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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{23 months}

So, I can't even believe I'm typing this.  & I got emotionally earlier just thinking about writing it.  It's official.  One month from today my baby will be two.  How is that even freakin' possible?  {insert tears now}  He is so grown up & big!  We literally have conversations now.  Like last night.  He walked in the room with some trains & I said, "You can go play trains in your room if you want, that's fine."  "Okay.  Bye Bye.  See ya."  Umm...how old is he?  He sounds like a 25 year old leaving the house after bumming some dinner off of me!  Ha!  

We had a nice day at home, & it was good to get things done.  We did have to go meet KeeKee & Pops for somethings later this afternoon & that's when I snapped these pics!  It was a little cooler outside today from all the rain last night so it wasn't too bad sitting out there playing before our appointment!
 Whenever I have my camera out he just says "Cheeeeese!!"  I wish he would just smile!  Ha!  I "found" these shoes in his closet today that Pooh got him last year for his birthday!  WOOPS!  Glad I found them when I did...because they FIT!  He doesn't need new ones, but we're wearing um!  =)
 Also, his birthday party is one month from today.  I have seriously been slacking in that department.  I think I have honestly been in denial that it was coming up, so I just ignored it & did absolutely nothing to start "planning" for it...which is SO totally not me!  But, I have realized the last week I need to get my butt in gear, but it's coming up whether I like it or not & I can't do anything about it!  This time last year I think I was about done with his party!  Ha!
 We have been using the big boy potty some.  Sometimes he wants to & other time he just really doesn't care.  He is not to the point of being able to tell me when he needs to go, but when I take him every 10 minutes, he goes.  So...I guess we'll keep doing that!  But the whole pooping thing...ahh!  He tells me RIIIIGHT after & I'm like RYYYYYDER!!!
 Today he started saying "Wy-der do it" Oh geeeez.  I knew this day was coming.  Mister Independent is here.  He is already as slow as Christmas at things like getting out the door, or  picking up his toys etc. etc. so no telling where this is going to lead!  But...I love him anyways & he can take as long as he likes to grow his independence!

The kid talks NON STOP!  Oh my word!  He teaches me words every day that I don't even know he knows, that he learns from somebody else!  One day on the radio the announcer said, "And now, Lady Gaga with..."  & he repeated "LAY-DEE GAH GAH" over & over & over again that day!  It was too funny!  Then later that night, the same song came on TV without having her name said before hand & he said, "LAY-DEE GAH GAH?"--See what I mean?  He doesn't forget a THING!
Tonight he was playing with my arm & I just let it be loose & he was flopping it around & what not & said "buzz-light year!?"  I about DIEEEED!  This kid remembers EVERYTHING!!  He watches Toy Story on Pop's iPad & I assume he was talking about the part where Woody is waving Buzz's arm around when it isn't attached to Buzz anymore looking out the window to all the friends.  {I couldn't find a clip, but maybe one of you know what I'm talking about!}
 I love this little boy so much, & I thank God every night that he has trusted me to raise him!  I wouldn't want it any other way!  Sometimes I just stare at him at night while he's asleep still in awe of his perfect-ness & that he is mine!  Yes, he is ALL boy and a handful, but I wouldn't know what to do without him in my life honestly!  I love the love that he has for his Mama & the sweetness he shows me every day.  He will lean in for a kiss & we'll kiss & he'll say "Thank you baby."  Because that's what I've always done to him.  He will kiss me on my shoulders, because I kiss him there a lot when he doesn't have a shirt on.  He pats on my back when we hug, and a lot of times he asks for the hug by saying "Hug?"   That will melt your heart.  As much boy as he is, I never knew I could have a son that was also so sweet, loving & caring.  He has a big heart & that's for sure.  You can already see it!
I haven't decided if I'm going to do monthly posts after his birthday or not.  I kinda feel like I should just to make myself talk about him & only him often about his milestones & what not.  Who knows...we'll see!

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