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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whatever you wanna call it.

While I was at OBU, I did something that I didn't realize I was doing.  Until now.

While I was down there, I always looked "down upon" the cross-town rival's students.  They went to the "public" school in town & didn't pay half of what me & my friends were paying to go to school.  Surely non of them were "Christians" or even believed in God, because if they did, then surely they would be at OBU...right?

I sure hope I wasn't the only one at OBU to kinda feel that way.

I feel SO terrible about this now, because now, I'm the one on the other side of things.

Although I'm in a different city now, I'm the one that goes to the public school & not private.  I wonder what the private school kids think of me when I tell them where I go to school.  Do they think less of me because I go to the "public" school?  I know what I thought about people when they told me they didn't go to OBU.

I now realize how wrong I was for thinking what I thought about those other students because it was so uncalled for & untrue & I had no place assuming like I did.  I feel so guilty now...How could I have thought those things about people I didn't even know because of where they went to school?

I was lucky to get to attend the private school I did.  Everyone there was LUCKY to be there.

So...this post is kind of like an apology to all of those students who I judged even if not one of them are reading.  It makes me feel better to know I got it out.

And maybe there's some of you reading who just realized your doing or have done the same thing as well.  I guess it's okay, but now that you're aware, try not to judge others so easily because of where someone goes to school, etc.

Maybe your reading & have never done such a terrible thing.  Well...good for you!

I guess sometimes you don't realize things until your on the other side of the fence!  :P


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