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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

We made a gingerbread house with Punkin' last year, so I wanted to continue the tradition this year!  I had had the kit for a long time & honestly forgot about it, but knew we had to do it on Christmas Eve Eve or it wouldn't get done!  
I did most of the work, but let Punkin' play around with it afterwards...and tried not to care if he messed it up!  {That's the type A in me...AAHHH!!}

KeeKee helped add the finishing touches of "ice cycles" hanging off the roof!  Punkin' was SO interested in watching her!  :P  He loves her so SO much!

SATB Christmas Party!

In High School, my group of girlfriends called ourselves the "SATBs".  Don't ask why!  We were all very close, & the 5 of us ended up going 3 different schools after graduation.  This was not easy, but we tried our best to stay in touch through the months we were away from each other.  Summers & Christmas Breaks are the shorts amount of time we have to catch up with each other & the last few months of life & try & relive all our crazy, fun times!  :P
Since I have my own place now...I figured I'd love us a lil party!  I have always wanted to be the "Hostest with the Mostest" & I just enjoy having people over to my home!  {Ignore the screaming lil kid in the bottom of the pic!}
We had chicken spaghetti, rolls, & salad.  We were missing one small, important little person, because she was in another state.  :/  But she was with us in spirit!  :P
We had a group of guy friends we ran around with as well.  I hadn't planned on inviting them to the party, but after dinner & a few rounds of SATB pictionary, we decided to ask them to come over!  & they DIIIIIID!!  We were so excited!  

We played some intense Catch Phrase & after being loud for a LONG time, FINALLY woke Punkin' up...but I didn't care!  He just wanted to have fun with us!  :P  I was glad everybody got to see him too!

{I added this one, because it's the ONLY picture of me from the night.  HA!  I had thrown on a sweatshirt & was in total chill mode because it was WAY past my bed time, & I was way past caring about the mess that was being made in my house!}

The girls ended up spending the night, just like old times & I hope we can do it again in the future!  =) 

Coach Mac

Early this morning, this worldly earth lost a great man.  A father, husband, son, coach, brother, uncle & friend.  
I've only know Coach Mac 10 years, but it's felt like my whole life.  I was known to him as, "Kati B."  I have many memories with him that I want to just share for myself, for his family & for those who might have known him as well.  

He was a Chicago "Cubbies" fan, he LOVED the outdoors & God's creation, loved to duck & deer hunt & ride fourwheelers.  He was a scuba diver & loved what he did!  We used to watch CSI every Thursday together & their house during HS, when we could.  Then it turned to LOST.  We were obsessed with that show from beginning to end!  If I ever had a question about the show & didn't understand something, HE was the one I called or text to get my questions answered!  

I remember cheering at Wampus Cat football games on Friday nights while Morgan danced, he was at every game, supporting us at what we loved most, even though it wasn't his "ideal" Friday night!  

When I would spend the night over there weekends on end during the winter, he didn't like to turn the heat on! I am VERRRRY cold natured, & would be in UGGS, two pairs of sweatpants, t-shirt, hoodie, ear muffs, gloves & wrapped in a blanket laying on the floor watching a movie & they would just laugh at me!

When Mackenzie was little, we would always get in trouble for being too loud in the middle of the night. We were lucky when Mama D would come in there & tell us to be quiet & not Coach Mac!  :P  

He could make some KILLER deer steaks & "deer camp fries"!  YUMM-MY!  If he was cooking that for dinner one night, you better believe I got a text during the day inviting me over for dinner!  Even to this day, I would still get the invite!  The last time he cooked for us was Dec. 6th.  We had gone to Bethlehem & then ran back over there to eat dinner.  Punkin' LOVES his fries & would sit there & eat them until I stopped giving them to him!

Coach Mac used to be a professional tennis player.  I don't remember all the details, but I think he played doubles with someone...they traveled the country playing in tournaments.  His partner got engaged, & wasn't going to play any more, so Coach Mac quit too!  :P

I remember him telling me his was Pre Med at UCA, & had taken an English class with a professor he really liked.  He liked him so much, he just kept taking his classes every semester.  After a few semesters, they told him he might as well major in English!  Ha!  
It's still surreal & hard for me to believe & take in that all this is happening.  He was too young & healthy.  He had retired just 11 short days ago from teaching school.  This is something that he was SO happy about & had been counting down the days & hours untill freedom!  :P

{This was taken this past Easter after church, & I am SO glad that I have this picture.}

I am so glad that my Punkin' got to meet & know him, even if it wasn't for near long enough.  I remember telling Coach Mac & Ms. Doreen that I felt like they would be Ryder's "third" set of grandparents.  And they were.  It took Ryder a while to warm up to Coach Mac (just b/c I think he's a male) the first few times we went over there, but then one night he wouldn't stop giving Coach Mac kisses!  He would sit on his lap in the chair, or sit right beside him on the fire place while a nice warm fire was going inside.  We would tell Punkin' "hot" so he knew not to get to close, but he wanted to be JUST like Coach Mac & sit there on the edge!  :P

Coach Mac was the first one to ever let Ryder blow a duck call!  Once he let him have it, Ryder wouldn't give it up the entire night!  

He would take Ryder out into his "man garage" to look at the four wheelers & to feed "Drake dog", his chocolate lab.  

I remember going to the dive shop just to play around in the pool with scuba gear on with him, Morgan & Mackenzie.  That's the closest to "scuba diving" I ever got.  I had always planned on taking lessons from him one day & getting certified so I could travel some where neat & get to scuba dive.  I wouldn't want to learn from anyone else.  He knew everything about the sport, & I wouldn't trust anyone else with my life under water. 

He always supported me, not matter what was going on in my life, & the things I had done.  I could talk to him & Ms. Doreen like they were my own parents, & I had known them my whole life.  He paid for my wedding cake at my wedding.  That was such a thoughtful & meaningful gift to me, & it had been all his idea.  I have a great picture of us from that day, but not on a digital file.  :/

Coach Mac LOVED his TV shows!  I can't even begin to name all of them, but he was truly religious to watching ALL of them, & I don't know how he did it without DVR!  :P

He was a great step-dad to my dear friend {even though it didn't even feel like he was her "step dad"} & I hope & pray that if Ryder ever has a step dad, that he is at least half as great of a dad to him that Coach Mac was to Morgan.  

As Ms. Doreen said it best, "He was doing what he loved most, with who he loved most."

This is the first passing I've had to deal with that wasn't a family member & wasn't someone that was "old" & "supposed" to die.  {If that makes sense?}  It's not fair, & we'll never understand here on Earth, but I believe he's in a better place & will watch Mackenzie grow up to be a beautiful young woman, Morgan marry the man of her dreams, & Punkin' become a duck hunter just like him!

He wasn't my dad, or my husband, but I.will.miss.him.  He always had my back.  No matter what.

The last few times I've had throat problems, he has brought me a strawberry milkshake from McDonalds.  I'll never have another without thinking about him.  

He had so many stories, & life lessons me & Punkin' could have still heard & learned from.  

He always took care of "his girls" no matter how crazy we were driving him.  He put up with a lot, being stuck in a house full of ALL girls!  :P

This is all.

Coach Mac, we love you & will forever miss you, knowing you 10 years wasn't long enough.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa With Dah-Dah...FAIL!

The week before Christmas Jake took off work so we could take Ryder to see Santa at the mall & maybe do some "Santa shopping" for Punkin'.  It meant a lot to me that he took the day off to spend with Punkin'.  We ate at Cantina Laredo & had some yummy guacamole!  Oh...SO good!   

When we got to the mall to see Santa he was at lunch, & by the time we killed some time walking around & got back, the line was TOO long for us to wait.  I do not do crowds well OR long lines & Punkin' had been great ALL day long, & I wasn't gonna push our limits, so we headed home!


Dinner With Friends & 15 months!

A few weeks ago, Abby called & was coming into town to drop something off & asked if we wanted to have dinner!  At Stoby's of course!  I was glad Molly Anne came along too!  They ate WAY healthier than me, but I had been craving a BIG JUICY burger all day! & I got it!  YUUMM!!
We had a great visit & caught up on a lot of things!  Punkin' took to them like he'd know them his whole life!

And since I have been totally slacking lately, I totally forgot to mention Punkin' turning 15 months old on Dec. 9th!  Better late than never right?!

15 months...what lil man's been up to!

-Finally taking "bites" of stuff!
-Actually eating chips at restaurants, but not at home {see above picture}
-Not really in to meat any more...we have tried PB sandwiches & he likes them okay.
-Size 4 diapers
-Sleeping mostly through the night...wake up between 5-7 then goes back to sleep.
-Still fits in some 12 month old clothes but 18 month are starting to fit better
-Talking NON stop!
-Can say dah-dah, duck, KeeKee {tee-tee}, tries to say "Ryder", milk & the rest of the time it just jibber jabber, but I LOVE IT!
-He has continued to be so healthy, with the exception of a small cold, which we can handle.
-No one told me he needed to have a 15 month ck. up...so we're having that in January.
-He loves his KeeKee & Pops, & cries if we drive by their house & don't stop!
-He cries when I leave for school, it's sweet but also breaks my heart
-He loves Ms. Amy so much as well & loves to hang out with her in her room & play with her iPad!
-He has become quite the hitter, which we are trying to stop!
-He LOVES to dance & is not ashamed to ANY time music is on!
-He also spins around in circles when he doesn't get his way, until he falls down!  It's kind of funny! 
-Each month seems to be even more fun than the last!  He is such a true blessing, & I can't imagine my life without my lil Punkin'!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We LOVE shoes!


Bethlehem Revisited

Last week, our church was putting on Bethlehem Revisited.  This is a huge event, that is put on each Christmas season as a gift to the community (& the state!).  With all the hoop-lah of tree decorating & finding the perfect gift for the perfect someone, & decorating our houses which Christmas cheer, dinner parties & too many yummy sweets & treats...we can't forget the REAL meaning of Christmas.  Bethlehem is a reminder of that.  The city of Bethlehem is recreated to what it might have been like the night that Jesus was born.  It is SO neat & if you haven't been, don't miss out on the opportunity next year!
Punkin' is still a bit young to understand what's going on & actually get to partake in any of the activity in the city...but I wanted to take him.  I want this to be a tradition of ours!  I hadn't been since HS, because I had always been away at school...so I was glad I got to go again!
It was a chilly night...so I got Punkin's big coat & mittens out for the first time!  It wasn't so cold after we got inside the walls of the city so that was nice!
There are all sorts of shops set up inside.  Story telling, rope, jewelry, candle making, candy, bread...just to name a few!  Here is a man writing Ryder's name in Hebrew.
Fish Market!  300 shekels for ONE fish!  No SIR!  
Punkin' loved all the camotion, but it was a lot for a lil man to take in! {notice missing mitten! :P}  I can't wait to take him in the years to come...I hope it's something he looks forward to every year!

...the whole reason we were REALLY there!  To see baby Jesus!  How neat!  THIS is what Christmas is REALLY all about!  I loved hearing all the lil kids around us just SO excited to see baby Jesus!  What a joy!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Clause!

We went to see Santa Clause with Pop's last night at the bank.  It didn't cross my mind that Punkin' might be scared of him!  But of course...he was!  Mommy had to sit on Santa's lap with him!  :P  There were just so many people there & different things going on, it was just a lot for little man.  I didn't get any GREAT pictures, but I got enough to make it a memory!  :P

At one point, I was trying to get some pictures of Ryder alone in front of the tree, so I handed my dad an ornament to hold behind me that Ryder might want to look at!  Of course he WANTED the ornament...I just wanted him to look at me instead of the tree!  Thene he just DROPPED the ornament.   Of course it was not shatter-proof.  It did not PHASE him a bit!  I was so embarrassed & was scurrying around trying to sweep it up with my hands before any other little kids got into the glass.  Needless to say...we got outta there ASAP & then enjoyed a yummy dinner at Stoby's with Pops!

If this doesn't show our relationship I don't know what does!  HA!  He wouldn't smile for ANYTHING!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cheer

These pictures are precious to me.

The reaction to seeing the decorated Christmas tree in the living room of my little Punkin' the morning after the night I finished decorating it, was priceless.  He was ecstatic!  

What was this big thing doing in my living room that looks like it belongs outside?  Why were there "hawt" light bulbs in there?  What are all these pretty things hanging from the branches?

You could see all these things running through his little brain...

He was so excited, & overjoyed.  Anything & everything new is exciting to a 14 month old.

He was being so sweet with the ornaments...as if they were precious gold he didn't want to drop.
Amazed at how many different ones there were!  Which one should I touch first!?!
I love making him happy.  All the semi-hard work {time} that went into decorating the tree (& the rest of the house for that matter) was all WELL worth it to see my little man so happy.

Having a child that can actually interact & enjoy the Christmas season this year has already brought so much joy & has been such a blessing!!  It's making me see things through a child's eyes again & relive my childhood!

I hope the years ahead continue to be as exciting.  I want traditions.  I want memories.  Hopefully I can provide all those things for my sweet boy.  


Winter Wonderland Centerpiece!

Last week SNANTY2CHIC had an adorable DIY tutorial on a super cute, unique & inexpensive center piece!  I loved it, had most of what I needed, and knew where I could find what I did need!  So...I whipped up my own version!

Mine's a little bit different...& I should have light the candles inside the jars for a pic, but didn't even think about it!  

Super cute & super cheap winter centerpiece!  All I paid for where the snowflakes & snow!  The rest I already had at home!

Check out there site for a complete tutorial....


Cookies With My Punkin!

Saturday was National Cookie Day & I had some cookies in the fridge so decided we would make some!  I like these cookies cause their ALL chocolate!  My favorite kind of cookie is triple chocolate so these are PERFECT!  Punkin' even helped out a little bit & he even got his first taste of some yummy cookie dough!  :P

Thinkin' about it..

 "Are you sure I can eat this yummy goodness?!"