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Monday, December 6, 2010

Cleanin' Up Leaves With Pops!

Saturday Pops spent MOST of the day sucking up ALL of our leaves with his new handy dandy leaf-sucker upper!  I think it took him ALOT longer than he thought it was too...Punkin' got to get there with  him & play a little bit!
Dad would throw leaves up in the air & then Punkin' would do it too!  It was too cute!  They love each other so much & I love the bond & connection that they share!

This is Punkin's new "game"!  He likes to throw himself back & Pops to swing him around!  Sadly, he has started to try & do it on his own (while standing on the ground) & has fallen backwards a few times...so we are trying to break that habit!  :P

After he road around with Pop's for a while, I fixed them some grill cheese for lunch & Punkin' laid down for a super good nap!

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