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Sunday, August 28, 2011

school & our weekend...

I am finally back to life with the WWW!  My 4 year old computer charger completely stopped charging my computer.  I went to get a new one here at our Best Buy & they didn't even have any!  I waited till the Apple store opened on Saturday & went & got one there!  Let me just say that place is AH.MAY.ZING.  I didn't have time to look around because I was just in & out, but wowzers!  I'll be going back!

So mommy started back to school on Thursday & it wasn't too bad--just yet!  I do not LOVE school like a lot of people do, & I have trouble "learning"...espeically stuff I don't care about (aka GEN EDS).  I seem to always "memorize" stuff for the time being (test) & then forget it afterwards....I try but it's just not always easy for me.

I am taking "Chemistry in Society" & I think I'm really going to like the class!  We are taking the "forensics" route & learning about how birth control works in the body, how legal & illegal drugs become addicts to people & why it happens in the body, all the details of breast feeding.  These are all things that are very interesting to me & we should all actually be knowledgeable about!  So maybe I can teach y'all a few things!  =)

The other class I had on Thursday was American Nations & I have it with two of my brother's friends...one being one of his roommates!  Ha!  So...this should definitely be an interesting semester!  I might cook them dinner & have them over to study!

I had a CRAZY busy Saturday yesterday!  Mary Beth moved in as our new roommate which is exciting!  Ryder & I got up early & went & ran errands.  We had to return some books to the school bookstore, drop some stuff off at Goodwill & return some stuff to Hobby Lobby as well.

I went shopping at the Rhea Lana Pre Sale after that & got a few goodies, not as many as last time, but better than nothing!  & THEN I had a Scentsy party out of town!  It was such a fun party & I just love what I do!  I was glad to get home to my Punkin' last night though & snuggle with him!

This will be my first full week of class.  I am very much looking forward to a routine & Ryder starts KDO next week!

Hope you all had a great weekend, sorry I am slacking on the pics lately, I guess I have gotten too lazy on wanting to upload them etc.  The weekends sure do seem to go by awfully fast!  =(


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