a "gymnastics" class!  It is really called Playful Parenting & it has been so much fun & he has loved it just as much as I thought he would!  The little girl AZ I always talk about is sitting beside him on the left.  They hugged & kissed again this week!  {Oh GEEZ!}  There are lots of pics, but it shows everything he has been doing & working on in 'nastics as he calls it!  =)
     {dot time by AZ & Maddie Rose}

     {Watching Ms. Lauren give instructions on what to do}
     {walking on the balance beam all by himself!}
     {he loves Ms. Lauren!  & after 8 weeks, he will finally swing on the swing!  Ha!}

     {I love this little booger so much!}
     {trying to find his way out of the pit!}

     {donkey kick!}
     {climbing up the wall with his feet...}
     {waiting in line by Mr. Cheetah for his turn to swing in the pit}

     {flippin' down the cheese wedge}

    {another serious flip!}
     {dot time!}

     {jumping backwards on the trampoline}
     {holding himself up on the bars...}
     {...& then flipping over}

    I am so glad that I signed him up for this class & I know that he would love to do it again, I just don't think I can add one more thing to our crazy busy schedule this Fall.  But...if he misses it enough, maybe we will try it out again in the Spring!