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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

lil update..

I woke up today thinking it was gonna be a bad day because of the way I felt, but it turned out not to be so bad!  I took some meds, and Punkin' was REALLY good this morning, so things looked up quickly!

We got around & got ready for the first time in what seems like DAYS!  We went to lunch with KeeKee & Pop's @ The Hole in the Wall Cafe (yes, that's what it's really called)!  Good 'ole home cookin'!  Pops loves it!  They have some killed mac n'cheese & fried corn bread!  Oh my goodness!  :O

We headed to Target after that to grab the Fisher Price nativity set that was on sale for $13.99 down from $27.99!  Total score!  Can't pass that up!  I have been wanting to get it for Punkin' for a while now so he can have his "own" to play with at KeeKee's & online they are as much as $67!  NO WAY JOSE!  I grabbed the last 2/4 & one of my mom's teacher friends grabbed the last two that we ran into later, so I'm glad we got there when we did!

We were probably at Target for a good 2 hours...ALL over the place!  I helped mom get ALOT of presents bought & marked off the list!  Punkin' was so good the entire time...I was proud of him...but knew we better not over do it or it would be bad!  We had a lot of fun with KeeKee & got a lot accomplished!

We grabbed some Starbucks on our way home, and this poor throat needed something cold!  I got my summer drink, tall caramel frapp with no whip & of course Punkin' wanted to try a sip.  BIG MISTAKE.  He loved it. I had no drink left by the time we got home.

We both took a nap from 3-6!  Shopping wore us OUT!  :P  We went & ate pizza with Pops & then KeeKee & I went & did Thanksgiving dinner shopping at Wal-Mart while Pops & Punkin' played!

I'd like to say my throat is doing better...but I just feel like I have stuff back there all the time now!  It's SICK!  I feel like I need to cough stuff up, but it's all connected!  ICCKKK!  I have lowered my dose of meds, but I still need them.  I think it's all healing well...I'm just ready to be "normal" again, & not have to worry about what I'm eating...cause you know this girl likes to EAT!

Yummy new recipe coming after Thanksgiving...will be great for upcoming Christmas parties!

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