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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

First off...enjoy a few of my mom's Thanksgiving decor before we get to the good stuff!  You can print your own printables for next Thanksgiving (& even some Christmas ones are up now) at Craftily Ever After for FREE!  Can't beat that!  Thanks Jessica!

We had Thanksgiving at my mom's this year...all we had to do was walk across the street!  If only it were REALLY that simple..Punkin was a grouch that morning so he HAD to get a morning nap!  I had planned on going to mom's around 10 to help out, but THAT didn't happen!  We got there a little before everybody else & Punkin was STARVING so he got to eat before everybody else...even though he didn't get any of the good stuff!  He was stuffing his face--AS ALWAYS!

When everybody got there & got everything heated up & out on the spread we dug in!  It was delish as ALWAYS!  Nana's homemade crescent rolls, honey baked ham, Bunky's smoked turkey, Naynee & Linda Sue's dressing, my mom's green beans, mom's sweet potato casserole & her grape nut salad!  YUUMMM!--trying to think of more but that's all for now!  It ate what I could because of my throat...I got too much on a plate, but any other day I would have eaten it ALL up!  =)  It just took me a little while longer than everybody else...

I love my lil Punkin' so much.  I wouldn't rather take care of anyone else but HIM!  =)

Around 5 Punkin & I took a nap in Uncle G's bed!  SHHH...don't tell!  That was the best nap ever!  I was worn out & so was he!  We got up a few hours later for round two...left overs!  Punkin finally got to enjoy some Thanksgiving food himself!  Of course he loved the rolls & ate SO much ham!  I was shocked!  I couldn't keep food on the plate!  He loved it all & I was so glad!

...he even got caught feeding the dog!  WOOPSIE!  Not because he didn't like his food, but because he was trying to be nice & share!  :P

Mr. Bobby came over & ate left overs with us & watched the TX vs. A&M game with dad!  The Aggies pulled through with a win so I was happy for him!  Ryder seemed to really like him & would even show off & do tricks to impress him!  He watched the game with the boys for a little bit in the Man Cave!  :P
I am truly blessed to have such great family around here & close that I can celebrate this special holiday with!  We have TOO much to be grateful for!  Me & Punkin are blessed to be loved by so many wonderful people!

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  1. Hope you're feeling better this week! Tonsilectomy's at your age are NOT fun! Tell your Mom the Thanksgiving decor is beautiful! I'd tell her on facebook, but I don't think she uses it much. LOL! Kathy


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