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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SATB Christmas Party!

In High School, my group of girlfriends called ourselves the "SATBs".  Don't ask why!  We were all very close, & the 5 of us ended up going 3 different schools after graduation.  This was not easy, but we tried our best to stay in touch through the months we were away from each other.  Summers & Christmas Breaks are the shorts amount of time we have to catch up with each other & the last few months of life & try & relive all our crazy, fun times!  :P
Since I have my own place now...I figured I'd love us a lil party!  I have always wanted to be the "Hostest with the Mostest" & I just enjoy having people over to my home!  {Ignore the screaming lil kid in the bottom of the pic!}
We had chicken spaghetti, rolls, & salad.  We were missing one small, important little person, because she was in another state.  :/  But she was with us in spirit!  :P
We had a group of guy friends we ran around with as well.  I hadn't planned on inviting them to the party, but after dinner & a few rounds of SATB pictionary, we decided to ask them to come over!  & they DIIIIIID!!  We were so excited!  

We played some intense Catch Phrase & after being loud for a LONG time, FINALLY woke Punkin' up...but I didn't care!  He just wanted to have fun with us!  :P  I was glad everybody got to see him too!

{I added this one, because it's the ONLY picture of me from the night.  HA!  I had thrown on a sweatshirt & was in total chill mode because it was WAY past my bed time, & I was way past caring about the mess that was being made in my house!}

The girls ended up spending the night, just like old times & I hope we can do it again in the future!  =) 

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