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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

hard to believe....14 months!

What my lil man's been up to the last month...

-He is the little copy cat!  He will try to put straws in our cups & spoons in our food at restaurants
-He can now do "knuckles" or "fist bumps" with people
-He has been doing "high five" for a while now...
-He blows kisses to people when they're leaving
-He can sorda "draw" with a pen on paper if somebody helps him
-He loves playing games on Pop's iPad
{14 months-November 10}
-He eats everything.in.sight.  I can't keep food on the plate for him!
-He is still sleeping through the night, even though he gets in bed with me in the mornings.  Some Saturdays he'll sleep till 10!
-He knows where his "bebo" (belly button) is & will look for other people's by lifting up their shirts!  :P
-Every single time we leave my parent's he cries...
-He stood in line with me for 45 minutes to vote!  He was such a good boy & I was so proud!
-He is now in the "cruisers" class at church & just loves it & is all.over.the.place they say!
-Understands when I say "stop"...& usually stops!  Ha!
-Boy does this sweet boy have a temper though!  I have gotten to where I either a)ignore it & let him do his thing b)swat his leg or c)take him to his room & let him do his thing & then get happy!
-The temper includes kicking, hitting, mean faces & arching his back & throwing his head back.
-After I (or anyone else) gets on to him, he'll lay his head down on your leg etc.
-He tries to plug things into the wall (even when they are covered) just because he's seen other people do it
{7 months-April 10}
-He will attempt to brush his hair with a brush
-He even tries to put Amy's headband on his head
-He finally shakes his head "yes" instead of always no!  This is so much fun now!
-He LOVES his sippy!
-Whenever I swat/spank him he grabs that area like "Oh mommy..why'd you do that?  That hurts!"
-This kid can dance like a fool when you play music!  Any kind too!
-When you say "bam!" he claps his hands twice!
-He has just started to shake his head "yes" & means it most of the time
-He gives the sweetest OPEN mouth kisses
-He is wearing mostly 12 month clothes but some 18 months
-Still in a size 4 diaper
-The kids weighs 32 pounds.  HOW IS THAT?
{2 months-November 09}
-He will give you his paci when I ask him for it
-If I tell him to go get a book he'll go get a few & bring them to me
-He signs "more" when he wants more of something
-Obeys "put that back" and puts it in the EXACT same spot he got it...
-He knows what shoes, socks & feet are & will bring them to me when I ask
-He can climb up on a bench at KeeKee's house & some furniture here...
-He has just started to sit still for me to read him a book at night, & turns the pages when I tell him to!


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