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Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Roomie got that BLING! =)

For a while now, me & Allie's boyfriend Josh have been chit chatting about the BIG DAY!  Saturday was finally the day & me & Ryder snuck off to Arkadelphia for a little surprise lunch party for the newly engaged couple!  
 I was so happy that we could be there & celebrate their special day! Leslie made some SUPER cute signs!  =)
 Friday night I threw together a little bucket of some wedding goodies--even though she already has the whole thing planned out in her head--now it just needs to be executed!  :P

 {The couple walking in...SURPRISE!!}
 {Showing off the BLING!}
 {Telling "the story"!}
 The sweet happy newly engaged couple!  (Notice the flags in Josh's pockets...)
 Ryder wanted to be apart of it too...
 Ryder wanted to be like Josh & put the flags in his pocket too!  Well...he didn't have a pocket so he just stuck them down his shirt!  Ha!
 Rick's Bakery red velvet cake...I can taste it now!  Rick's never lets you down!
I was so happy to get to be apart of their special day!  Thank you Josh for inviting me & my wild man down!  I can't wait for the next BIG DAY & know that it will be beyond PERFECT!  But then me & Allie won't share the same last name any more!  :(


PS.  I didn't even eat a burger or hot dog or anything yesterday because I was too obsessed with this AWESOME dip that DeeDee made!  AHH...it's all I ate, plus a skinny piece of Rick's cake!  ;)  Hehe!  I'll get the recipe soon & post it!


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