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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Clause!

We went to see Santa Clause with Pop's last night at the bank.  It didn't cross my mind that Punkin' might be scared of him!  But of course...he was!  Mommy had to sit on Santa's lap with him!  :P  There were just so many people there & different things going on, it was just a lot for little man.  I didn't get any GREAT pictures, but I got enough to make it a memory!  :P

At one point, I was trying to get some pictures of Ryder alone in front of the tree, so I handed my dad an ornament to hold behind me that Ryder might want to look at!  Of course he WANTED the ornament...I just wanted him to look at me instead of the tree!  Thene he just DROPPED the ornament.   Of course it was not shatter-proof.  It did not PHASE him a bit!  I was so embarrassed & was scurrying around trying to sweep it up with my hands before any other little kids got into the glass.  Needless to say...we got outta there ASAP & then enjoyed a yummy dinner at Stoby's with Pops!

If this doesn't show our relationship I don't know what does!  HA!  He wouldn't smile for ANYTHING!

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  1. girl...i soo feel ya...jay cried and cried his first visit to santa. it had never even crossed my mind either!! sweet memories!! good to see you the other day!!


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