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Thursday, November 25, 2010

my day in bullets.

-Punkin' & I slept in this morning.  He actually laid in bed with me awake & just cuddle.  Pure.Joy.
-Morgan came by to visit us & see the house.  Then she offered to take Punkin' home with her for a while so I could have a break.  This never happens, especially when I don't have anything planned to do.  This was so nice for a change, even though I was hesitant to let him go for no apparent reason.
-I ran to Hancock's were my mom was to look at fabric, & scored a $59.99 lamp for $5.99!  How could I NOT buy it?  Nothing was wrong with it...just had been in the store too long!
-It looks great on my night stand!
-Then I ran to Hibbett to get the shoes I looked at last week.
-I had called in a refill of my pain meds this morning because I knew they would be closed tomorrow & I would probably run out by then.  So I headed there next.  They told me my insurance wouldn't pay for a refill until the "24th".  I almost burst in tears assuming that was tomorrow or they wouldn't have bothered to tell me that.  I was already in pain for going to long without a dose & just calmly asked, "how much does it cost without insurance?"  "$360" "uhh...no thanks.  So I can just come first thing Friday & pick that up?"  But I was dying on the inside.  I was already ALMOST out, & how could they make me wait till Friday since tomorrow they were closed for Thanksgiving?  O.M.G.  Luckily my mom was right behind me in line picking up her refill & I pulled over to tell her what was going on.  Anything other time I would have been a big girl & begged them to let me have it today because I just has my tonsils out for GOODNESS sack, but it hurt enough to talk.  She said she'd go in & take care of it.  PHEW.  They had made a mistake, & I could get a refill today.  Thank.Freakin.Goodness.
-Today was day 5, & the nurses warned me last week day 5 would be the worst.  I wouldn't the worst but it hasn't been the best.
-We had another visitor tonight...Kelly!  She brought me a sweet tea with one lemon from Sonic too!  =)  We had a great catch up chat & dad gum I miss that girl!
-We went to my parent's to eat & hang out...Nick came over there to hang out with us too!  We had a good time...& it made me ready for all my family to be here tomorrow!  I love when we are all together!
-This second bottle of meds isn't working quite like the first!  & this bottle doesn't have a child proof lock?  Seriously?
-Cinnamon flavored toothpaste probably isn't a bright idea for an open wound in your mouth.
-I am sick of feeling like I have crap stuck in the back of my throat & feeling the need to hack it out.  Oh wait...I do.  #sick
-I still don't know what Santa is getting Punkin' for Christmas.  KeeKee & Pop's are getting him something that I'm really excited about...but what will this Santa get him?  He doesn't need anything, but I want there to be something memorable!
-The GLEE Christmas album is pretty legit!
-I wish I had more up to date Christmas CD's & movies...
-I cannot believe this weather!  I just had to turn my air on before I crawled in bed!  Only in Arkansas!
-My dad bought himself George Bush & Sarah Palin's new books tonight.  Of course he did...just what I was planning on getting him for Christmas...& I KNEW they would both be a good present.  He always pulls this crap.
-I don't want to go back to school next week.  This breaks been too nice...
-We are ready for Uncle G to be home!  I hope Punkin' remembers him!  He still has 2 FULL days at sea!  Oh my word!  I wonder what on earth those boys are up to!  :O
-I guess that's it.  Sorry if I've bored you this week with no pictures of my sweet boy.  Hopefully tomorrow!


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