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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Trip-Day 3 Swimming & Shoppin'

Wednesday we got up & hit the beach!  Once again, Ryder never sat down & just loved playing in the sand!  He still didn't care too much about the water!  
 {Me & my sweet boy...even though he looks like he cares NOTHING about me.}
 We made our way to the pool once we got too hott out on the beach.  Something about cooling off in the pool is way better than the sandy, salty ocean water with waves crashing up at you.  We also tried out the kiddie pool for the first time & it was perfect for little man cause he could walk around in it!  He even made him a few girlfriends one time he was down there with Uncle G & even hugged them.  #ohmyword

 {Having too much fun!}

We went in about 1:30 to try & get Ryder to eat & take a nap before heading out to do some shopping, but like that was gonna happen...umm...NO!  We left around 3 to hit the outlet mall & Ryder was a tired, cranky little butt most of the time!  We did find him a new pooh (blanket) at TJ Maxx since I forgot his at the condo, a new Handy Manny saw that he things is a "gun" & some little Toy Story action figures.  They kept him quiet for a little bit!  Ha!
 He had never been on a carousal before so I thought we would give it a try!  He HATED it!  I don't know if it was the up & down-ness of the horse or it spinning in circles!  Ha!  Poor kid!  :P
 {You can see what a tight grip he had on my neck!}
 {I love my sweet lil man!}
 He then wanted to ride every "car" that we saw!  After one ride, we would start walking & he would say "car...find it".  He was already looking for the next one!  Ha!  We finally got to the point where we would avoid them, or when he saw them, just let him sit in them & not pay for him to ride them!  He...& he was JUST as happy!
 We were gonna go eat some where nice, & ended up just stopping by Chick-Fil-A because lil man was so tired, & so were we!  I was happy to finally get my Chick fix though!
{He fell asleep before we got home--that's what happens when you don't get a nap in!}


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