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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beach Trip-The Ride & Day One

We left Sunday morning & were BEACH bound!  We were all worried about Ryder & how he would do in such a long car ride...but he did GREAT!  We only had to stop once (for lunch) & he road great the WHOLE way!  He took 2 naps & watched Toy Story for the first time on Pop's iPad!

This was his very first view of the beach!  I was so happy to see how happy he was!  He kept saying "Ocean!  Ocean!  Ocean!"
My camera got all foggy...but this little boy couldn't have been happier to have been out of the car & be at the beach!
We got to our room, unloaded all of our stuff & just relaxed for a bit.  Then we decided to head out for dinner...& Shrimp Basket it was, right down the road.
{He loves his Pop Pops so much & they even like to dress alike!  =)}
{Isn't that the sweetest lil grin?}
He has been all about some "cheesin' it" lately!  This was at dinner...I got him a grilled cheese & fries, but all he ate were the fries.  We ate outside because it was so nice out.  There was even a blue heron that was just chillin' right by us on the deck.  Poor thing had a super broken leg, but he didn't seem to care...I guess cause he can fly. We fed him some & he loved it.
{Happy to be OUT of the car & at the beach!}

We crashed that night & were ready to wake up & hit the beach!

Again...my camera fogged up & this was as good as it got.  All Ryder cared about was the sand & throwing it...we had to work on that a bit!  He also didn't care ANYTHING about his toys, only everybody else's!  Ha!  I promise you, he NEVER sat down!

Then we decided to take him down to the water...it was a bit rough yesterday & there is about a 2-3 straight drop off from the "beach" to the water where you can run around & play.

{He wasn't so sure about as you can tell...}

{This kid was digging a SUPER big hole & I was impressed...}

Back to the sand...& Pops showed Ryder how to make little sand castles!  & he loved it...but he loved smashing them even more!

{about to go in for the kill...}

And then we went & got in the pool to cool off...

Little man loves swimming so much & I just love this age!  We could have stayed down there all day, but it was time for little man to come up to the room, eat some lunch & take a nap!  I finally got the little booger to fall asleep while watching Fireman Sam in our room, but it was a BATTLE!
Of course he had to get in some time with Pop Pops on the iPad.  Ryder seriously has learned so much on there & it makes me so proud!  He might need his own...JUST KIDDING!!

We have learned over the last few weeks that RYder man LOOOVES watermelon...I don't like it so it kinda surprised me!  We fixed lasagna, Texas toast & some salad for dinner & it was delish!  Relaxing & yummy!

After a while...it was then time for some ice cream!  Mama opted out, but Ryder man got a few bites of Pop Pops!  The kid is saying "bite" before he even gets that bite in his mouth!  Ha!  Saying he loves ice cream is an understatement!
We then hit the hay to rest up for our next big day out on the beach, as well as lunch with some relatives from down here!


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