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Friday, July 29, 2011

Story Time-

Just a few short stories about my lil man from this week...

  • The carhop at Sonic spilled my Dr. Pepper all over the side of my car & I love the carhop who did it, so I didn't really care, but that meant we had to go straight to the car wash before it dried!  Instead of going to the regular squirter one, I went to the one that looks like mops & oh boy..Ryder hated it!  HAT-TED iiiiittt!    Poor thing, I felt so bad, but what do you do...so I just had to sit there & comfort him the entire time!  Poor baby!
  • Dad & I converted his bed to a toddler bed this week, & so far it's been a no-go.  While we were converting it, a screw went missing & not two seconds before it was right on his train table!  We searched the whole dad gum room & there weren't too many places to look!  Finally, we realized Ryder had put the screw into one of the open holes on his bed!  He was just trying to help!
  • I have never had to rub Ryder's back or sing him a song when laying him down to go to sleep.  I have always just laid him down, said amen, kissed him & walked out of the room.  Well, the first night we attempted the whole toddler bed thing, I sang to him to try & get him to go to sleep!  "I know a boy & Ryder is his name, Ryder is his name oh Ryder is his name........"  We have sang this to him since the day he was born & he loved it then & still loves it today!  I attempted to leave the room 3 times & every time I did he would sit up & say, "Wy-der, name...Wy-der name?"  It was so sweet I just sat there & cried & kept singing the song to him!  
  • We have two Tangs (build a bear monkeys).  One is mine & one is his.  The other night we were snugglin' & we only had his, & I asked if I could have it & he said no, & I told him he needed to share.  He thought about it for a minute & then leaned over & handed me his Tang & said "share".  My heart just melted & I was a proud Mama!  =)  Not just because I got his Tang, but because he understood the concept!
  • There is this sweet lil girl at gymnastics whose name is AZ.  She is a bit wild like Ryder, but REALLY wild for a girl!  But she's a sweetheart...anyways, they kissed ON THE LIPS a couple times one day before gymnastics.  She pretty much came on to him, but he just went with it!  Ha!  Sometimes he will randomly say, "AZ...kiss!"  I'm like oh my word!  He's not even TWO!  Also, sometimes he calls AZ, Daisy from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  Too funny!
  • Ryder has learned so many new words just THIS WEEK!  Including beautiful, trash truck, groceries, neighbor, scared, & dark.  He picks things up all the time & I just love it!
  • When Ryder gets up in the morning the first thing he does it look up at me & say "Good Morning!-Get Up!"  So sweet!  
  • I love my lil man so much & wish I could remember all the sweet & funny things that he does throughout the day, but I can't, but I try & blog what I do remember!  =)  
Happy Friday!!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Phone Pics

I LOVE PHONE PICS!  This is where most of my pictures are, & I think I get a lot on my phone that I don't always get on my camera!  I am so glad that I can blog them!  =)

{View of the bay from our condo}

{Lunch date with my Punkin' one day at the beach}

{Lookin' at the "big boats"}

{This alligator was caught on Lake Hamilton!  PS.  Did I tell you my brother was one of FORTY SOMETHING in the state to get drawn for a GATOR tag!  :O  So happy for him!}

{He loved the kiddie pool & his "squirter"}

{With his Handy Manny saw (gun) at the mall in Foley}

{Last day at the beach..}

{out on the balcony on our last night there with my boy}

{Thank goodness for movies on iPads!}

{ANNNNND....my cousin Tonya is ENGAGED!!!  I am so happy for her & Luke & already can't wait for the BIG DAY!!}

{He got a hold of my glasses one night & put them on!}

{Ms. Allison came by to see us & hang out one afternoon!}

{Ryder's new bestie "Kenzie" stayed the night with us & Ryder fell in love with her even more!}

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i love 31!

I can not say enough good things about 31 products!!  I know it's been around for a while & people have already said such great things about all their products, but I've just recently made my first few 31 purchases and I couldn't be happier!

My favorite bag so far is the large utility tote (pictured above).  I bought this mainly for the pool & the beach...& so far it has done everything I have needed it to do, & carried all I need it to carry!  I get so many compliments on it...because of the awesome size & cute print. 
In the large duffel I can easily fit in two large beach towels, a few swim diapers & regular diapers, a thing of wipes, a matching 31 bag for our smaller stuff, a 31 thermal tote for snacks & lunch...as well as all of Ryder's pool toys (not pictured).
 {Our towels underneath the two smaller bags}
I got this little thermal tote as a graduation gift from High School & up until a few weeks ago didn't even know that it was 31!  How fun is that!  It also has my name monogrammed on it...which is another service that 31 provides.  I didn't get any of my bags monogrammed because hopefully I won't have the initials KRB for the rest of my life, & I want to be able to use these bags forever!  =)

In the thermal tote I take a few uncrustables, cheez-itz & maybe some applesauce for Ryder for while we're out at the pool....I put in some ice packs & it all stays super cold which is so nice!
Here is my matching little bag that holds all of our sunscreen, tanning lotion, chap-stick, phone, camera & keys.  It's so nice not to have to dig in my big bag for all these things!
{A peak inside the little bag!}

31 is not sold in stores & you can only purchase these items through individual consultants & even host a party!  So fun!  They have all sorts of different prints & continue to come out with new & exciting ones!  It's hard not to want every bag though, especially after you see all the things you can do with them all!

A lot of people use the large utility tote to keep in their trunk for all that "trunk junk" we have rolling around back there!  I have also heard of people using it to carry in all their groceries at once, instead of having to go back & forth to the car 15 times!  You name it...31 has a bag for it!  


Monday, July 25, 2011

Few quotes from "Not Afraid of Life..."

Here are a few quotes & sayings & things that Bristol said in her book that I wanted to have to look back on. I think we both has the same mind set when we going through what we've been through, & have since then found out we were both way wrong. Maybe seeing some of these will make you want to read the book even more! :)

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It's already Monday again...?

So..what's new today?  Not a lot.

Ryder finally went to sleep in his OWN bed last night since being home from vaca.  It has been a bit of an adventure getting him back in his normal routine & not sleeping with Mama any more since our return home!  I have had to spank him 4-5 times every time it's time for him to lay down for getting out of his bed!  He has even learned how to open his door now!  :O  Thank you Uncle G for teaching him this while we were at the beach!!  Last night, I heard his door open, so I walked to the end of the hallway from the living room where I could see him & he saw me & shut the door & ran to the other side of his room!  Ha!  Like I can't get him over there or something!  & every time I go in there to spank him & put him back in his bed, he has the biggest, cheesiest, fake grin on his face & I have to cover up my face because I'm laughing so hard!  This kid is too much & is ALWAYS keeping me laughing & on.my.toes!

MacKenzie spent the night with us last night so we could watch her today while her mom went to work & sister went to class.  Ryder loves her so much & calls her "Kenzie".

I have been trying to get all of Ryder's old clothes together to get tagged & organized for the Rhea Lana sale coming up.  It is a tedious process, but so worth it when you go pick up that check!

 I finished reading Bristol Palin's book while on vaca.  I bought it on eBooks & seriously never put it down.  I was reading it every where we went.  Her story is so very similar to mine so I could relate to her almost 100% of the time...minus the part of having a mom that was running for VP of the United States--not that big of a different right?!  :P

She seems to be a very bright girl with a good head on her shoulders & gives 110% to provide her son with a good life, as well as a worry free future.  I can't imagine having to go through what she did in a National spotlight.  This is a great & super easy read & I highly recommend you to read it, especially TEEN GIRLS!--This might make you think about a few things before actually doing them! :)

{Isn't she just GORG?!}

I start school a month from today, so I am going to do my best to soak up these last few weeks at home with my sweet boy!  & he starts MDO the week after Labor Day!  I am happy, but sad at the same time...he is just growing up!  But I know it will be one of the best things I have ever done for him, which is why I'm doing it!  =)

Hope y'all are having a great Monday!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Trip-Day 4

Mom & I got up on Thursday & went & finished up some shopping & then went & got pedicures.  I haven't had my toes done since the day before my wedding in 2009 so it was SUPER nice!  We were so thankful for G & Pops watching Ryder while mom & I did our thing!

Uncle G kept Ryder busy down at the kiddie pool & he was asleep when we got back, so I hit the beach!  When he woke up, mom brought him down to swim with me & G in the pool.
 We went to Crab Trap that night for dinner & it was OH SO GOOD!  It was fun because there was a playground for Ryder to play on & he of course loved it!  I was just impressed with all the things he knew how to do on the playground, because I've never been brave enough to let him try them on his own!  But who knew!  I guess you don't know until you try!

 {The kids meals came with a bucket & shovel & Ryder loved it!  Best free toy ever! & please ignore the ketchup on his shirt!  :P}
Me & G got some biggo crab legs & I ate it ALL & was proud of it!  =)  Then it was time to head back to the condo & pack our bags to head home early in the morning!

We had a great trip & are so blessed that we are able to go & Punkin' can makes these memories at such a young age.


Beach Trip-Day 3 Swimming & Shoppin'

Wednesday we got up & hit the beach!  Once again, Ryder never sat down & just loved playing in the sand!  He still didn't care too much about the water!  
 {Me & my sweet boy...even though he looks like he cares NOTHING about me.}
 We made our way to the pool once we got too hott out on the beach.  Something about cooling off in the pool is way better than the sandy, salty ocean water with waves crashing up at you.  We also tried out the kiddie pool for the first time & it was perfect for little man cause he could walk around in it!  He even made him a few girlfriends one time he was down there with Uncle G & even hugged them.  #ohmyword

 {Having too much fun!}

We went in about 1:30 to try & get Ryder to eat & take a nap before heading out to do some shopping, but like that was gonna happen...umm...NO!  We left around 3 to hit the outlet mall & Ryder was a tired, cranky little butt most of the time!  We did find him a new pooh (blanket) at TJ Maxx since I forgot his at the condo, a new Handy Manny saw that he things is a "gun" & some little Toy Story action figures.  They kept him quiet for a little bit!  Ha!
 He had never been on a carousal before so I thought we would give it a try!  He HATED it!  I don't know if it was the up & down-ness of the horse or it spinning in circles!  Ha!  Poor kid!  :P
 {You can see what a tight grip he had on my neck!}
 {I love my sweet lil man!}
 He then wanted to ride every "car" that we saw!  After one ride, we would start walking & he would say "car...find it".  He was already looking for the next one!  Ha!  We finally got to the point where we would avoid them, or when he saw them, just let him sit in them & not pay for him to ride them!  He...& he was JUST as happy!
 We were gonna go eat some where nice, & ended up just stopping by Chick-Fil-A because lil man was so tired, & so were we!  I was happy to finally get my Chick fix though!
{He fell asleep before we got home--that's what happens when you don't get a nap in!}