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Monday, August 22, 2011

Free Stuff!

Nina over at According to Nina told us about a special that Minted is running where you can get 25 FREE "Mommy call cards"!  All you have to do it pay shipping!  & this is a THIRTY dollar value that you can get for around 8!  There were so many fun choices, but I had to find one that allowed me to use my phone number, e-mail address & blog address.  This is what I went with & am very happy with what I chose!  I also liked how I could have my first & last name first & then Ryder's full name underneath since we don't have the same last name, some people might get confused as to who he belongs to!  So...just click the link above & you are one step closer to some free call cards!

I would never spend REAL money on this, but this was a deal I couldn't pass up & I wanted to share with my readers!  Since Ryder is starting MDO in just a few weeks, I thought this would be a good "exchange" card with other moms instead of having to jot my info down on a post it note for them if they asked!

We had a great weekend, that I'm still recovering from!  We went to Stuttgart on Friday afternoon to stay with Pooh & her parents!  Ryder loved it there!--I'll try & post more on that later!  Pooh's sister had a Scentsy party on Saturday & we had a great turn out & it was so much fun!

Sunday, we went to church & then lunch & then his daddy came & got him.  I met up with my long lost friend Anna & we exchanged birthday presents & caught up on life!  It was so good seeing her & has been WAY too long!

Today we were up & at um, & of course I had a list of "errands" to run.  I feel like my errands are NEVER over with!  That included Hobby Lobby for paper, Best Buy for a new computer charger (which they did not have) & our copy place to proof his final printing of invites (praise be!!) & then we met Pop's at Panera for lunch!  We finally made it home & being out in this heat & having to deal with this almost 2 year old, I was a tired Mama!

We are jammed packed with appointments again this week, & then I start school on Thursday!  I can't believe it's already time!  Hope y'all had a happy Monday!  I have a tired lil booger who doesn't like to take naps, but falls asleep EVERY night at the dinner table.  Oh GEEZ!


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