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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wrestling, Dancin' & Ice Cream!

One night this week OBU was wrestling a team @ CBC.  Some of my OBU friends were coming down & told me, me & Punkin' should come!  So...of course we did!  I had never been to a wrestling match & this is OBU's first year to have it!  
I honestly loved the match..it IS a bit awkward, but I can see where it's very interesting!  Those guys are strong ALL.OVER.THERE body 100%.  They do some crazy moves though that kept us entertained...
Another certain someone kept the crowd entertained before the match started with his dance moves!  Oh.my.word is all I can say!  They had rap music playing & my child just got out there & danced like we practiced those moves every day while watching BET 24/7!  I have a video on my phone I'll have to upload later!
He loved seeing all his aunties he doesn't get to see all the time!  He was so sweet to them & giving them kisses left & right!  He is such a lil flirt!
He sat there & ate a whole bowl of cheerios!  I was just so surprised at how still he sat for SO long!
After the match we went to the Magee's for some of Ms. Donna's YUMMMMMY spaghetti!  She always cooks up a good meal for a biggo crew that stops by the house!  She also made a yummy apple cake I've had before & she actually gave me the recipe to make it so I can post it on the blog!  :P  
They had their tree up & Ryder was fascinated by all the pretty ornaments!  Since we didn't have ours up he wasn't QUITE sure to think about all of it!  He did pretty good for the most part & wasn't TOO rough!  :P
When the apple cake came out...so did the ice cream!  & guess who wanted some?!  He made his rounds to EVERYONE WITH A BOWL!  You'd think the kid had never eaten in his whole life!  Of course they couldn't say no....
Signing "more" for Auntie Pooh to give him more ice cream
...& getting what he wants!

We had a great visit & enjoyed the match & dinner!  I can't wait for all the friends to be home for Christmas break & we can life it up like old times!

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