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Sunday, November 21, 2010


yesterday was a pretty chill day.  i felt pretty good most of the day & didn't have much to complain about. punkin' won't lay down to take a nap on his own @ KeeKee & Pops, so to finally get him to lay down @ 1 o'clock...i laid down with him.  4 hours later around 5, we woke from our sleep & it was already dark outside!

i had eaten a couple puddings, and some water all day, i was needing something filling.  mom ordered us some pizza & luckily i was able to scarf that down!  we watched the last song (not my favorite nicholas sparks movie) and grown ups.  punkin stayed up till 12 just because he won't lay himself down over there!  if his crib was over there he might!  he's a wild child!  but as soon as i laid down with him, all was good!  i got to take a shower & that was nice...as long as no one's touching my throat & i'm not turning myself upside down, i seem to be fine!  & as long as i'm watching the clock & taking my meds every 3-4 hours.

i didn't know i was "incubated"  until this morning.  no wonder the top of my throat hurt yesterday & not just the sides.  i guess i shoulda known, but no one told me.

pop's killed an 8 point!  he said it's the biggest one he's ever killed!  go pops!!  uncle G left on the boat yesterday around 5.  did he bother to send his dear sweet parents or sister a cool pic?  no...he's way too cool for that.  hope he's having fun, since we won't even hear from him till saturday!

punkin & I ventured back across the street this morning.  my recovery hasn't been that bad so i think we can manage it on our own!  i am ready to get out & about though...even though the roomie says i probably shouldn't drive being on the drugs i'm on.

it's hard to believe it's already thanksgiving week!  ECKK!  where has the time gone?  punkin is sportin one of his thanksgiving shirts today...even though we're not going any where!  ha!

punkin has started to try & repeat alot of things such as, KeeKee, good, Jesus, Pah-Pah-Pah (P sound) Pops!  This makes me so proud, even though it doesn't always come out sounding right, you can tell he's trying!  =)


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  1. Hey Kati,

    I know it's supposed to be very hard for an adult to get their tonsils out. Please take it easy. You have so much energy you amaze me! But, your roommate is right. Don't drive on the meds, cuz you really need to take them. It's thanksgiving. Enjoy it with your Punkin! Let someone spoil you! Rest so you will get better quicker. I tell you, just taking care of Hunter last weekend for 4 days (he had a sinus infection, was teething, and Trey & Brittany went hunting) was exhausting. Not to mention it really hurts my back since the newest lumbar disc rupture 3 months ago. But, talk about boundless energy! Sickly one minute, jumping up and down the next! He's 7 1/2 mos old, will be 8 mos on the 31st (30th I guess this month, ha!) is getting up on his hands and knees trying to crawl, and sitting up. That's easy compared to a 14-15th mo. old! You are such an inspiration in this blog! You are a great Mom, and don't forget it. I loved your post about being from a Christian school the other day. Great insight! hang in there! Kathy


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