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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June Product Love!

I'm a few days late...but just a few favorites month--nothing special!  I hope you enjoy & share you own favorites of the month on your blog, leave a comment so I can come check it out!  

{Bikini Zone Anti-Bumps Shave Gel}

It's that time of year!!  This was the first season I had ever tried this stuff before, & so far am very satisfied!  It still seems like a never ending process, but this stuff does what it says!  I don't know what makes it so much better than shaving cream...but it is!  Go getcha some if you know what I mean!  =)

{Reebok ZigZags}

I got this a couple of months and Reeboks just might be my new favorite tennis shoe!  My last pair I had a pair of Shox (my first EVER pair) & I did NOT like them!  They were so stiff & just HARD!  These....ARE NOT!  They are so light & so bendable!  I wear them to class almost EVERY day because I would rather walk all the way across campus in something comfy as apposed to some flats!  I will definitely be buying another pair of these once mine wear out!  I actually tried them on a Hibbett once & didn't buy them...then saw them at TJ Maxx a few weeks later for $30 cheaper & snatched them up & am oh so glad I did!  

{My UCA Tervis Tumbler}

This thing is always with me & always full of ice water!  I have a lot of different ones, but this is my current favorite!  I don't think you can EVER have too many tervis tumblers in your cabinets!  I love that they don't sweat & keep cold drinks cold & hot drinks hot!


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